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Part 37: Eye bet you're expecting a terrible pun

Part 24: Eye bet you're expecting a terrible pun

I checked previous updates to see if I actually posted this area before, but it looks like I didn't.

If you check this place right after leaving Granseal, the second fight in the game, you can find a mithril and a power wine. Upon checking it now, we get this:

Whoops, guess Gerhalt is the chosen one. You can go fuck yourself, Bowie.

The Force Sword (aka the Sword of Light in Shining Force 1) is a mere 4 point attack boost over the levanter for Bowie, but I'll take what I can get.

We also find this after yanking out the sword, which we will never use.

Gotta go up north and around the mountain range to find this tiny temple which is our last point of entrance.

Well shit, you'd think someone would have noticed this thing sitting around near Granseal.

Or this thing just jammed in the back.

Use the force sword on the demon's mouth, and it opens up. Apparently if you skip Yeel entirely, Lemon shows up here and barges into your party. I've never actually seen that scene.

Inside is a maze that I'm way too lazy to screencap. Suffice it to say that I can navigate this place no problem while I'm drunk, but it always takes me at least six tries to get through it while I'm sober.

So I guess Oddler has abandonment issues. By the way, we did all figure out that Oddler is Odd Eye, right? They both have purple hair. That's really all we need to know.

This line is so stupid, I just had to include it.

What the fuck is with villains saying time's up in this game?

Bunch of new enemies in this fight. Chaos warriors are actually less deadly than hydras. To make up for it, they have a spell that would completely whoop our asses if they actually used it. Demons are somewhat annoying with Bolt 2, but they fly so they're easy to dispose. The demon master hurts with Freeze 4, but thankfully Claude is resistant. Odd Eye hurts, but is overall less threatening than Geshp.

First batch of enemies are a white dragon, a cyclops, and a demon. The first two are easy enough to drop because they're susceptible to Slow. The demon takes a little more effort being resistant to Slow, but at this point being a flier is more of a hindrance than a help. Bolt 2 is easily solved with Aura 2, which I have in spades by now.

Also worth noting is that every tile in this fight is 15% terrain effect, no movement penalties.

Just included this screenshot because demons are marked as having major resist to “other effects” in SF2Edit. Thus, it's not an actual immunity, but just something that really makes the RNG hate you. The Slow only worked after four reloaded states when I was trying to cap something else entirely.

Enemies with on-hit effects are becoming more frequent, which is a good thing. Demons MP drain, chaos warriors stun, and Odd Eye sleeps. But all that means none of those enemies can crit, and that's a damn good thing.

Damn it feels good to be able to cast Attack on a non-weapon user.

Next set of enemies: A chaos wizard and a cyclops, with a dark bishop and a chaos warrior following up. Kill the first two quickly – which should be easy enough as they're dated enemies by now – and the next two are a breeze.

After that is the danger zone. There's still half the enemies left, and they're clustered very tightly. One misstep, and you will trigger enemies early and get dogpiled by more monsters than you can feasibly handle, even with good characters.

I learned this the hard way.

The really hard way.

Yeah, can anyone else sense that I'm not beating this boss on the first go?

Apparently there's two tiles in this area that trigger Odd Eye aggro if you make the mistake of stepping on them. You have to be very careful and conservative when approaching this area, otherwise you're going to get Odd Eye playing with his friends.

This was two turns later.

And another turn after that. On the plus side, I did knock Odd Eye from 600 to about 250 HP, but I just didn't have enough firepower to carry through.

Oh but Frayja finally hit level 29 and nabbed this. Normally, he is the only character in the game to learn this spell. Randolf learns it too, but we're not using him.

So I have to redo the whole fight. I'll spare you the parts where I have to repeat the first half, except for this detail:

Yeah, I used frameskip to abuse the mystery staff so Taya would have full MP going into the second half of the fight. I deserve this much after the misery that was the kraken.

Much better situation regarding the two archers that wasted Jaro early on last time. Closer archer is in a vulnerable position and the other one has rendered itself useless by leashing onto Gyan.

Next, we have to lure out the hydra and chaos warrior without drawing the attention of Odd Eye.

We do snag a demon master on the way, but he tries to hit Claude's resistance!

See where Sarah's standing? That tile right there is the one that causes Odd Eye to walk out and smash somebody with an Odd Eye Beam. And once he's done that, he just sets sights on the rest of your army with his far more devastating normal attack.

For the record, the Odd Eye Beam is lightning elemental and has a 25% chance to critical. I don't remember how I figured this out, so I might just be full of shit.

Hydra down, and the demon master and chaos warrior are in position to

And being careless costs me one

Two characters that would be really useful to have. Remember, Jaro doesn't hit too hard, but he has the power ring and is the only character other than Janet that can attack from range. Sarah requires no explanation.

At the very least, this is a good situation. Odd Eye and the dark bishop are all that's left. There's another demon in the upper right corner, but that thing is a non-factor.

Unless I'm a fucking idiot who positions Frayja right at the tip of its Bolt 2 range.

That grin on the demon's face is fucking wicked too. It's like the damn thing knows.

Yeah okay, now this is a bad situation.

Especially when Odd Eye does this much damage to Bowie while boosted

Oh come the fuck on.

There will be no slogging through this fight a third time. Only pressing F8 and seeing where the last save state was. Go ahead, call me a cheater. I don't care anymore.

Okay, back here beating down on the dark bishop. I remember the mistake here.

Repositioning Jaha here cuts off Odd Eye's access to Taya (unpictured to the south), which forces Odd Eye to uselessly laser Gyan and Claude.

Did I mention the levanter casts Blaze 3 on use? Bad damage at this point in the game, but it's something to do from range.

Odd Eye, like Red Baron, wastes a lot of turns casting crappy spells. If he spent every turn attacking, my army would be hurting a lot more than it actually did.

Eat sky fists.

Bowie talks again. In fact he has three or four lines in this sequence. Nobody actually cares.

And then this line out of nowhere. Are we supposed to feel bad for this guy? Apparently, because this sad music plays.

Eh, not really working. Still don't care.

On the plus side, there's only three fights left!

NEXT TIME: The last filler fight