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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 34

Update 34

Well, this is the last chapter. Everything is over now. Yes. Munakata is dead, and the Soulless God has been destroyed. I am sure that the rest is nothing but cleanup.

"Let's go make sure that monster is down for the count, Raidou."

"In the end, that demon got what he was after.
Half the Capital is gone. God knows how many lives were lost in the attack.
But, we did manage to stop it.
It's the best anyone could hope for, given our limitations.
Let's leave it at that, eh Raidou?"

Or... Not. (viddler)
It ain't over. (Youtube)

Well, there it is. The Soulless God is dead.

Narumi is pleased by that.


Raidou is somehow not impressed.

Oh. So there she was.

"I didn't expect you to defeat the Soulless God Oumagatsu."

"I will accept defeat here in Taisho 20, Raidou the 14th...
But, as long as I have the Soulless God, I will fight to change the course of history forever!
The present may be lost, but the future holds infinite possibilities to accomplish my goal!"

It dissolves back into... Nothing?

Well. Damn. It is clearly not over.
The future? Changing history?
Raidou can't allow that.

"The future?
Change the course of history?"

"What do you think Kaya meant by 'change' history, Raidou?
I've heard of dames having mood swings, but Kaya was like a whole different person.
The Capital is safe, but did we really finish the job?
What about the girl who asked for our help?
The girl who, out of desperation, begged us to kill her. Are we going to just forget about her_
What's eating you?"

It's Gouto! He's... Dead?

Gouto provides advice. He shall help Raidou beyond his second grave.

"Hey, uh... Earth to Raidou.
Did you think of a way to help Kaya? Is that it?

I see. I don't think there's much I can do to help at this point, Raidou.
This is in your hands now.
Don't get me wrong--if anyone can pull it off, I know it's you."

Recap time.

Poor Gouto

"We can't do business without a client.
Bring her back safe. It's all down to you, Raidou."

It's almost over now.

"The rocket scientist, the reporter, and the yakuza boss...
Gather the emotional strength of these people whom you established a connection with.
With their help, you can follow after the girl!"

Ah, Dr. Victor.

"I thought for a moment I heard... A cat meowing."

"Things aren't so bad here, but it's pandemonium down south.
Buildings in ruins, fires everywhere... The citizens are panicking, and I don't blame 'em.
This huge monster just came outta nowhere and leveled the city.
Say... Raidou...
I've got a hunch you already know all of this, don't you?
In fact, I'd bet good money that you were the one who stopped it, am I right?
And yet, I can tell. It's not over.
I can read it all over your face.
Well, I won't ask you any favors right now. So, Raidou...
Just do what you have to. I know you can.
Even if I don't understand what is going on... I'll be rooting for you.
If anybody can save us, it's you, Raidou!"

"Well, I've said my piece. Be careful, Raidou."

"It is still not enough, though. We still need more powere, Brian. Move on to another person."

Well, time to talk to Satake.

"If that were the case, it'd be cause for celebration, but... Things don't seem so copacetic on your end, Kuzunoha.
I take it whatever's eating you ain't something you can share with the class.
I won't ask what it is--cause that's not my business.
But, I will say this, Kuzunoha.
In difficult times, a man's gotta lift his head and keep moving.
So you keep your head up and do what you gotta do, HEAR ME?
It's what separates the real men from the saps. No question.
And, I know you've got moxie, kid.
So get out there and do it! We've got yer back, as always."

"Don't die, Kuzunoha. The world needs more mugs like you.
Anytime you need a relaxin' bath, Daikoku-Yu is the place, all right?"

"Still not enough, though. Move to another person."

Strength was getting low (natural value, not counting the sword's power)

Slight detour. This has to be seen.

"I want to make all the men in the Capital happy.
After all, it's a woman's job to get a man back on his feet!"

"I was thinking of leaving these times for the young to carry on their shoulders.
I'm looking forward to what you'll do in a couple of years, boy.
Become a new Red-Light Legend!"
Raidou gets the weirdest cheers.

"I enjoyed experiencing the uh... 'heart' of Japan.
Of all the memories I take home, that will be my favorite.
Mindread: I called a geisha 'mommy.'
Just like the Japanese idiom, it felt like fire was coming out of my face...
The Red-Light District is a great place for studying life. I should tell my friends back home."

"He's the cat's pajamas and I want to be the cat with him all over my body"
At last, he is indeed Russia's Greatest Love Machine.

"Why are you still trying to chase down that girl?"

"There's a difference between dark and light, but we Summoners have the same destiny...
'The boss is always right,' huh?
I feel for you, Raidou."

"Your words have touched my cold, cybernetic heart.
I've been in this business for a while, but... An idea like that never crossed my mind. You win, comrade. I submit to your earnest sensibility."

"Don't be fooled by looks.
If you knew what was inside her, would you still be singing that tune?"
What, now he is like the killbot in Knights of the Old Republic? Nah, I doubt he. He obviously likes human women...

"You've helped me realize my ultimate goal of launching a rocket into space!
What's the matter, kid?
We stopped that monster, didn't we?
Why the sour puss?

It isn't finished, is it?
Don't worry. Whatever it is, I know you can take care of it.
When that monster showed up and started causing trouble...
You were the only person besides me who tried to stop it.
Be brave and have faith in yourself.
We launched a rocket into space! Anything is possible."

"It has something to do with that girl, doesn't it?
Since the dawn of time, men have been motivated by one thing...
You do your best, and I'm sure everything'll work out."

"The game's afoot, Raidou! Let's settle this once and for all!"

"I'm sorry about the rocket mishap...
But you saw it, right? My rocket! It really flew!
I'm feeling a little greedy now! I think next time, I'll go up there myself!"

Well, time to go to the Dark World.

The ritual of Soul Sending, mark 2 (viddler)
RAIDOU CAN TALK! (youtube)

And it worked.

"We are in a world far removed from our own.
This place transcends time and space. It is the pathway I traveled in order to possess the girl.
I can imagine nowhere better suited for our final confrontation.
Come, Fourteenth.
If you truly wish to forge your own path... Then prove to me your resolve!"

Next: Oh no! Time displacement!

Bonus: Additions to the Compendium!

"A demon originating in European folklore, the incubus is the male counterpart to the succubus.
It ravishes women while they sleep, impregnating them and causing nightmares."

"One of the main deities of ancient Japan. Its apprearance is modeled after clay statues.
Worship of it was taboo for long periods, as it was seen as treacherous to the Emperor."

"The Nihonshoki deity of swords. He pacified Ashihara no Nakatsukuni before Ninigi descended there.
His name comes from 'Futsu', the fashion in which things are cut, and 'nushi', his nature as a god."

"Adam's first wife in apocryphal Biblical scripture. She became a demon after she left Eden.
There are several theories as to the reasons for her fall, but all note her unfaithfulness."

"The German name of the hero in the epic poem of the Nibelungenlied.
The blood of the dragon Fafnir made him invincible, but a single leaf on his back resulted in a weak spot."

"A violent god of Japanese legend, he was one of three gods born from Izanagi.
Originally banned from Takama-ga-hara for uncouth behavior, he later became a great god of Ne-no-kuni."