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Part 46: Rasputin Is a Dick

Back in control, we find out that Gerard and Pierre have somehow found their way into Anastasia's room.

Now, don't ask such uncouth questions! You know you're secretly glad to see me! Now, then. Shall I sew you something?

We do have a Stud Card, so it's time to get Cornelia's last dress.

Windy Pixie gives Gepetto the Air Cast spell.

We want to help! After all, this is our chance to snag the imperial family as our best new customer!

Gerard has new weapons for everyone (except Anastasia ). Yuri, Joachim and Karin are set, for now. I pick up this for Lucia, Steel Rasp for Blanca and Filament for Gepetto. I also pick up Spikes, which work differently from the first game, and Coral Pendants. (Which I end up not keeping for very long. They're just too slow.)

Edgar is staying with Alexandra, so we can head straight to the Lion Shrine.

Unfortunately, a guard has collapsed right in front of the door of the East Hallway, so we have to go down to the first floor. We can also get into random battles now. There are more Pendulums wandering around, as well as new enemies: Quartzbacks and Wormgaurs.

Everyone in the palace is sleeping; some doing so laying down, and some sleeping on their feet.

At least the guard blocking the north stair is gone.

The door to the right leads to the courtyard. We don't need to go there yet.

This room is reached by a door between the two staircases. There's a chest in here with the Eligos Crest (Bright Crime).

Up the stairs, there's a chest on the left with a Bell Bracelet. This goes on Gepetto.

The door on the right side of the upper level leads to the hallway in front of the throne room.

We still can't get into Rasputin's room because a guard has collapsed in front of it, but we can get into the room next to it and grab Pirate Earrings from a chest.

Going south one hallway, we can also get into the upper room that we couldn't enter before.

Oh look, it's this asshole.

Boss fight!

In the fight, we find out the assassin's name is Victor. He's summoned another Pendulum to help him. He can cast Magma, and he can also Seal characters, which is why I gave Gep the Bell Bracelet (Anastasia already has one).

Victor, the more dangerous of the pair, is Fire aligned, so I fuse Yuri into Mahrae.

I get rid of Pendulum first, since he only an annoyance at this point.

Anastasia's Album lets her use Victor's own weapon against him.

The "Miss" is Aqua Raise's Poison effect. Most bosses are immune to all Status effects.

He still falls.

Yet another oil for Lucia. I'm going to have to find out what her new oils do eventually.

Victor may be defeated, but he isn't dead.


He did leave behind the Lion Shrine Key, though.

We can use this to get into the Lion Shrine.

Here goes nothing!

Everyone storms into the Lion Shrine to confront Rasputin.


Oh, joy, Veronica's here, too.

Please. Be a little quieter, Princess.

So what are you up to, Rasputin? What are you and Sapientes Gladio planning anyway?

I've always admired Napoleon, you see.


So you're planning to conquer Europe.

If all Russia's resources were properly leveraged, it would be possible.
You're insane!

Wouldn't it be wonderful? The whole world hearkening to my voice! Each breath of mine, the ocean's tides!

He's not even going to bother refuting the fact that he's bat-shit insane.

It's greedy maniacs like you, Rasputin, that start revolutions and cause innocent people to die!

Let me explain something to you. It is the people themselves who cry the loudest for a change in government.

Anastasia doesn't like having her rose-colored glasses shattered.


And I think even you should know that!

An unbridgeable gap has opened between the people and the aristocracy. Even without me, the fire of revolution would sooner or later be lit.

Shut up!

Veronica grabs Anastasia before she can reach Rasputin. What was she going to do anyway, kick him in the shins?


If that's the case, then the less blood spilled, the better. Royal blood alone should be sufficient.

Why you...!

What's wrong, Godslayer?

Kill me, if you have the courage! Fight me, one on one. If you win, I'll give you the Prince and Princess.

Ah, the prospect of violence. NOW he's speaking Yuri's language. The revolution stuff before was probably going over his head.

Okay. Get ready to lose!

Hehehehehehehe. With your heart cursed by the Mistletoe, do you REALLY think you can defeat me?

Yuri answers that question with his fist. Unfortunately, it seems to be blocked.

So he tries a kick. It, too, is blocked.

Yuri's not the type to give up easily.

Doesn't seem to be having much luck, though.

Hm. Hahaha haha haha. How amusing. Is that the best you can do?
That was just a warm-up. You'll see.

Very well, but now it is my turn!

I call on the spirit of the Mistletoe!


Yuri starts thrashing in pain. He's also glowing a nice, warm radioactive shade of green.

Flashes of the past flicker on-screen as Yuri staggers around the room. Here we have Dehuai's tower.

The torture room in the asylum where Koudelka was held.

The altar underneath the Nemeton ruins where Albert Simon summoned the float.

The light disappears, and Yuri stiffens up like a board.

He falls like one, too.


She runs over to him.


Wake up!

There is no magic that can stop the power of this curse!

Joachim rushes Rasputin and is met with the same barrier that stopped Yuri.

Blanca is the next to attack and is also flung aside.

Poor Blanca.

...the hell?

It's futile. You cannot pierce my shield.

You're a monster!

Heh heh heh heh. That's right. I DO have the power of a monster. I choose to accept your words as a compliment.

And now Rasputin gets all creepy uncle on us.

You have most beautiful eyes, my dear. Your inner strength shines through them. I can see why Nicolai wanted you to join forces with him.

Then he flips the dick switch back on.

Karin, I have some news that will interest you. Your hometown, once so beautiful, is now nothing more than a smoldering ruin! Heheheh heh heh.

Now... Let's finish this!

He casts a spell on Anastasia.

Veronica then lets her go and holds out the knife.

Anastasia takes it.

Oh no, I see where this is headed...


She raises the knife over her sleeping, helpless brother.

Behind her, Rasputin is mimicking her motions, or maybe it's the other way around.

He smiles.

And snaps his fingers.

Wasn't Edgar supposed to be watching her?


Anastasia comes out of the trance.

And it's just in time for her mother to shove her to the floor (again) as she rushes to the prince.


No! It wasn't me!

She tries to drop the knife but can't seem to pry it out of her grip.

So she just collapses into tears.

All is well, your Highness. The Prince is unhurt.

Just as I thought. Anastasia was being controlled by the strangers' magic!

Why you...!
Guards! Arrest them! They tried to assassinate the Prince!

A bunch of guards rush into the room and surround the party.


Arrest, take off their heads, eh, same thing.

Yuri dodges the sword even though he still isn't moving very well, and then he body-checks the guard attacking him.

This sends him flying into the next closest guard, and they both go sprawling.

Everyone makes a run for it, with Joachim stopping to pick up Anastasia.

The door must be blocked because they all make a bee-line for an inexplicably open window.

Don't let the assassins escape! I want them hunted down and killed at once!


Heheheheh heh heh heh.