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Part 47: Dahn's... Invitation?

Update 47

Outside of the Centipede Road, a new area awaits. Raidou is still spinning counterclockwise.

Tento-Kagura, eh?
Seems like every place not called "Tsukigata something" is called "Tento Something" in this area. Eh.

There seems to be someone there.

Oh boy, a Fukoshi.

Black-masked Fukoshi: "... Huh?"

Nagi prepares herself in case this asshole is aggressive.

Black-masked Fukoshi: "The Devil Summoner's here! H-He...! Damnit! Dahn! Daaaahn!"

And he runs away (or teleports, same difference) after doing his best Otacon impersonation.

Well, at least there are Rogue Fukoshis, so it is pretty certain.

And there they are. Red dude is likely Dahn, receiving a report from the fleeing Black one.

Of course, Raidou arrives in order to rain on their parade.

So now he does know about the passed-on titles of the Kuzunohas?

"That voice... I theorize that it must be Dahn! I didn't know he'd returned to Tsukigata Village...!"
"And you... You're Nagi, ain't you? Geirin's little apprentice... I get it... You had Nagi guide you through the Centipede Road, huh? Still, that makes you the first outsider to get through. Looks like I'd better quit takin' you lightly, Raidou..."

Cocky bastard isn't he? He already got his ass whupped once.

"And that was round about the time I heard the fellas from the Narumi Detective Agency left with a girl... Not too hard to put two and two togethere to figure out that Akane weren't in the Capital no more. She must've gone with you two, and I couldn't think where else you'd go but Tsukigata Village."

"Whaddaya think? I'm not just strong, I'm smart, too.
I'll do you one better... Want me to guess why you came to Tento-Kagura, Raidou?"

This is certainly a chaotic response. And it is true, anyways. I mean, Raidou is a) a detective. b) a Devil Summoner, c) (currently) chaos aligned, and d) Don't tell me you aren't curious when the entire rest of the village makes cryptic/mysterious references to something they don't even know about. It is a mystery.
And detectives solve those, don't they?
And besides, if it IS an actual god, Raidou can likely beat the crap out of it and then summon it at Victor's.

"Figured you would be, bein' a Devil Summoner and all"

"Well now... I was plannin' to lay low 'til the day of the Marriage Ritual, but... I got some time to kill. Consider this a personal invitation."

This certainly does not sound like a trap. At all. It is clearly a well intentioned offer. Yes.

"Tento Sanctuary?"

"Sorry, little lady. The invite's only for Raidou. You run along home now, all right? What I'm gonna show the kid might be a little much for you..."

"Once we get in there... There's somethin' I want you to see, Raidou. Three things, come to that. "

"I'll be waitin' inside the Tento Sanctuary. See you there, Raidou..."

Yesss, this does not sound ambushy at all.

"I wonder what the three things Dahn wants to show you are..."

"It's the Tento Entrance that leads to the Sanctuary. I'm drawing a blank on theories of what Dahn could want to show us."

Nothing risked, nothing gained, as they say.

Huh. Crystals.

And blobbies for mag recharging.

Seems like Nagi did not obey Dahn.

"The process of Dahn inviting you here to meet Lord Tento... I may be speaking out of turn, but... The theory seems unsound. "

"But also Lord Tento's image among the Tsukigata villagers as a god. 'Gods' are usually high up... But here, it's as if the people of Tsukigata Village have been stepping on them all this time... Such a frightening place. Is Lord Tento... Really here?"

Oh my. Someone else?

Uh. Why is fretful separated?

Holy shit!

A... Freak.
Notice: Video has a lot of dropped frames in the first minute or so. That was pretty annoying while capturing. Gets fixed relatively fast.
The rest? Due to screenshots.

I doubt that Nagi is related to the Tsukigatas.

She is certainly not thrilled to meet that... Thing.

Oh boy.

... That thing is GOD? Certainly, YHVH has seen better days... Or will see... Or something.

Hat-wearing figure: "You are jus ta hu man... Re member yourp lace...!"

And so another weirdass fight starts.
Thati s an apt descriptor, isn't it?

Hat-wearing figure: "How dare you... harm a god!"

Hm, that... Thing has a bunch of insect cages.

His attacks are not really all that hard to avoid.

But he Nulls Death, damnation.

Ippon Datara is stronger than it, it seems.

And eventually, it goes down for the count.

Hat-wearing figure: "Why do hu mans disrep ect us!?"

[bhat-wearing figure[/b]: "You... htme!? Me... a god!? Ohh... I will... Rem emberthis!"

Well, it is SMT. Disrespecting deities is WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS.

"But what WAS that? It didn't seem like a demon... "

"That Lord Tento would live in such a creepy place where things like that dwell... Who is this Lord Tento?"
"We'll find out once we catch up with Dahn. Let's go."
"I'd like to go with you. I know that I'm theoretically lacking in experience, but... I am in training to become a Devil Summoner. "

This is the law response. But Nagi rocks, so this is the choice taken. A single law choice like that can't be enough to counter the chaos advance, can it?

"I promise not to make the process a difficult one."
"We're already uninvited guests here, in the depths of enemy territory. That creature might come back for round two at any time. Stay sharp."

Astral body: "Then... Be prepared... This is a sprawling network of caves running thoughout Tsukigata Village. If you run out of supplies... You will die."

Astral body: "The one you seek is ahead... But be prepared... It is something man was not meant to know... And endless darkness... When I found out... The Fukoshi... C-Curse them! Thos damnned... Tsukigata!"

Astral body: "Then leave... Unless you want to die..."

Gloomy spirit, eh?

Oh boy, yet another useless passage.

Fortunately, a Dragon Cave is there. Yay.

Mezuki: "Ahahaha, and let me guess... You've set your eyes on me, have you? I don't mean to boast, but I do believe you have good taste in demons. Please, let us continue with our discussion. I am learning so much about you humans..."

Strangely, Ippon-Datara doesn't anger a well spoken... Horse... THing.

Mezuki: "So, you would continue to search for salvation, no matter your circumstances? Hoho! You definitely seem like the kind of man I would like as an ally.
Shall we move on to the topic that's been preying on both our minds now...? Certainly, you desired something when you began speaking to me..."

... Eventually

Mezuki: "Please accept this as a token of my esteem for you."

Weirdass clothed horse furry thing (which is different from weirdass nude horse furry thing Orobas): Acquired.

Next: More underground tunnels.