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Part 38: Facing Dahn

Update 38

Battle with Dahn.

Dahn is being pretty agressive against Narita, isn't he?

Red-costumed man: "The same village you left 'cause you weren't keen on the Tsukigata way, huh Narita? But here you are, takin their money and shelterin' Akane. What a sham... It ain't funny, neither."

I imagine that talking with a larynx that is holding all your weight against a foot is not exactly the easiest task.

Akane's command is effective.

Aww, hugs.

Raidou arrives, not a moment too soon. Maybe even too late.

Red-costumed man: "I know they're not the kind to ignore orders and let you through. So how'd you get here?"

Narita: "This man is Dahn!"

"Yeah... I heard there was some dog sniffin' around about me, huh? Sorry kid, but go on home. I'm busy right now. I'll pretend I didn't see you... Less'n you're here to get in my way."

Probably not the best choice, but technically he is not there to get in Dahn's way. The main objective was to find Dahn for Akane, which has been completed.

Narita: "Do something! Y-you're a Devil Summoner, aren't you?"

"Well now, playtime's over... And your luck just ran out. I'm in a foul mood now, no two ways about it. Just hearin' them words... 'Devil Summoner'... Makes me wanna puke. I'm madder'n a riled hornet's nest, and I'm gonna have my revenge for those pals of mine. So the first thing I've gotta do is rearrange that pretty face of yours!"

"The die's cast, boy... The bet's on, and there's no backslidin'! That's the kinda bad luck a Devil Summoner gets!"

Something tells me he doesn't appreciate Geirin either.

Nezha is apparently of the insane personality. I like his giant Frankenstein Monster-like bolts on his head. Maybe Victor (will eventually) wants to get one for that particular reason?

"Just qwait 'til you feel the sting of my sickle nunchaku and my Poison Smash specialty. I'll give you a hidin' you'll never forget, devil summoner!"

Yeah. Poison. That is VERY annoying.

Dahn tends to go against the demons first, it is rather annoying.

And he is DEFINITELY more resilient than his underlings.

His poison smash is indeed rather nasty.

And as seen here, it has a large range. If, unlike me, one blocks and makes the demons intangible in time, that is not really such a problem.

But Dahn is very succeptible to charged up axe attacks. He will ALWAYS get dizzy from a charged hit, letting you kick his ass in peace.

"This'd be a piece of cake for me on my lonesome, but if it wants its time to shine, sure..."

Oh boy, he summons his own underling.

A giant red bug! Three guesses for what he is weak against, and the first two don't count.

Taromaru, unlike Jiromaru, is weak against Ice. It is otherwise functionally identical.

And goes down really, really fast.

It can still be dangerous, though.

Hm, all three bugs seen so far have masks, luck locusts, Jiromaru and Taromaru.

And like the others, it eventually goes down.

"I don't do this often... But it's worth pullin' out to show the kinda pain Taromaru can dish out!"

Excuses, excuses.

After beating Taromaru, Dahn becomes suddenly more dangerous.

Widely telegraphed and such, but still dangerous if not blocked.

Dahn still goes down.

"My head's killin' me... Maybe I underestimated what a devil summoner could do... "

But once again, charged axe deals with him in satisfactory fashion.

Yup. It does.

"Wh-what just happened!? What kinda tric d'you pull, huh!?"

Victory nets Raidou a new insect cage, which is always good, bringing up the total bugs that can be carried to 5.


"How 'bout it? You up for another round, right?"

Wait what.

"Besides, I've caused Raidou and the people of the Capital enough trouble... All I have to do is accept my fate. I'm going through with the Marriage Ritual."

"Custom or no damn custom, I ain't puttin' up with them anymore."

"Them villagers'll just sit and watch... So I'm the only one that can do anything, right? "
"Listen... I haven o choice but to accept this... "

About time the subtitle got referenced.

Something tells me that his cunning plan is not completely formed, or even reasonable.

Sure, becoming a king named after Abaddon is the sanest and safest thing to do and can not backfire at all.

Lot of them, PROBABLY significant. Or maybe not.

"So you win today, all right? Lucky you. But I'll tell you now... "

Oh my.
I wonder if it is a contested position.

Well, Dahn was located. And then he disappeared. Again.