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Part 85: Curiosity

We can now access a new area (Mukyo-An is Naniwa's estate).

I've got a bad feeling about this...

There are a ton of people wandering around.

Professor: It's some monster, bigger than a tiger or a bear, and it eats humans! Can you believe it?!

This guy is not completely full of shit.

Oh, no.

Hikosaburo: Do you know about the Iron Soldiers? Friends of the people, guardians of the Emperor. They're the best of the best!

You people have a weird definition of the word "friend".

Hikosaburo: What?

Never mind.

Yukari: It's full of pretty young girls like me. I'm sure you'll like it!

I don't suppose you know which bar all the pretty young MEN go to, do you?
No drinking!
...Yes, ma'am.

The Tower Tarot card is hidden behind this pillar at the end of the bridge.

There's also a Daphne Fruit in the doorway to the left of the crossroads.

Going straight at the crossroads just leads out of town, but going right brings us to a park.

Just outside the park, there's a Mana Extract hidden by the telephone pole.

The only thing in the park right now is an old man. We've got to go somewhere else for now.

Miyake: They call it the "Youth Corps." It all sounds fine, but it'll just end up as another part of the army...

To trigger the next part, we have to go left at the crossroads, which brings us to another park. How many of these things are there?

We'll just ignore the elephant in the room for the moment to grab a Lottery Ticket off the wall.

Looks like Gama has found some new digs.

Yo! Joachim, my boy! The path of spirited young men knows no borders! How about it? Ready to give me a little of your sweat?
But what are you doing here in Japan?!
What could be better? Men rubbing flesh, slamming bodies together here under the open sky! Wouldn't you agree, my boy?

Anastasia has the "..." bubble over her head for the rest of the scene.

Thatta boy! Why don't you show me a little of your sweat, then!
You got it!
Here we go, then! Graaahhh!

I'm not quite ready, so we'll come back here later.

Once you've spoken to Gama, going into the park to the right of the crossroads triggers a scene.

Yuri and Karin seem to have made their way to the park. I wonder where they were five minutes ago?

So, are you thinking about your father?

I thought Karin took Yuri out to take his mind off his father.

Yeah. I can hardly remember anything from when I was a boy. The funny thing is, I can still hear the sound of that old ship. The one that took the three of us to China.
Your father died while fighting this wizard who was planning to destroy all of Japan, is that right?
Yeah. I was ten years old.
And your mother?
After my father was killed, monsters attacked us at our house. They were sent by Dehuai, that wizard. They killed my mother.

Fate's a strange thing. My father gave his whole life to save Japan, and I'm doing everything I can to try to stop it.
I think...I understand him.

It wasn't for Japan. Your father was actually fighting for you. And he was fighting for your mother as well.

For me and my mother?
I told you my family was poor, but that we were once nobility in Munich, right? Growing up, I worked harder than anybody else to keep the honor of our family name. If I succeeded in the Army, I thought that it would reflect well on my family. I didn't do it for my country. I did it for my sick, bed-ridden grandmother that I left at home.

But you see, I don't have a home anymore. It's been destroyed by those Sapientes Gladio bastards! ...That's why I really think that your father did what he did for the wife and the son that he loved.

I'm sorry...
No, I don't want that. I'm fine. It doesn't help to blame fate; it just makes you sad and bitter. Live every moment to the fullest and the future starts to look brighter.

You're a strong woman, Karin.

That's right! You better remember that!
Hah. Haha hah.

Karin slides closer to Yuri on the bench.

Meanwhile, Anastasia and Joachim seem to have taken up a position in the bushes. I get the feeling that this little spy mission was Anastasia's idea.

Whoa, this is getting kind of steamy, don't you think? Heehee!
Quiet, they'll hear you!
What are they doing?! Just grab her and plant one on her already!

Just a hunch.

Push her head down like this! Mwah! Jeez, don't be such a wuss! Go and make your move! You can do it! Go! Kiss her! Kiss her! Grab-
I think you need help.

Hm, uh, hmm...

Amazingly, they haven't noticed the peanut gallery right behind them yet.

Do you remember your mother?
Of course. She met my father when she was in Japan, and it was love at first sight for her.
Was she pretty?
I can't...remember her face that clearly...
What was she like?

Why all these questions?
C'mon, I just wanna know.

It's nice to see that Yuri is just as clueless about women as ever.

We moved around a lot after we got to China. Finally, we settled in Wulan. But because my father was away so much, my mother and I got to spend a lot of time together. She was a strong woman, but she was lonely, too.

Is that enough? This is embarrassing!
No way. You're not stopping right now!
Please? C'mon!
*sigh* She had a hard time growing up, but she was happy in Japan with my dad. Of course, after we moved to China, she would sometimes complain about how her life went. Then she'd always say she'd be happy, no matter where she was, as long as she had me.
But whenever I heard that, I became furious at my father for having left us!

It was my mother who named me Yuri.
How did she pick that name?
I guess that was the name of her first lover!

Uh-huh, uh-huh.
I can't hear what they're saying.
He just said that he LOVED her!
He really said that?!

Quiet! You're too loud!
Oh. Sorry.

Yuri, may I ask you just one more thing?
Yeah, I guess so. You might as well.
Were you in love with Alice?



Yuri goes into a fake coughing fit, desperately trying to buy time while he comes up with a brilliant way to dodge the question.

Oh, ugh, my stomach! My stomach's killing me!

He jumps up from the bench and runs off.

I gotta go to the bathroom!
Hey! C'mon, I'm serious, you know!


Yuri, wait!
Cut it out! I swear I gotta go!

Yuri's "stomachache" is quickly forgotten, however, as they hear the sound of an explosion followed closely by terrified screaming.