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Part 111: Grind and reunion.

Update 111

First let's have some FUSION, shall we?

Why yes, using a level 60 demon to make a level 52 one is not wasteful at all!
Eh, he can be bought again.

Mikaboshi's purple flames are totally fabulous. In any case, Cocytus, Wind Cutter and Agirati provide a pretty good amount of versatility.

Mikaboshi: "Attracted by your glittering soul, I've travelled unearthly distances It's my pleasure to meet you."

31 MAGIC? Hell yes.

And since Mikaboshi has Charisma, we can fuse out good old Cuchulainn. Or not.

The ninth and the final floors are still out of our reach, unfortunately.

But after some grinding and fusing of less-than-useful demons, Taotie can be acquired. Good.

He asks for: Onyx, Aquamarine, and Ruby. All three were given to him.

The result is this passive skill.

Taotie: "I have turned mine back on the heavens, but I shall fulfill my contract with thee. 'Tis an honor to meet thee..."

So high luck means less damage is received. Let's try it.

Or course, EVERYTHING must have Growth.

Subsequently, a Rangda was also fused.

And strangely, Baron plus Rangda does not form Shiva. That is a different combination that shall be seen in this update as well.

Was pretty tempted to get this one from Barong and Taotie, but eh.

THIS is a more interesting combination.

New title! And just 5k more loyalty to be acquired to be able to finish THAT request! Hooray!

Due to that, Barong shall be used to make a Lilith.

Lilith: "Now... Come..."

Lilith and Mikaboshi form Metatron as well. But the chosen combination is Aeros and Sandalphon. Though, having two robotic angels at the same time is appealing...

No sir, Lilith shall be used to make Arioch! Yes sir.

Yeah yeah yeah go into the fusion chamber.


AAAAAAH it is worse than in 2d AAAAH.

Arioch and Rangda lead to Shiva. So, as soon as level 75 is reached and/or Arioch's unique is learned, then SHIVA IT IS goddamnit.

Ah, dancing Shiva.

Meanwhile, Metatron became possible to acquire.

Why yes, I want Megidolaon. Taotie's Megido provides instant killing for most of the level 8 denizens.


Even Victor is excited.

Metatron: "Attracted by your glittering soul, I've traveled unearthly distances... It's my pleasure to meet you."

Hell yes, the Voice of God is now in Raidou's rolodex.


Now that Metatron is part of the party, it is time to see how Dahn is faring against the masked hicks.

With video!

"Hm...? That guy on the ground..."

Oh boy.

Dahn is unharmed, but the same cannot be said about his father.

Well, it seems that Dahn is fine. But something did happen here.

"Everyone must stay back... Th-The villagers!"

They are all sporting Shinado masks.

And then a Psycho Apollyon sprouts out of his back.

"It's just like that lady... The one from before... The shadow that looks kinda like Apollyon... "

Shinado-masked old man: "Yew Tsukigatas ain't no bug-users... Yer nothin' but parasites, eatin' up our future!"

Dahn is clearly pretty damn bummed out due to the recent events.

Shinado-masked woman: "The chief parasite... We're huntin'... Akijiro!"

"Th-The villagers got so worried about their future that... They're practically acting like demons! People killing one another... It's just like the Ancient Scripture said... a "hell on earth""

"The true terror of the Gate to the Abysmal Realm!"

Shinado-masked man: "If yew get too loud... We'll make a sacrifice outta yew too... Just like Akane."

Mentioning doing something bad to Akane is not something Dahn appreciates.

Shinado-masked old man: "I'm sure Lord Shinado'll take a shine to her... Heheheh... He'll treat her real nice... And yew, young master! Yer one of them parasites, too! Yer as guilty as the rest of 'em! "

Shinado-masked woman: "We'll hunt yew down too! "

Swirly effect and they are sucked inside of the ball.

Like that.

Nagi did not get in.

Oh bullshit, what about the Soma Raidou is carrying?

"There mighta been a whole mob of 'em, but... They weren't no Fukoshi. Not like you. You... You let 'em kill you, didn't you?"

"I wanted the insects so badly... That I failed... to support the village... I was too busy... making the Tento Lords happy... Their demands grew more extreme.... And I couldn't say no...."

"I thought... it was all... for the village's future... But Dahn.... You hate to know... This is all because of... my complacency."

Awww, he is forgiving his son.

That does not absolve Dahn of his responsibility for causing this entire chain of events.
Well, that and being completely uncritical of what the good old young blond man said.

"I ain't got the strength to change the way I am.... Just like my dad."

"Dahn... Leace this village... Akane is done for... Y-You, at least... can..."

"About Akane... Why don't you let the Narumi Detective Agency handle that? You remember that job we got from her to find Dahn, right? I just realized... The terms of the contract were on the vague side. Hey Raidou, do you remember what the terms were? Were we supposed to find Dahn and tell Akane where he was? Or were we meant to find Dahn and bring him to Akane?"

"That's what Raidou says, and I think he's right... But I'm not entirely sure. It is what it is... I'm very sorry. Wait, you know what? Why don't we draw up some new terms right here? Let's see...."

"Thank you... I-I leave it... to you..."

Aw, they are all made up now. Better than being sent to execution by his own father, I guess.

"Being able to die with my son at my side... Maybe I'm... Lucky."

And thus he perishes.

"What did he say... as he died? Please tell me, Raidou..."

Well she was far away trying to follow the villagers inside to Abaddon.

"To think he was still worried about the village's future after going through that process... Akijiro was a better village chief than he theorized. "

"I came here directly after taking Raidou to the Fukuroku Inn... In the process... I saw the villagers taking Akijiro and Akane here... Then the villagers put on those Shinado masks... And attacked Akijiro without warning! "

"Akijiro wouldn't allow it. He said ... "Devil Summoners shouldn't hurt the people"..."

"I'm sorry. I should have tried harder to stop them... I want to repay Akijiro's kindness. If you're going to save Akane, please take me!"

"The villagers seem to have been sucked in there too... But I don't see an entrance. How do we get in? Can we get in?"
"I looked for an entrance, but I couldn't find anything like one. But I have a theory... "

"Tae... Raidou. You both saw the Ancient Scripture... The secret art that was passed on through generations of Geirins... My theory involves that. "

"If Abaddon is something that came from the Gate to the Abysmal Realm... Then the Pojitrawn should in theory be able to counter it. We'd be creating our own way in!"

"Raidou used it in the Secret Art to close the Gate to the Abysmal Realm, right? I thought it dissolved along with the Gate..."

"I admit... That fact had escaped the bounds of my conjecture... "

"So how 'bout we go pay a visit to the luck locusts' parents?"

"The Mushibito in the Tento Sanctuary. Let's go ask 'em about the Pojitrawn."

Well. Dahn has a plan. Hopefully it will be a good plan.