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Part 118: More goddamn Case Files

Update 118:

Well, this took a whole lot longer than I was planning.

Particularly due to this section.

Yes, that is Raidou transformed as Shizu in front of the yakuza bath house. Ayup.

One of the possible results is this, which has absolutely no effect on anything. Unfortunately.

But if the Luck stat is kind of high, half the time this is what happens. Luck has direct consequences! There is Lucky Capote which makes it so each attack the enemy tries against the demon with that passive has a chance fo miss according to the demon's luck stat, and this.

Oh yes, Mr. Cat.

Except not this time. Refusing to use a genderbent Raidou to check out naked women in the bathhouse leads to Raidou becoming a more law abiding person. The original Raidou would be proud of him."Your self-discipline is commendable. You're doing your namesake proud. Still... I do regret it, just a little."

Rinse and repeat around 70 times to get to Neutral, and a couple more to get to Law (temporarily). That took more time than I expected. In any case, it is done.

And now some fusion for a couple of case files.

Kusi Mitama is going to be used to fulfill a Yatagarasu Case File. As seen here, the fusion is different. What happens there is that it increases stats on the demons used.

Like that, fusing Metatron with Kusi Mitama would max out his Magic stat. That is a good thing. But it won't be used like that at the moment.


And then this one. It is easily fulfilled by getting a Vritra, levelling him up twice and then slapping it with a Flaemis. Voila! Request fulfilled.
The grinding is best done with a Vritra that has Growth and the Arakana Corridor. I like that place.

Once all the current Yatagarasu requests are completed, the last Yatagarasu Case File can be acquired.

Oh my!

And there it is, in the last case file.

That does sound urgent.

Dainichi Nyorai?

Apparently, some sort of celestial buddha.
Very well. Heading to another time period, eh? Then that means it is time to go back to the Corridor. Again.

There it goes. That works nicely.

From there it is just a question of getting to the furthest possible time period. The 2020's.

And then:


Oh my.
The Wikipedia page does mention him being the King of the Asuras. Hms.

That is pretty apparent, yes.

Asura: "I suppose this is the work of the Yatagarasu. ""Our client's identity doesn't figure into this. We came to hear what you're up to."
Asura: "The future... This corridor of time leads to a future where I am chained to my fate as a god of war. "

One would think that would be already established.

Asura: "Canst thou stop the fury of this god of war?"

Hell yes!

Asura: "Then know the terror of crossing swords with a god of war. Tremble... and die!"


He seems to be angry.

Asura is immune to most things, but he is listed as weak against Wind.
Hahaha, yes. Sure.

Weak against Wind, but Force Boosted Wind Cutter does negligible damage. You get better damage by using physical attacks, which causes less waste of MAG.

He uses Mad Rush a bunch, and when in close quarters, Maragidyne. And when you are beating him physically he decides to use Tetrakarn. Not fun.

Not fun at all.

The most effective and efficient thing to do is just spam Almighty. Megido would probably be more efficient in the long run.

One would thing that Cyclone Stab and such other skills would be useful.
It is not.

It looks impressive. It is neat.

But what the fuck, a regular pure physical skill would probably be MUCH more effective. That was a total and complete waste of MAG.

Much better.

Aaagh, Marin Karin.

Not fun.

Eventually... And after wasting a Soma.


Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th, awesome devil summoner. Yes.

... What?
So, the Celestial Buddha is also the chief deity of Zoroastrianism? What?

Well that is an interesting association.

So now he wants to be... A CAR.

Makes sense, with the sacred flames and all that.

Wasn't Ahura Mazda a orderful deity.
I dunno.

Oh my, Raidou shall be responsible for the destiny of this particular instance of a deity! Probably better if he just got inside the tube, like a good deity should do. (Doesn't that pretty much happen in Pokemon as well?)

OH COME ON, getting what may or may not be the pillar of the universe inside the tube that Raidou carries inside his cape would totally be awesome.

On one hand, the upper one is the chaos answer. The bottom one is the law answer. No middle path with Raidou gaining Asura without the need to fuse him (which will happen. Eventually)

Very well.

Yes. He does. A decision chosen by RAIDOU KUZUNOHA THE 14TH, Ace Kuzunoha.

Considering the state the world will have in SMT2, not good.
On the other hand, the Persona world seems to be the same as the Devil Summoner one, considering the Kuzunoha Detective Agency on P2. So maybe not too bad this time.

Success! NexT: Probably just going back to neutral and back to the eye-searing dungeon.