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Part 39: Second chapter ending.

Update 39

"What is King Abaddon!? Answer me! Hey!"

"I can't blame youif you despise me for lying about my name... "

"... As you know... My brother is now a traitor to the Tsukigata family. If he's found by a member of my clan, he'll be executed. I thought that maybe I could find him before anyone else did and make him see reason... "

"My brother... You saw what he's like. So I thought... I thought you might be able to capture him and bring him to me. I'm sorry... I know I used you. I caused so much trouble for everyone here... I'll leave now."
If those are your wishes... I must agree to them."

"I'm telling you this for your own good. You've learned of the Marriage Ritual... Let that be the end of your dealings with the Tsukigata clan. Consider yourself fortunate to be an outsider. You wouldn't want the bugs to swallow you up, would you? Hah.... Like the Tsukigatas."

"Take care of Akane. You just mentioned a superior... What was his name again?"

Well, at least something good will come out of all this, Narumi and Raidou are going to get a bunch of cash.

"You and I... We will most likely never meet again."
"Thank you... For all you've done for me."

And Akane leaves the mansion.

"Let's take Akane with us and go back to the Detective Agency."

"Did Dahn get to Akane first...!?"

>Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to Narumi.

"But it sounds like you drove Dahn away, so things should be hunky-dory now, right? Akane certainly looks no worse for wear. Job well done, Raidou. By the way, Akane... Raidou said something that piqued my curiosity."

"You know anything about this, what was it, King Abaddon?"

Gouto certainly has a few ideas about it.

"He's always been so headstrong... I'm scared to think what he might be planning this time..."
"Well... Supposing you ask Dahn yourself when you meet him? We are still on retainer, you know. don't worry, we'll get our man."

"Well now... This is sudden. Your reason being?"
"I've... Caused you both so much trouble... And after seeing my brother... I know now. "

"But our perspectives... They're too different. Irreconcilable. Raidou? You saw him, too... What did you think?"

Hell, even after getting the crap beat out of him he was not ready even to give up against Raidou. Negotiation is likely out of the question.

"We've been close ever since we were children. I know him... And I know that his mind is made up by now. He won't brook any discussion at this point. "

"Hey... Akane. It sounds like your brother is pretty passionate about stopping this. Is this wedding THAT important? Does it have to do with what Akijiro said? The uh... The god, was it? Does this have something to do with your betrothed?"

Pretty much confirmed: Tsukigata Village is god damn Hanuda.

"That's the one you're marrying? This 'god'?"
Lord Tento is our god. The Tsukigata clan owes him our existence. If Lord Tento desires my hand in marriage... What can I do but give it to him? "
"... I see. Now I understand your devotion to this Marriage Ritual. And I can see your reasons for calling off our search for Dahn. "

"Um... WHy would you?"
"We'll give up the hunt for Dahn, as requested. But you're our client. To make sure the Marriage Ritual goes off without, excuse the pun, a hitch... Raidou and I will be your bodyguards until then."

"If Daahn's hot on your heels, it's better that we keep an eye on you. Plus... Akijuro asked us to haul Dahn in to Tsukigata Mansion. You can cool your heels at home on our watch until the day of the ritual. Even odds say Dahn'll show up at Tsukigata Mansion on that day, and Akijiro will get what he wanted. The Narumi Detective Agency will be killing two birds with one stone--Your request and Akijiro's too."

"Mr. Narumi... "
"Please, Akane! No one ever listens to my plans! You have to do this for me... For my pride as a man!"

"I figure we can invoice Councilman Narita for our travel and meal expenses. And maybe a little extra on top... I'll need some petty cash to try all the station bento, you see."

"Narumi reported in to the Yatagarasu about the luck locusts that Dahn's been spreading around the Capital. He's arranged for us to be notified if anything happens in the Capital with the Fukoshi's fingerprints on it. Every now and then, that man surprises me with how forward-thinking he can be... "

"King Abaddon... If my memory hasn't failed me... He's a fallen angel that tortures humans who lack God's seal... And casts them down into the depths of despair. That fallen angel... Abaddon is one of of his names, but he's also known as the Locust King."

"Seems natural enough on its face, but a relationship between Abaddon and the 8th Fukoshi clan? This is the first I've heard of it."

"The rare secret even I don't know... Could this 'King Abaddon' that Dahn mentioned be part of it? What's the connection between the Locust King and the 8th Fukoshi clan? And what is Dahn up to, talking about 'King Abaddon' and saying he's going to 'save' Akane?"

And with that, the second chapter is OVER.