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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 22

Update 22

"Mister, are you a playboy? Are you going to make me cry?"
Raidou is not a bad guy

It is time to see what Tae's got to say about the Irie Fudou.

For one day, not more. Not less. She looked better with the long hair.

"I know, dear; Mr. Narumi already filled me in.
Kaya, was it? The name's Kichou Asakura, ace reporter. Nice to meetcha.
What are you two kids up to? Out on another case?"

"Hm... Irie Fudou...
Raidou, did you know this area used to be under water?
It was part of the Hibiya inlet until they reclaimed the area during the Edo period.
I know there was a Fudou statue here before that.
The local people worshipped it, actually.
I want to say that's the Irie Fudou you're looking for."

"And... Does that statue still exist somewhere?"

You crazy kids are in luck.
I came across that scoop just the other day while researching a story on Ginza-Cho.
This comes straight from the horse's mouth.

An odd stone statue was found at the center of Ginza-Cho, and nobody knows where it came from.
See, there are all kinds of developement projects going on in Ginza-Cho right now.
One of the construction teams found the statue in question.
Well, the construction company was all balled up about what to do with the thing.
Which is where I came in, looking for any information in the old town records.
I don't know if it's you Irie Fudou...
But at least it's an old statue, right?
I'd waget it's as good a shot as you're likely to get.

Sounds to me like it's worth checking out. Why don't you hop to it, Raidou?"

Well, time to go to the center of Ginza-Cho, to the construction area. Under the overpass.
Hm. Many things have happened there.

"Make haste! We haven't much time!"
Why the rush? And how is she so certain that it is there?

"Is this the Irie Fudou?
This crystal ball must be the item.
The EL 200. Yes, our preparations are now complete."
What the fuck is she going on about?

"It's Taisho 20, right?
This is a turbulent time in history--maybe an anomaly.
The nation's progress, modernization... People are being tossed about by the rapid societal changes.
Yet, so many people have their own ideals about how to live life.
How do you feel about it?
Living in times like this?
Some would choose to follow their fated path, as is predestined...
While others believe fate is a result of their actions--of choices they make."

Raidou is no puppet.

"That's right... We all fashioun our lives after some purpose.
I seek to wrest a positive future from the grip of this chaotic society!
Brian, I want you to bear witness to this action.
Join me, Raidou Kuzunoha...
Together we can shape an ideal future!"

And then...

She dissapears.

What the hell is happening?

"What's gotten into her!?
But that power as she vanished... It sent shivers down my spine.
We'd better get back home, fast!
Narumi needs to hear about this!"

And so ends the sixth episode.

What the hell did just happen?
What was all that that Kaya was talking about?
Find out next... Uh. No. That'll be later, yes, but not next time. This ain't over yet.

Let's proceed.

Narumi ain't healthy today. (viddler)
He's hurt. Yes. (youtube)

This place is a mess. Why couldn't Kaya clean up before vanishing?
Or at least Narumi.
Oh wait, that would be doing something.


... Sadakichi?

I don't like that chapter title.

"Surprised? I don't blame you. Thank you for the other day, by the way.
I was actually sent by the Navy.
Sorry I had to keep you in the dark, before.
I was on a top secret mission to spy on the Army... Munakata's movements in particular.
But the Nacy was being monitored as well, and now the situation is rather grave.
I trust your ability, Raidou, so I need you to do something for me.
Will you come with me?

... Him? Oh, don't worry about mr. Narumi. We woughed him up a little, but...
As long as you cooperate, he won't need to suffer any further."

"He's pretty much backed us into a corner, here."

"We'll let Mr. Narumi rest. Please follow me, Raidou."

Sadakichi leads Raidou to... Shinoda?

"Please, come this way."

"Admiral, Kuzunoha has arrived."

"Ah, yes... Raidou Kuzunoha, the guardian of our Capital.
I'm depending on you."

I've read that it is implied that he is Admiral Yamamoto. Let's see.

"Unfortunately, he was cursed and is now unable to move.
I would ask for your help in saving this man.
I will perform a Purification Ritual.

The Admiral was cursed by an evil thought cast upon him.
If we wexorcise and purify that thought, the effects should subside.
But, we cannot ignore the origin of this curse, Raidou.
It will be your job to locate the one responsible and smite him.
In order to do so, I would ask you to become a sacrifice."

