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Part 4: Bonus Update 3

Update 3: Virtual Visit.

Hiroko it is then.

Sounds important then.

Time to go inside and spend the money the way Okamoto wanted.

Oooh, a Virtual Girl. Technology sure has advanced.
Being a hero in Cyber Space sounds fun.

It's a good thing that Hawk has absolutely nothing that could be used and lost, then.

So obviously, Hawk has to beat the bosses or he would be considered lame. NO LAMENESS FOR THE FUTURE CHAMPION.

Better take it easy, who knows what dangers lurk there, and there's always time for a future visit on the higher levels.

Yeah, okay. Whatever.

Ah look at it, it is way better than the virtual thing in the gym. It has textures!
Wait what. What was that thing up there?

There it is again!


sure. I am sure it is perfectly safe to accept strange programs from weird old people that suddenly appear in the Virtual Battle thingie.

Probably the fault of the scientist that was messing around with stem cells.

No! Not demons!

Hawk has POWER. Will it be enough?

How could it be otherwise? It was clear. Or not, but I don't feel like reading that again.

Cue victory fanfare.

And with that, Hawk's session in the Virtual Battler ends.

And Hawk enters again, he did not et the training he required.

And when he entered, he recieved this weird message...

What should this personthing's name be?