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Part 94: A song and a legend.

Update 94
In this update, there is abundant chatting.

First, let us approach Geirin.

"Your cooperation was instrumental, and I appreciate your help. Now if you wouldn't mind refreshing my memory as to why you came here to Tsukigata Village... Was there a theory you wished to test? It slipped my mind in the process of saving the villagers..."

"Yes, of course. That was it... So... In looking for a solution to the Gate to the Abysmal Realm's appearance above the Capital... You realized that the song recounts the tragedy of the Gate... And now you've come to Tsukigata Village to follow up your findings. I salute you for your well.formed theories, however.... Some categories of knowledge are best left unexplored. You're a clever youth, Raidou. I hope you take my meaning."

: "I see... Now is not the time, is it? An acceptable response.... "

Fukuroku Inn worker: "Yer Raidou... So's that mean the lady what came with yew is Kichou? Well... the sky turned dark all of a sudden, and next thing yew know, these huge locusts fell from it! Geirin told us all to evacuate to the Fukuroku Inn immediately, so here we are... Ah heard if yew get caught by them giant locusts, they'll rip yew apart and kill yew... "

Next, let's interrogate Nagi.

"This village initially seemed sleepy and quiet. But if we compare it to its present state... The atmosphere is gloomier now. The villagers seem... Depressed. "

"The children's song that the little girls sing... It sounded similar in theory to the song I head in the Tento Sanctuary. The Tento Lords were singing it... I won't soon forget those words. "

"I wasn't born here originally. So any theories I might hold on the song's meaning would lack a basis in experience."

No other options available at the moment, so let's finish that.

"Oh, it's just... The atmosphere here is so oppressive... I'd hoped that by talking to you... I could create a distraction for myself from the bleakness of the village."

Now let's see if Akane is able to elucidate the mysteries that are plaguing our hero at the moment.

"You mean the children's song most of the villagers here know, right? I sang it myself when I was a child... But apart from that, I don't remember anything about it. "

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to help more. I have to take care of the village..."

And now let's see what has happened between Akijiro and Tae. He started by menacing her.

Oookay. Tae's got control of the situation now.

"I was talking to Akijiro here. Oh, you want a chat with him? THen I'll go find someone else to pester... Who should be my next lucky interview subject?"
"Alright. I'll go find Nagi, then."

"Your friend Tae just gave me a severe tongue-lashing... I was trying to say I had no time for her questions because I had my village's future to mull over. But she became shrill and said, "It's times like that when you most need to talk to people!" I guess I lost sight of where I am when I get too riled... I couldn't say this too loud, in case Akane is around, but... I have a bad habit of cringing when a strong-minded woman yells at me..."

"That song the little girls love so much? You're talking about the one that goes, "Stop the fretful baby's wail," right? "

"The song is based on that legend. "

"The legend, eh? I don't remember too much about it, since I head about it from my grandpa when I was small... But it was a strange legend. I remember that much. A hero defeats some kind of evil and everyone goes home happy... It sounded stranger when he told it. "

"I heard the Capital took even worse of a pounding than Tsukigata... Let's hope the worst is over, Mr. Raidou."

Now we have a new option. Unfortunately, Geirin doesn't provide any new information.

After that he says that there are avenues of knowledge better left unexplored.

Let's see what's up with Tae and Nagi.

>"Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to Tae."
"So the children's song is based on some legend... Keen! We should probably start asking people about both the song and the legend from here on out. Maybe someone can give us a clue that'll point the way to getting rid of that big red hole in the sky. Well, let's keep at it anyways."

Accidentally not captured: Nagi apologizing for not being the most useful person around. Or something.

"Oh hy, Raidou... What's the matter? I was just talking to Nagi here. Oh, you want a chat with her? "

"Alright. I'll go find Akane, then."

"Based on the legend? That's a theory I haven't heard formulated before. A legend about a hero defeating an evil oni from the sky... I am sorry, Raidou, but I have no more information to give on this topic."

Well, that was moderately useful. Let's see what Akane has to say.

>Tae and Akane are getting along very well.
"Oh, hi Raidou... What's the matter?"
>Go pester Geirin

"This village's legend? Yes, I did hear it when I was a child... In fact, I was just talking about it with Tae. It's the story of a hero who defeats an evil oni from the sky... I told her that the hero was a visitor to Tsukigata Village... *chuckle* And do you know what she said? "Why are all the heroes in these rotten legends men!? It's sexism, plain and simple! Although... if the hero was a dish, maybe I'd stoop to interviewing him..." She's a unique woman. I really envy the women of the Capital..."

"Maybe he had something in common with Raidou and Geirin. "

Let's see how Tae is handling Geirin. She had absolutely no trouble with Akijiro, after all.

"Some things are, in theory, best left unknown. Let that serve as a warning to an intelligent, inquisitive woman. I hope you understand."

"For such a sourpuss, you sure are a flatterer..."
>Tae seems to be swayed by Geirin's honeyed words.

Geirin is still tight lipped about EVERYTHING. So, let's hit Nagi again.

"The hero does remind me a but of my master and you, Raidou... Ah! Saying so has reminded me... I just heard something from my master: A former Geirin Kuzunoha of some generations past went through a difficult process in Tsukigata... There exists an Ancient Scripture that details his accomplishment. Though its contents were deemed too controversial, and it was stored in a safe place... I recall that place being... The Three Cedars in Tsukigata Village."

Geirin takes notice of his blabbermouth pupil. Oh boy.

"Nagi... You are speaking out of turn. You spoke your theory so loud that it echoes through the village. "

"I should have been more considerate of the villagers... I'm sorry for being indelicate, master."
"...Raidou. You should put what Nagi just told you out of your mind. "

Of course, that is exactly where we will be going next.