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Part 63: Going down.

Update 63

Ishigami Inari: "The Dragon Vein refers to the flow of energy. It could also be considered the flow of fortune. A straight, unbroken Dragon Vein brings misfortune. That's the way it was in Ishigami-Cho before. Which is why we Ishigami Inari drove this pillar, called the Ishigami, into the ground. Thus bending the Dragon Vein and rmoving the threat."

Ishigami Inari: "Either the Fiend was attracted to the Dragon Vein's distortion... Or the Fiend's appearance actually caused the distortion itself. Either way, the Fiend now makes its nest within the Ishigami. And the misfortune that this Fiend naturally attracts... It must be the cause of the ill effects on the Sacred Stone. We can sense the Fiend's twisted energy from within the tunnels beneath the Ishigami. Be wary, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th."

Ishigami Inari: "The Sacred Stone is the heart of the Ishigami. The fact that the Ishigami has risen to the surface... Only an abnormality in the Sacred Stone can explain this. Can you hear it? The Ishigami cries in pain... If you restore the Sacred Stone, the Ishigami should return to its usual place. "

Ishigami Inari: "We Ishigami Inari place our hopes in you, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th..."

Going up was done with the right side. Clearly, going down is done from the left side.

More goddamn wind pathways.

Sometimes, they lead to treasure.

Should this be used in the next update? More than one has been acquired by now.

When doing proper advancement, this happens.

Demon's voice: "Why, you ask? Because you have two women who've fallen for you at once! *giggle* If you pick one, the other will resurrect out of jealousy... An endless cycle of love and hate! So how are you going to handle this one? *giggle*"

Oh my, two Nekomatas with enhanced life!

That is not the only gimmick, though. They resurrect themselves. Just like Gill in Street Fighter 3.
What is the best way to deal with them? Not too hard: Maziodyne/Ziorati, get them both, kill them both within like 5 seconds from each other, DONE.
Easier with a hamme, I must say.

With 15 seconds to spare, it is done.

And so on and so forth. It is an annoying fight, but as long as you have something that will stun them both at the same time, it should not be too hard.

Gems, gems, jewels. Eh.

Going down and down.

And the Raja Naga is a goddamn asshole.

Maybe Yoshitsune and Oberon can interest him.

Welp. Clearly they are not used to negotiating with males.

Can do.

The fight lead to a luckier Raidou. Hooray!

Feng Huang: "I tried, and by cracky, it took me back upstairs! My bones were creakin' all the way back here... Sheesh... Whatever happened to respectin' yer elders?"

Eh, let's see, it can't be too bad, can it?

He lied! It led to the seventh floor! This was already the seventh.

Jorougumo: "Well, then I guess it's no wonder I drew your attention. I hafta admit, I'm flattered you're interested in me..."

Let's see if this time they are succesful.

They were!

Jorougumo: "So... Do you use the female demons ONLY for battle?"

Jorougumo: "Oh my! You're a take-charge kinda guy, aren't you? Well, if you really want me, you're gonna hafta try real hard to make me your demon... Well, it's been fun, but let's get down to business, shall we? I mean, we're not fools. We both know you didn't talk to me JUST to hear the sound of my voice, right? "

Jorougumo: "Alright, but I need something from you in return. All gils like gifts, Mr. Summoner..."


She looks goddamn creepy.

The Wind passageway lead to this treasure.-

And a goddamn hole.


That hole means going back to the top, as the Feng Huang said.


At least the Nekomata fight does not have to be repeated.

Oh biy, a Nakisawame. Maybe there is something here that will happen.

But in the mean time, Oberon gains his most dangerous skill.


More goddamn treasure.

Fortunately the wind pathway there does not involve more backtracking.

Oh no! A pathway maze!

Shortest route. Not THAT bad.

This place has a shitload of Dragon Caves. Fitting, since it is supposed to make a Dragon Vein twisted.

Some options. Should any of the combinations shown here be taken?

Feng Huang: "I know all there is to know about this world and the next. Experience, boy... There's no substitute for it."

Or in this?

No wonder Raja Naga was being an asshole to Raidou.

Hm, Belial must be nearby as well.