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Part 87: Aspect of Anger?

Update 87

Is it like the way of the samurai? Is the game suddenly going to turn into a very, very interactive short game where one can literally kill every NPC or just ignore the plot and do whatever and whatnot?

"With things going wrong left and right, the people of the Capital are starting to despair... They're losing faith in the gods and the world they made. I don't even know what to think about there being a whole separate world from ours... One filled with negative energy. A place where only despair can thrive. The Abysmal realm... It's hard to believe, but the Gate to the Abysmal Realm has opened up there in the sky. A whole swarm of Apollyons flew down through it, too."

Suddenly, Narumi gets a case of the Emo.

"Whether we like ir or not, that Gate is like a big red eye staring us right in the face. And this whole hopeless mess all happened because Dahn was trying to give his village some hope... When his luck locusts get full from eating the Capital's luck, they go back to the Tento Sanctuary... They dump it off in that nest they've built down there... The Pojitrawn, it was called? Yeah. When the Pojitrawn gets nice and big, that's the cue for the destroyer insects to come... And sure enough, those Apollyons came down from the sky. That was Dahn's plan from the start. To use his Fukoshi powers to control the Apollyon "insects." He'd make himself a King over the Apollyons... King Abaddon, to be precise."

"If Dahn became King Abaddon and controlled the Apollyons, he'd be on Ma's level... And he thought by doing that, he'd break the Tento clan's stranglehold on Tsukigata Village. They've ruled over the village as its god, so if he could become a god himself, he'd take the village back. He hoped to save his sister Akane, who was about to be wed--sacrificed, really--to the Tento... "

"His actions ended up bringing despair on the Capital. He's feeling responsible now for the people's despair. So he's despairing a bit himself."

And with that ends a goddamn recap of what we saw not too long ago. Yay, recaps.

Dahn is rather understandably feeling like shit. He fucked up. Big time.

"King Abaddon is... nothin' but that big red hole... They came from the Gate to the Abysmal Realm... a spark of despair all over the world... That ain't what I thought King Abaddon was gonna be at all... And I did this? I brought somethin' that horrible to the Capital? Those Apollyons I called... They're wreckin' the Capital. And I got nothin' outta the deal. I can't save my dad... the villagers... Akane..."

"But all of that... Was I just runnin' in circles? Hell's bells..."

He has likely realized how big the fuckup is. It is a very very big fuckup, releasing the Apollyons.

"I... I wish I could just... Disappear..."

And with that, Raidou feels something weird.


Weeell this is weird

He is now rather unreachable.

And that strange place. What the HELL is that place?

Well, that's new. Dahn was not one of the faces the... being... wore, was he?

Oh, so that's what the weird armor or vest or whatever Dahn uses is called.

He, like regular ol' Dahn in the normal world, is understandably upset.

Suddenly, Narumi.

Shinado-Narumi: "Don't be so hard on yourself, Dahn. Sure, you summoned the Gate to the Abysmal Realm... But if that's the action you took to take hold of your future, then it can't be called wrong."

And then, what the hell.

The mask reversed itself.

Yeah what the hell.

>"Looks as though it changed to a face filled of anger."

Welp. Angry Narumi?

Shinado-Narumi:"If I keep beating around the bush, you'll never get it, Dahn. So I'm gonna be frank. What were you thinking? Opening the Gate to the Abysmal Realm... It's all because of the actions you took. If you hadn't tried taking hold of your future... Hey! Take a look... See what a mess the Capital is in. How are you going to make up for that?"

Oh my.

Shinado-Tae: "You opened the Gate to the Abysmal Realm for Akane's sake and for the future of Tsukigata Village... And now you're lost in despair as a result of your own actions. What a joke. "

Shinado-Dahn: "Maybe instead of takin' action and endin' up like, this, I shoulda just done nothin'..."

Shinado-Dahn: "I'm goin' on ahead. I'll see you in the afterlife..."

And then Raidou's doppelganger also makes an appearance.

Shinado-Raidou: "This is it... The words I am about to impart to you... The words of this sorrow-filled face... My final words... The Gate to the Abysmal Realm has opened... Man has fallen into despair... Despair, in other words... That is man's despair... Over the world God created... Man can no longer see... a future... in this world God made... "

Wait what. WHy did he fall down?

Shinado-Raidou: "Soon... The aspect of my "anger".... Will show his face... The aspect of my anger... over the despair... that people have fallen into... I hope... Brian Blessed, who has assumed the role of "Raidou"... You... can be their hope! Become man's hope..."

And now there are three Raidous. Wait what?

This one shall be known as Angry Raidou.

Angry Raidou: "You're the so-called "hope" my aspect of sorrow found... "

Angry Raidou: "Unfortunate one... The spark of your misfortune... It is the fact that you have assumed the role of "Raidou", Brian Blessed... You have been blind to the truth. All actions in this world are meaningless. It is because people cling so tightly to hope that they despair. You will learn that all hope in this world is simply a spark to ignite the flame of despair..."

Sorrow-Raidou: "Ugh..."
Angry-Raidou: "But you needn't worry, Brian Blessed. The aspect of anger has arrived in order to become your salvation. Listen now to my messages of salvation... Cease your assumption of the role of "Raidou" and witness this spectacle no more."

Angry Raidou: "It will lead only to despair. There is no reason to willingly take despair upon yourself, yes? Abandon the role of "Raidou". Turn away from this spectacle. That will be your salvation... Do you understand? You must abandon "Raidou", Brian Blessed."

Weeell, that was pretty damn cryptic.

NEXT: More things happen, and meaning is gained from something.