"WHAT!? But, Raidou's the one breaking the curse!"
Note once more, Gouto did not refer to Raidou as 'Brian'.

"That is precisely why we cannot transfer it onto a doll.
You shall accept the curse placed upon the Admiral as your own burden.
In doing so, you will gain the ability to follow those evil thoughts back to their origin.
Will you do this, Raidou?"

"The ritual will transfer the curse to a replacement body called the Fuchikoma--A sacrifice.
The curse binding the Admiral was placed by a demon. You will need to take his place.
Doing so will allow you to follow the curse back to its origin. Will you accept this, Raidou?"

Raidou needs to do so.

"You embody the qualities of a true Devil Summoner.
So be it. I will begin the Ritual of Purification.
Raidou, please prepare for the ritual."

"Use the utmost care!"

There. There it is. Raidou is cursed. You can tell because he is a negative image of himself now.

"I have completed the ritual. The Admiral is safe.
Now, it is imperative that you find and destroy the source of this curse.
Concentrate... Feel the curse. Your body should know what course to take."

The curse has a strange effect. Whenever the Moon's phase changes, Raidou will suffer damage.

"Dark Fukagawa-Cho, huh?
I never thought we'd find the source of the curse in a place like this.
Saddle up, Brian. We've got to get to the bottom of this curse."
Yeah, maybe, but first one needs to resupply.

"That is simply how events have played out. I won't ask you to let bygones be bygones...
But, understand that we aren't the enemy. I swear it upon this crest."

"Do you mean Mr. Narumi?
He looks worse than he is; there's no internal damage.
He put up quite a fight. He was able to dodge several of our best men.
Our pride was hurt worse than his body."

"Under urgent circumstances such as these, we believe this is the best possible solution.
I'm sorry, but we aren't giving you a choice. Assuming you wish your friend to be unharmed, that is."

Well, time to go out and get the stuff.

"The shadow of death is upon you."
Uh. Okay. This dude is probably a demon. Maybe Eligor?

"I never thought I would be able to examine a live specimen.. It's more than I had hoped!
This could prove very useful in my research. Come back here often, won't you?"
Victor is far too awesome to be considered an asshole.

"Still, if Yatagarasu is getting involved...
Thatm ust be the highest of the top brass you substituted for.
I don't know what you've gotten yourself into, but... Take care of yourself, Raidou."
The boss approves.

Let's see his notes about the last case...


"I mean, we're essentially taking an injured man hostage..."
At least they are not reanimating the dead and making robots out of them.

Well, back to business.

Always useful.

Gdon is now a random encounter. They are getting stronger.

Hm... The old graveyard place?

Tsuchigumo and Raja Naga. One poisons, the other freezes.

Dia Aura is the most important skill there. It gives regeneration for about 15 seconds. VERY useful.

When one tries to get to that place...

"Older: So long as us brothers keep this seal up, you'll never reach the great Hitokotonusi!"

"So, what you're saying is... The demon behind this curse is called Hitokotonusi, right?"

"Younger: C-careful, brother, they're dangerous!
Let's send them somewhere else, quick!"



Damn. No use going this way either.

"Older: Dumbass! Don't mention the seal talisman or they'll find out that we're hiding it!"

Oh god damn it.

Oh yes. Very close, surely.
Fortunately, Nue is a volt order demon.
You know what those do.

Can't increase the title right now, though. Yatagarasu would just send Raidou back to the Dark Realm.

Oh hohohoh.

And so a pretty lame sub boss fight starts.
It is still pretty dangerous, but being careful, it's not a big deal.

Some turdaks and two Gashadokuros. Those are dangerous. They can inflict the Stone status. And if one gets hit when stoned, it's game over.

They also come with Mudo skills, but those aren't instant kills, and Raidou has Mudo resistance.

Fatal bullets. NICE.

The cat has the right idea.

But first, a former boss joins the team.

Hm, now that I notice, it has 3 faces, and thus it is not incorrect, as I said in a video. Okay.
Goood skills.

Oh hoh hoh.

More oh hoh hoh. Regular bullets do the trick nicely.


"I hope you are ready."

Woah, a demon gets his own portrait.

