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Part 71: The Bodyguard

Yuri is out of commission at the moment, so we have control of Blanca for now.

Before we go anywhere, let's check out the score at the half-way point. So close on that perfect ring score...

I-I am NOT a loser!

There's a chest over on the right with a Dandy's Kimono inside. Blanca has new armor! But I do wonder how he managed to tie the obi.

There's really nothing else to do here except talk to people.

I know we've gotta take it easy, but we can't sit around here forever. We've got to find out where that envoy went.
Hey, Blanca! Stop wandering around and get some rest!
Come on, it's our first time in Japan! Everything's so new and exciting!
We were dead lucky to get that boat from Hakodate! Otherwise, we'd still be stuck in Hokkaido.

And that's it. We may as well scout around the area while we wait.

My, isn't this place cheery.

Heading a short distance to the right, Blanca notices something and makes his way down the steps.

He comes to a stop.

He watches as a young man in a kimono is surrounded a group of armored soldiers.

The young man reaches for his sword.

Huh. He's got red eyes.

We now get to fight in control of the stranger.

Who doesn't seem to have any Special Skills at all. Rip off.

But he seems to be doing fine without them. The Akagi Soldiers aren't exactly challenging.

Once the first fight is over, we switch back to Blanca's perspective.

Pff, as if there was any real choice.


It's over pretty quickly.

Are these guys suicidal or something?

This time, two of them were dumb enough to start off grouped together. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. With dynamite.

After the third fight, it's over.

There's no time! I've got to get going!

With that, he takes off at a run. Blanca apparently decides to follow him.

We now have control of the stranger. He obviously wants to go south, but we're going to go north for now to pick up a few items.

At the far northern end, we come to a chest with the Naberius Crest (Gale, Gale Spike) to the left of the train car.

A little ways down and to the left, there's some steps that let us reach some more warehouses.

There's a Seal of Speed hidden in the crates near the door.

A bit further in, there's a chest with a Mana Root.

Leaving that warehouse and going south along the ledge leads us to another warehouse.

There's a Lottery Ticket hidden by the tables.

There's a chest at the far wall with a Hit Area Expand.

There's also a Small Jug hidden in the crates. These increase Special Attack, Physical Attack, Special Defense and Physical Defense at the cost of doubling SP consumption.

Anyway, going all the way south and to the right, we come to a Save Point and a chest with a new weapon for Blanca, Silver Rasp.

Heading right and down from here triggers another event.

More of those soldiers have an older man and a child cornered.

These guys are the same pushovers we've been fighting this entire time. They didn't even give us a token boss.

His task completed, the young man sheathes his katana.

So, is it over?

He turns to face the old man he called "Master" and the little girl.


It's alright. Kurando has removed the threat of the bandits.

Hmm, I've never seen bandits with matching uniforms before. ...Oh, and I guess we know pretty boy's name now.

Are you hurt?
I'm fine, Princess.

Wait, Princess?

Kurando, who is this?

I don't know. He just appeared out of nowhere to help me out.

An unusual benefactor, I'd say. He certainly does look like a smart one.

Thank you!
Grr! Awroo, awroo! (Don't worry. It was nothing.)

There's a couple scenes with Blanca on the second disk that have lines for him. The problem is, they only show up if you have subtitles on. Unfortunately, I don't like the subtitles in this game, mostly because they're very large and obscure a good portion of the picture. So I recorded without them as usual and just added in the ones for Blanca's lines.

What's your name, boy?
Awroo, awroo! (Just call me Blanca the Whirlwind.)
Okay, you're white, so I'll call you Snowball!
Awroo!! (What are you saying?!)
I think he likes it!

Right. Likes it.

Awroo! (Wrong!)

My enemies must be very impatient to send their assassins here. Don't you think so?

You should be careful. Our enemies will try to strike at you. While you're away from the capital, you'll be vulnerable.
I think we're safe enough. After all, we've got you, isn't that right?

*chuckle* Still, how very rude of them, don't you think? They could at least let a man visit a graveyard in peace. Haha haha.
Well, shall we go?

The inn is just over there.

The other two start to leave, and Kurando kneels down in front of Blanca.

You have my gratitude for saving us.

Grr! Awroo! (Well, instead of that...)

So long, Snowball!
Awroo! Grrr! (That's not my name.) Grrr... (Hey, wait a minute...)

Well, at least one of them is trying to get leads.

Blanca starts to leave, but then he notices something on the ground.

It's a comb.

Aw-roo?! (Huh? What's this?!)

Blanca automatically picks up the comb, and then we're done with him for the moment.