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Part 40: Chapter 3 Starts

Update 40

"The 8th Fukoshi Clan of insect-wielding assassins... The troubles surrounding the Marriage Ritual... "

"From the beggining, the girl only ever wanted us to find Dahn so she could convince him in secret. That's the truth behind the "Find Dahn" case... That we know of, anyway. To put some distance between Dahn and Akane, the Tsukigata family sent Akane to the Capital incognito. But Dahn twigged what they were up to and found out she was laying low at Narita's place... Thanks to Raidou, we chased Dahn off, but he knows where her hidey-hole is now. So at Akane's request, we scorted her back to Tsukigata Village..."

"I'm glad to see you safe. If something were to happen to you... I don't know how I would explain it to him."

"If he hadn't fended off my brother at Uncle Narita's house... "
"I'd like to know everything that happened there. Oblige me, if you would, Raidou..."
>Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to Akijiro.

"It seems his life at home playing at being a councilman has caused his skills to wither away... "
"Akijiro, there's one thing I want to ask you. Raidou tells me Dahn apparently said he would 'save' Akane. His plan is to become some 'King Abaddon'."

Or does he?

"Then all this about taking the forbidden luck locusts, and trying to become 'King Abaddon'... Well, it's just a thought, but what Dahn's done so far... It all has to do with Akane's groom, doesn't it? What'd you call him? 'Lord Tento'...?"

"Who is this Lord Tento?"

"You boys have helped me a lot, searching for Dahn and saving Akane... But you're still outsiders, And you mustn't go around talking about Lord Tento... Please don't ever mention him again."

"Father... Why don't you leave it at that? These two must be tired from the long trip... Mr. Narumi, Raidou, I've arranged a room for you at the Fukuroku Inn. We may be out in the country, but just think of it as a vacation... "

"You've been hired to guard Akane, and I don't mind you walking around the village... But there is one thing I have to tell you, and I'm very serious about this."

Oh boy! I think we have found a clue of the next area to be investigated!

Hm, gods and defilement.
Oh no screw that valley.

Tsukigata Village is open, and the locals will be SLIGHTLY friendlier towards Raidou now. Not too much, though.

"Maybe I'm just stating the obvious here, but Dahn's a Fukoshi, right? And not a bad one at that. Well, if he's so dead set against Akane's wedding, and he's a trained Fukoshi assassin... Wouldn't it be better for him to just whack the groom? No muss, no fuss?"

Things don't exactly work like that when gods are to be married to humans. Or something. Probably not as easy as that. Besides, messing around with gods that require brides or sacrifices like that doesn't seem like the best of ideas. Oh boy, Hanuda.
 Besides, it's not like there is just one thing that would need killing 

"Enh... Maybe I went a little too far at that. Sorry, Raidou.
... I didn't want to say so in front of Akijiro and Akane... I think there's a reason Dahn can't hurt Akane's fiance... Lord Tento. And whatever it is, that's why he's trying to become King Abaddon."

"Dahns actions are all in line with becoming King Abaddon in order to 'save' Akane. If stealing the luck locusts and spreading them across the Capital is part of that... Then I think King Abaddon may be a real threat to the Capital"

NO SHIT, Sherlock.

"Then maybe we can learn more about King Abaddon by looking into Lord Tento. We've got to figure out where Dahn is before the Capital is in any danger... Raidou, I wand you on the job of investigating Lord Tento."

"And he can't tough Lord Tento for some reason, despite his status as a major Fukoshi... Then both King Abaddon and Tento have everything to do with this case."

>Under the subject heading of "King Abaddon"... Gouto added an entry about "Who is King Abaddon?"
>Gouto entered Tento as a subject in the notebook. Under the subject heading og "Tento"... Gouto added an entry about "Who is Tento?"

"That stuff about Centipede Road in the Tento Woods? No? "

And then back to regular agency-style stuff.

"Diggin up dirt on 'Lord Tento,' the groom-to-be of a distinguished family's only daughter... I feel like I'm back in my days as a gumshoe. This is the life!
But going by what Akijiro said... This definitely isn't your normal type of wedding ceremony. Raidou... I'll ask around about Lord Tento, too. Let's give this one our all. Oh, and so you know... You can return to the Capital anytime you feel the need. I'm sure there'll be times you have to go back for some reason or other. I'm counting on you."

Let's see what the Notebook has to say.

"According to Akijiro, chief of the 8th Fukoshi Clan, Dahn's one of the strongest his clan's got. But his objection of the Marriage Ritual and theft of the Luck Locusts has earned him a traitor jacket."

"'Narita' was Akane Tsukigata's alias. She's Akijiro Tsukigata's daughter... And Dahn Tsukigata's sister. Councilman Narita was sheltering her here from Dahn, who's trying to prevent the Marriage Ritual."

"Akijiro says the Marriage Ritual is a 'marriage to god', and it seems to be important to the Tsukigata Clan. So why's Dahn, scion of the Tsukigata Clan, trying to stop it from happening?"

"After a certain accident, their removal was forbidden, but it seems Dahn took a few out anyway. Pieces of an insect cage with the Tento Crest, belonging to one Goro Tatsumi, were found at Mannen-Cho. Narumi thinks the Luck Locusts Dahn took from Tsukigata Village must have been brought into the Capital."

That kind of fits the theme, doesn't it?

Indeed! But not for a couple of updates.

NEXT: Back to the Capital for a spell.