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Part 20: Battle #14: Balbazak!

Battle #14: Balbazak!

After Earnest joined, the harbor guard decided to let us in.

However, Balbazak is waiting for us inside.

Should be easy enough.

New to this battle are:

Seabats! However, they're no real threat to us.

Standing between us and Balbazak are 5 Seabats, 3 Artillery, 2 Silver Knights, 2 Hellhounds, a Dark Priest, and an Evil Puppet.

This is actually a pretty easy battle. None of the enemies other than Balbazak are a threat, and Balbazak doesn't move. And since Balbazak regenerates each turn, you can spend some time hitting him with each character for the EXP. It's easiest with ranged attackers, but still doable with close-range ones.

Pelle starts things off by weakening one of the artillery.

Zylo gets the first kill, killing a Silver Knight in one shot.

Defense 1, Speed 4.

Tao finishes off the first artillery.

Gort goes after one of the Hellhounds.

Attack 1, Speed 1.

Domingo kills the first seabat.

While Zylo kills the second artillery.

Anri finishes first Hellhound.

The final artillery falls to Domingo.

Zylo kills a seabat.

The bats have been beating on Gillian for a while, so Khris patches him up.

Defense 1 and she learned Quick, which increases a target's speed and defense.

Another of the bats falls to Gort.

Gillian takes out a Silver Knight of his own.

Domingo smacks a Dark Priest upside the head for a little EXP.

HP 3, MP 1, and he learned Freeze level 2!

Zylo crushes another bat!

Defense 2.

Gort takes out the last of the bats.

Speed 2, HP 2

Attack 2, Defense 1, Speed 1, HP 3.

Gillian leads the charge to Balbazak's position. He kills the Hellhound.

Defense 1, HP 1.

Zylo destroys the Evil Puppet.

While Anri kills the last Dark Priest.

With help from a combined assault by Arthur, Pelle, Mae, Guntz, Kokichi, and Domingo, Gillian is able to deal the finishing blow to Balbazak!

Figures. Begging for mercy.

The game won't actually let you kill him, but...

He dies anyway. At least we got a new ship out of the ordeal.