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Part 42: Last Minute Rescue

When we last left our wayward princess, she was being chased by one of Rasputin's goons after her Maxwell Smart-worthy stint as a spy.

I'm not controlling Anastasia at this point; she's running down the street on her own.

She stops at the alley to catch her breath.

*pant* I think...I'm safe here...

She thought wrong.


We finally see what it was that the assassin was signaling.

Well, it was nice knowing her.


Oh, hey, I think I remember these guys!

Back to Anastasia, the monster is closing in.

She backs up, but soon hits the crates in the rear of the alley.

He goes in for the kill.

But Yuri gets there just in time.

Hey! Over here!

In this fight, it's always Yuri, Karin and Blanca that show up to rescue Anastasia.

This battle is a good spot to try out Anastasia's Snap Shot ability.

Mostly because this monster gives her one of her Special Attacks.

You can see here how the monster's stats are now displayed. Pendulum isn't tough; Anastasia probably could have handled him on her own.

I do let her have the honor of getting the last hit in.

I-I'm fine.

Bam! Scene change!

Oh, I'm so glad you're safe! Thank God! Thank-

Oh, come on now! Don't make such a big deal about it!
What do you mean, "big deal"?!

If these folks hadn't helped you, you would have been...

I know! I know. I'm grateful already.

Anastasia walks over to the counter and slams something clanky down on top of it.

It's a huge sapphire ring.

What's this?

It is a gift. Please take it.


Yuri doesn't take it.

Excuse me, miss. If I may, young lady, there's a much more important question than that. Why was that monster trying to kill you, anyway?
A Royal Princess's personal business is none of the affair of peasants!

As Anastasia goes into her speech, Yuri completely ignores her and hums as he "dances" with Blanca, and Edgar is desperately wishing for a hole to crawl into.

Let's just say that in this great big world, there are those who choose to align themselves with the forces of good and battle against the dark forces of evil.

Please, forgive her. She's...always liked to daydream. Don't take her seriously.

I'm not daydreaming anything!

Yuri finally starts paying attention and lets go of Blanca.

Well, my dear, it's probably nothing, nothing to get too worried about, but that monster that attacked you looked a lot like the creature we fought. It was summoned by black magic...a powerful wizard, am I right?

I get the feeling there was a small scene cut from the game.

Do you know how to use magic, too, like Rasputin?


Anastasia panics and grabs Edgar to hide behind.

Why did you all shout like that? Please say it isn't true! You're not working with that dirty old man?!

You know Rasputin?

She relaxes and lets go of Edgar.

Yes, I know him. Everybody says that, because of him, my father's government has been completely ruined!

Your father's government? Ruined?
That's right.
Excuse me. Does that mean that you are...?

*groan* She is Princess Anastasia Romanov.