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by Random Hajile

Part 19: Battle #13

We begin this update by heading for the fortress of Uranbatol.

As expected, the enemy is prepared for our arrival.

Our newest enemy type is:

Hellhounds! They look (and are) really weak, but they do have a secret weapon.

This battle consists of 6 Silver Knights, 3 Pegasus Knights, 3 Dark Priests, 2 Hellhounds, and an Artillery.

To begin, we have to push North through a chokepoint.

Kokichi gets the first kill of this battle.

Gillian gets the second.

HP 2.

Domingo gets a kill of his own.

This is the "secret weapon" I mentioned earlier. Hellhounds can breathe fire.

Mae wounds the Hellhound

Attack 1, HP 3.

And Kokichi finishes it off.

Defense 2, Speed 1.

An easy kill for Pelle.

Arthur finishes off the final Pegasus Knight.

Pelle gets another kill.

Speed 1.

Khris takes out a Dark Priest.

Another kill for Domingo!

Defense 2, Speed 4, HP 4

Gillian kills the last Hellhound.

Anri weakens the Artillery.

Defense 1, HP 1.

Yet another kill for Domingo. I'm getting him as many as I can since it'll be harder for him to level off of

Balbazak, having a MP limit.

Guntz finally catches up in time to do something! I'm pretty sure there's a Mobility Ring next chapter,

which makes him much more useful.

One final kill for Domingo this battle.

Defense 2, MP 5.

Before I finish off the artillery, I do a bit of searching and find...

Which is utterly useless.

The final kill goes to Khris.

Inside the fortress, we find a little town filled with soldiers that are too scared to fight us.

Inside the prison, we find...

The pissed-off looking centaur from before! He joins up!

Which means that it's voting time again!

We only need to eliminate one this time, so I won't leave the voting open too long. I do want to get another update or two done tonight.

Choose from:

I suggest not bothering with Earnest. He looks kind of cool, but I remember him being really mediocre. But, as always, the choice is yours.