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Part 33: Prisoner's Dilemma

We rejoin our intrepid heroes, currently engaged in being intrepidly locked up.

Is everyone okay?

Aaah, oooh. Well, the back's acting up a bit again.
Ugh! My head...feels like it's made of wood.

It is made of wood.

Hee hee. They sure caught us!

You don't have to sound so cheerful about it, you ditz.

Yep, they sure did.

Well, what are we going to do now?
What can we do? Bite through these bars?

And with that, Yuri starts kicking the bars. Hey, when in doubt, go with what you know. vv

But if we do nothing, we'll all die here!
Don't worry. Blanca will save us!

As everyone keeps talking, someone is walking down the stairs to the dungeon. Hey, maybe it's Blanca!

What, that stupid wolf?
He's smarter than you!

Everyone else laughs at Yuri. He, predictably, gets pissed off and starts kicking the wall.

Bite me, you jerks! What're you laughing at?!
So, you're finally awake.

Yuri just freezes where he is while Veronica gives him a dismissive little sneer and walks off.

You made friends with the wrong people. Hmph! ...Now you'll have to pay with your life. Eh, Lucia?

Don't try to scare me. You're the one who's going to regret this, Veronica!

*sigh* Just because we were students together, don't think I'll show you any pity.

Karin decides to interrupt the touching class reunion by banging on her cell bars.

Hey! Whip lady!



Why'd ya hit me?!
What?! I didn't hear you.

Before Karin answers, a low, moaning growl echoes through the room.

Don't even think of escaping. One of the guards posted outside is my cute, little Oscar.

I see Veronica has the same penchant for ridiculously named pets as Lucia.

Hey! Young lady! What about us? What are you going to do with us?!
Huh, I wonder...?

Look at Yuri's face. That's the face of a man that knows when a fate worse than death is coming.

What should I do? Killing you would be easy...but I'd rather play with you instead.

What do you mean by "play"?


Okay! Which one of you will volunteer to be my special play-friend?

If you do that, I promise I won't hurt any of your other friends!

No! Not that...!