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Part 19

Back in Hassan, Grizzle is much more welcoming now that we have something he's interested in.

That sword must be really old. Oh, my! It's the Achilles Sword! You're an adventurer, right? Don't you need a vehicle? Huh? You can get the Ancient Caravan with that sword!
You wouldn't listen to us just a short time ago!
I was busy and... Let me join you! I'm the only one who can drive it! You are going to get the Caravan, aren't you?!

We need the caravan in order to continue on, so yes.

Great! Good lad! Let's go!

The Ancient Caravan is located west of Hassan, but as soon as we step west of town, we're confronted with another desert filler battle.

Battle #17:

We need to take care of 4 Gargoyles, 2 Golems, 2 Arrow Launchers, 2 Black Monks, 2 Master Mages, and 2 Soulsowers.

Battle Results:


Samwise 18 > 19
Wolfy 18 > 20
Cluny 19 > 20
Harvey 19 > 20
Nigel 20 > 21


Byron: Even at level 18, his defense isn't keeping up with enemy attack power. Two gargoyles hit him for 6 damage a piece.

Party Stats:

Next time: The Shrine of Taros