"I am Hitokotonusi, god of Katsuragi!
The grudge of the Kunitsu remains... For that reason, the Super Soldier Project--The Good--exists.
Try to stop us, Kuzunoha...
And I shall proclaim Evil on your soul! Bow before me!"

And so the fight starts. First he is this humanoid thing. Fire is useful.
He has a nasty Wind beam (how the fuck does that work?) attack. That attack will be kept for all his forms.

It is kind of hard. (viddler only since Youtube dsabled uploads before I could put it there)

A bit hard to see, but he becomes a plant feng huang.

Then a Plant ORTHRUS. His attacks change, except for the windbeam.

And in the end, a plant poltergeist. Still dangerous.

And the curse is over.


"I'm glad I have the chance to thank you personally.
Still, using demons to curse the Admiral? What a terrifying man.
Major General Munakata, I mean. I'm sure you figured it out.
This is because of that Super Soldier Project of his...

This all happened because he considered the Navy an obstacle.
We're safe now, Raidou, but we cannot let Munakata get away with this.
I would like to ask for your cooperation in stopping Munakata.

The Navy has been using spies, myself included, to monitor his activities.
We have reason to believe that if his Super Soldier Project continues, the Capital will be in danger.
I've been granted permission to share information, if there's anything you need to know.
Once you understand the scope of his project, I believe you'll agree with our assessment."

"He is considered a genius in the Army, and rightly so.
His flawless strategic decisions earned him the reputation of being able to see the future.
But lately, his activities have been... Suspicious, to say the least.
Building a ship underground... The Special Guard... Demons... He's connected to them all."

"Ah, the Super Soldier Project... I was shocked when I heard about it.
It's Munakata's plan to beef up defenses and expand the country, but the details... It's creepy.
Japan needs an edge over the other world powers, since we lack abundant natural resources.
Munakata's plan is to create an invincible army of soldiers who cannot die.
You've seen them around; they're the Special Guards in red.
They're corpses underneath those uniforms.
Hence, they do not fear death, and will keep fighting until nothing is left--literally.
I would imagine the ship being built underground is to transport this army overseas.
He needs an unsinkable ship to transport an unstoppable army.
This is something we simply cannot allow to happen.
Raising the dead to fight a war? It's disgusting!
There are lines that shouldn't be crossed, and Munakata crossed a big one.
If his project is seen through, he'll become the most powerful man in the country.
We have to do something before that can happen."

"The Red Cape phenomenon is caused by those radio towers the Army constructed.
Waves from the towers affect certain people, causing them to break down. Those people become a kind of walking dead... From their minds, the Hiruko are born.
This is all just another facet of the Super Soldier Project.
Hopefully, now you can comprehend the horror Munakata is trying to unleash with his Super Soldiers.

We would like to continue monitoring the Army in hopes of stopping Munakata.
But, his demons and that undead army make it difficult for a normal human being involved.
You, on the other hand, are a Devil Summoner. I had hoped you might lend us your services.

His army... The underground ship... Those radio towers...
And that Daidouji girl you're looking for.
The Super Soldier Project is the thread tying them together, and, we have to stop it.
The key lies in Sakuradayama.
There's atower on the mountain called Waden One. It's the first og the Army's radio towers.
Sources say Munakata visits that site often, even now.
If you can get in there...
We may be able to find out what he's planning to do next.
Raidou, can I entrust you with this mission?

It's not like he has a choice.

"Thank you, Raidou.
Remember, you're up against a man who controls the dead. It's dangerous, but I trust you.
I'll make the necessary arrangements with your superior.

Good luck, Raidou Kuzunoha."

He certainly heals fast, eh?

"First you save the Admiral, now they expect you to stop Munakata.
You've got kind of a bum deal, being used like that.
Still, we can't sit by while Munakata goes and has his way with Japan.
So... Waden One, huh?
It's like his base of operations, isn't it? That's gonna be a real powder keg.
Speaking of which, did you get my order from Konnou-Ya?
Hey, thanks a lot."

Oh hell yes. Those bullets just rock. Too bad one has to spend like a million Yen to be able to buy them (and the clip) at Konnou-Ya.

Next time: Kicking ass.

Whenever one tries to reach that place before the next chapter, one can't go further. They mention that they'll fry your brain with radio waves.
And now it makes sense.