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Part 22: Battle #16

Well, as it turns out, the blue object in the center is a teleporter.

We reappear in this strange place.

A skeleton? We'd better find this "master!"

Another Master Mage? The last time we fought one of those was back in Bustoke, and this one isn't any tougher.

New to this fight are Worms.

5 Hellhounds, 5 Skeletons, 4 Seabats, 3 Worms, and the Master Mage.

Our starting formation is kind of cool, but impactical. I've no idea why the mages are closer to the frontlines than Zylo and Gillian.

Oh god, Tao and Anri set up a quadruple-kill. EXP be damned, that's too perfect not to go with.

Before I forget, here are some pictures of the new classes in action:


Wolf Baron:

Steam Baron:



Sky Lord:

Anyway, once I was done grabbing those shots, only these foes remained:

This whole chapter is pathetically easy, really. My levelling spree probably helped a little, but even without it, the battles this chapter would be mostly forgettable.

Zylo and Pelle wipe out the Hellhounds.

Mae and Arthur tag-team the last Skeleton.

Guntz kills one of the worms.

Zylo kills the other.

Arthur finishes the battle by killing the Master Mage in one shot.

Huh? A strange voice calls out to Gillian...

Well, shit. Nothing's ever easy, is it? Well, other than the battles this chapter, anyway... Another Runefaust mage prevents the spirit from opening the Shining Path.

We have our next destination!

Just as we reach high ground, the area behind us floods!

Might as well. We're done here.


And with that, we're on our way again.

Next time: