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Part 42: Calios Mental Hospital, part 1

Calios Mental Hospital, part 1

Everyone has new things to say now that we're back.

Bar Owner: Yeah, right. I know he was an oddball, but you can't put a story like that over on me.

If only you could take trophies in this game. Then again, if you could, they'd probably all ooze together while you slept, and then you'd have to fight a zombie amalgamation of every enemy you've already killed.

Um, no.

Knowledgable Carl: You should just relax and go.

There's actually a few things to take care of before we head off to Calios.

For the first, we need to make sure Margarete is in the party and then head to the hotel in Rouen.

A lot of people miss this event. I think you have to go to Rouen after you defeat Jack and Mammon and before you step foot in Calios.

Young Male Voice: B-but this is really nice, too...

Young Female Voice: You just don't get it, do you?

Sounds like a lover's quarrel coming from our old room. Let's meddle.

Indignant Mary: You show me this weird blue stone and start talking about how you're going to carve it into a ring. You said you were going to give me a diamond ring! You have no consideration for my feelings!

But the priest is dead...


Someone just went into the other confessional.

Upset John: Oh, Father, I am like a lamb that has gone astray. Show me the way.

V-very well. Tell me what's on your mind.

Upset John: When I thought about the woman I loved, I also thought of something that would make her even happier. I have a stone, a family heirloom, that embodies the power of water. I made it into a ring for her. She exploded in anger, telling me I had broken my promise. Now she won't even speak to me. Oh, man, I just don't know what to do.

Listen to me, Stray Lamb.

The last answer is more characteristic for Yuri, but the middle answer is the best of the three.

Most likely, the problem isn't the ring. It's that you have too little consideration for others. You don't have self confidence, so you always depend on someone or something other than yourself. When you fail, you make excuses, telling yourself and everyone else that it isn't your fault. It seems to you as if people don't notice your weakness, but in fact, they can see right through you.

You yourself might be in love, but can anyone or anything other than you express that love? Don't be afraid of getting hurt. Just tell her you love her in your own words.


New-man John: From now on (mumble mumble), I'm going to live my life responsibly and express myself in my own words. Thank (um, uh) you. Um, mumble, hic!

...I'm going to go to Hell for this...

Let's see how the newlyweds are doing.

Honey, or Mary: I love him, I love him, I love him. And yet, he somehow doesn't really need me. Oh, well, whatever. After all, love is what life is all about, right?

Darling, or John: ...has been in a much better mood. I'm embarrassed to say this, but it feels like true love has blossomed. But this is the way we were meant to be. Oh, this and that...

Darling, or John: ...this is my family heirloom, the stone that embodies the power of water. But from now on, it will be just the two of us, with no waters dividing us.

Honey, or Mary: Oh, darling, that bit with the priest was just a gag. But I do love you!

Darling, or John: And I love you, Sweetheart, Baby...

We should probably leave before all this sugar gives us cavities.

Darling, or John: This is just a little something to show you how I feel.

You've received Water Gravestone.

Darling, or John: I hope you can make good use of it, because we've found something even better.

We can't use this yet, but now Yuri will be able to get his final Water fusion the second he gets enough souls.

Now I switch out Margarete for Keith and head to Bistritz.

Oh, Yuri. I, uh... I wasn't peeping. Teeheehee...

That part wasn't important. It's just a funny scene that sometimes happens here.

There were some other weird-looking seeds mixed in with them. Thinking they were Seeds of Happiness, I sowed them. And these cute little buds popped up.

And now we can check out a shiny spot in the garden.

Guess I should water it.

Now, we have to leave town and come back.

Every time you leave town and come back, the plant has grown a little more.

I thought that was strange since they were doing so well. So I dug them up. When I got to the roots, they were wrapped around some strange stone, like they were protecting it. It was a green stone, and somehow it looked like you. So here, you can have it. Take good care of it!

You've received Earth Gravestone.

Another one we can't use quite yet.

There's one more stop after this, Prague. For this one, it doesn't matter who you have in your party.

Owner Gismot: I was just beginning to wonder if maybe he came upon a monster in there again. Could you go check?

Why, oh why do I let people talk me into doing things like this?

Hey! You okay?

Guard Darcie: N...No...

What is it? What happened?

Guard Darcie: ...The--the--the...

The monster?!

Guard Darcie: There isn't any paper...

And this is why you need to lose the lottery to get Tissues.

Guard Darcie: Th-thanks...I won't forget what you've done for me.

I'm really glad we could share this special moment of bonding.

You've received yellow stone.

Guard Darcie: This stone was found on a river bank. When you hold it, you feel like you're in a mountain stream. ...Even if it was in a filthy toilet, eh.

Did you, uh, wash your hands?

Guard Darcie: Oh, what a relief!

You've received Air Gravestone.

This one we can use.

You've received Soul of Seravi!

Seravi must embody Yuri's feminine side. Despite how questionable (s)he looks, Shock Barrage is really cool.

Stopping back at the Orphanage, there's a new weapon for Margarete in the room where we fought Jack.

But enough farting around. It's time to storm the loony-bin!

Aw, I love it when we get a personal welcoming committee.

Guard A: Okay, what's your business here?

Guard B: The Calios Mental Hospital doesn't allow visitors! Get lost!

