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Part 62: Ishigami

Update 62

That is... Shiny.

"It's all just like the girl in town said it'd be... WHo was she?"

Whoever she is, she is there. Suddenly.

fix-eyed girl: "We're inside Lord Ishigami's body right now... It's the tunnel below Ishigami. There's so much I want to tell you, but... This is only the first floor. Sorry, mister, but I need you to come to the top of the ninth floor. I'll be waiting there..."

Sudden perspective shift, and there is a DUNGEON CRAWLING UPDATE TIME.

There are weird light pillars around all over the place.

The light pillars serve as stairs, both up and down.
Blue means up, red means down.

Azumi: "There are pit traps all over the place, makin' it real hard to get around. If yer gonna be movin' around, you should memorize where them pit traps are. Otherwise you'll end up smack dab where you started from."

Ah, treasure, a sight for sore eyes, and a balm for the soul. That is, if it was even moderately valuable. Bah!

And entering the blue light leads to a new floor. Notice, the light behind Raidou is orange, which means it is a downwards light.

Like that.

Trying to reach the light on the right side leads to this, how humiliating.

At least the holes are marked in the map.

Raidou mus hit harder.

Those two are considerably more useful than a Anti-Poison. Less so than a chunk of incense, but hey, still good.

And now Oberon is a random encounter.

Oberon: "Aha! So you're the famous Dark World Dancer... It is an honor to meet someone held in so high steem. "

Nekomata, being the flirty furry thing that she is, has a decidedly positive effect on Oberon.

I too enjoy this land's traditional cuisine. I think its nutritional value is also a worthy quality... Shall we move on to the topic that's been preying on both our minds now...? Certainly you desired something when you began speaking to me...

*insert bribing*

There it goes. Probably better to just fuse one, but eh, it'll do.

What is that... Salesman doing here?

It is the same one one can find on the entrance of Tsukigata village  And we'll see something more with him later. Also, haha, Konnou-Ya . I don't remember if he adds points to Konnou-Ya's "spend enough and I'll give you discounts" counter.

And that is how you get around annoying holes.

Demon's voice: "Looks like today ain't your day. I'm in the mood to see some blood flow! Why don't you come a little closer, chump?"

Oh boy, skeleton themed random encounter with a time limit. How scary.

This did the trick beautifully.

Yet another level up.

And yet another Demon Wall. Bah. How lame for they to put such... Hindrances in one's path.

Fortunatley, Lilim qualifies. If not, Sati would surely serve.

Ominous voice "You are the demon I desire. You may proceed!"

Grr, get a damn Incense, damnit!

Ah, there is the crystal.

Sati also helped, but Yoshitsune deals the last blows.

Unfortunately, a demon got lost. That demon was Sati (NOOO)

Yoshitsune has a special skill, press L1, and then THIS happens.
What does this do?

Oh yeah, attract water for free.

Sati is gone

And a new point in magic is always good.

Hell yes.

Oh no.

Oh no.

"And this intense presence! Oh no..."

Oh god damnit.

"I can honestly say I wasn't expecing to meet him here!"

Binbou-gami is creepy.

Very creepy.

"Looks like it's improved itself since last time... Stay focused, Brian."

Binbou-gami: "Please... spank me with your whip of love just like before! I must say, though, my skin's a bit thicker this time... You'd better whip me hard!"

That is the plan, unfortunately, Sati is gone, so massive magic damage is out of the question.

Yoshitsune has Maragi, so at least MASSIVE CRITS will be available.

That is like the third hit after a Maragi. Hot damn.

About a second later...



Binbou-gami: "I need more!"

Two attacks later.

Binbou-gami: "That was an exquisite whipping... It's only right that I return the favor!"

Same old Binbou-gami attacks.

Dia Aura is pretty nifty

But the coin is now not dangerous.

Binbou-gami himself is suffering massive damage AND FAST.

Binbou-gami: "Am I beeing too greedy, hogging your overwhelming love for myself? I guess I'm super lucky!"

"Finally, that's over... It was as persistent as it was inappropriate. But why did it show up again? Is something happening to the Capital?"

ONE measly yen?Damn.

Sati: "You know, I'm one of those rare, sentimental demons... I just could NOT forget about you... Okay, well, back inside I go!"

At least she came abck.

A creepy skeleton thing was also recruited.

And eventually, the top is reached.

Fox-eyed girl: "You came a long way... It's best that I explain everything."

She disappeared!

Ishigami Inari: "We have been enshrined in this town since ancient times... It can't have escaped your notice that the Capital's fortune has decreased dramatically. The calamities caused by all this misfortune have even reached the Dragon Vein below the earth... This disruption in the Dragon Vein is the cause of the recent quakes around the Capital. If the Dragon Vein is not restored, a large earthquake shall wrack the Capital, claiming its future... The tunnel that was driven into the Dragon Vein to prevent this sort of catastrophe from happening... It has been invaded by a Fiend. The embodiment of misfortune, and attractor of calamities... It has affected the Sacred Stone that lies at the very bottom of the tunnels. With the Sacred Stone compromised, the Ishigami has risen above ground... "
"So in a nutshell, these disasters are the fault of that Fiend of misfortune down there... Y'know, it was the luck locusts who originally brought the Capital's luck to such dangerously low levels. ... Bet Dahn never thought his actions would go so far as to affect the Capital's Dragon Vein..."

"The Capital's in serious trouble this time. We'd better take this one seriously... "

Ishigami Inari:"Even in our disguise as the young girl, should we challenge the Fiend, we would only be defeated... Raidou... for the Capital's future... We request that you defeat this Fiend and restore the Sacred Stone on the lowermost floor. "

Oh my, a save spot there.

And a convenient backtrack shortcut.

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