The guards turn into monsters called Specters. They're barely more powerful than the monsters roaming loose around Calios. They can cause Confusion and cast Nova, and that's about it.

It's true. No patient has ever made it out of here alive.

Well, doesn't that sound like fun. I'll be careful not to go nuts and wind up here!

Meanwhile, there's villainy afoot!

Is something the matter, Viscount Rausan?

I've just received word from the gate. Just as predicted, the bandits have arrived.

Hey! Just because we take everything that isn't nailed down and locked up (and some things that are), doesn't mean you can go around and call us names! <>

So, they have now made it this far! I presume they have come for the woman?

...Of course. But they'll be surprised to have the tables turned. Vulgar lot playing right into our hands. How lovely.

Good man. Your reputation as the last true leader of the Temple Knights is well deserved. Your powers may be on the wane, but surely you have no plans to retire, eh, Friar Knight Rausan?

Is that sarcasm? Do not misunderstand me, Lord Bacon. I'd not have joined with you were it not for that girl. She may be the last witch of this age. I'm interested in the power she carries. She may be a heretic, but her power seems to be god-given...

Idiot. Alice is Catholic. And, she's not even here because I took Keith.

Now, it wouldn't be much fun if I let such a precious girl go under someone else's control, would it?

I understand. Anyway I'll count on you to finish them off. But one of them...

Please keep in mind, however, that the Elliot girl must be taken alive.

Hmph, yes, of course. Well then.

Heh heh heh, don't let him get to you. I'm sure he will do fine work for us as a pawn.

I sure hope so. So, Lord Bacon. What do we do now?

We wait. The moment of truth is at hand. I'm just so excited. How will the great gamble end? Will it be white or black? The mother's heart residing in her breast, or the stoic witch mask?

Back in control, there's a chest hidden in the guard house. This slingshot has a small chance of causing Silence.

There's another item behind the fence. The necklace cuts your encounter rate in half.

Cheery place.

Friar Knight: Say your prayers, heretic monsters!

We'll be getting into scripted fights with these guys every so often. Besides the fights with the guards, there are also random enemies wandering around: Meat-eaters, Dooms, and Buggs. The Buggs are especially annoying. They always show up in a formation of five, and each one does a different Status Effect.

While I was here, Keith learned a new skill, Hecatoncheire, which hits all enemies with an earthquake. Halley also learned a new skill that hits all enemies, called Black Hole.

There's a lot of crap lying around this place.

Following the hallway off to the right.

Friar Knight: In the name of God, evil spirits be gone!

Friar Knight: Agents of the witch! We will not allow you to see your master!

It's nice that they let the former inmates stay on as guards, but they really should have made sure they were cured first.

The passage continues to the south of this chest.

And it leads to the room where we saw Bacon and Olga talking.

Wh-What is this...?!

What's wrong, Halley!?

I-I feel my mother's spirit from this chair...!

Don't say that, dummy! We've got to look for her. We can't give up!

Continuing south, we end up in the same room where Rausan confronted Bacon, and we're not alone.

Friar Knight: You filthy messenger of the Devil! I've got you cornered now!

Hah! Those'll make nice last words for ya!

Biff! Pow! Yawn.

Friar Knights...? It appears to me they are actually all monsters.

It's funny when Keith calls someone else a monster.

Hahah! I'm not holding back on you, buddy!

This is actually just called 'Heart Key'. There are a couple item names in this last part of the game that are screwed up like this when you find them.

Now that we have the Key, we can explore some of the cells along the corridor. Back at the entrance, we'll start with the first room on the right.

This is a neat little item. Using it makes your attack power increase each round as long as you don't miss on the Ring. It goes for three or four rounds.

This is in the second room on the right along the entrance corridor.

There are four rooms in the middle hallway to explore.

The second door is locked and we don't have the right key, so we move on to the third door.

And the fourth room has a fourth coin.

The coins go in the fountains in the corners of the last room. The game automatically puts the correct coin in each fountain, which isn't any fun. Counter-clockwise from this fountain, the order is: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Bronze. Once all the coins are dropped, the doorway that Bacon went through opens.

I can't imagine any place with an atmosphere less conducive to mental health.

Arg!! This key doesn't fit!!

I think Yuri wants to rescue Halley's mom just so this stops happening.

Mom! Mom! Mom! It's me, Halley! Are you in there?!

This is our mental hospital. The patient in that room is special. She's not ready to be released.

Let my mother go!

Give it up, you heretic slime. You've picked a fine place to meet your doom. Time to meet your Maker.

They're so precious when they're overconfident. It makes me almost feel bad about smashing them into a broken and unrecognizable pulp.

Although Rausan already has me beat on the unrecognizable part. WTF Japan?

I transform Yuri into Seravi and have him use Accelerate. Rausan counters by casting Elder Sign on himself, which protects against Special Attacks. It's a pretty stupid move when you're facing a party of physical attackers. Rausan also has the spell Blaze.

Not that it does him much good.

This will get us into the cell that was locked earlier.

H--How did you??!

Go back home to yer master. Idiot!

Ouch! It just won't budge...

Is there something there?!

Looks like we can get in through here!

Hey! That's my shtick!

Next time on Shadow Hearts: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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