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Part 23: Battle #17:

Battle #17:

Gargoyles are the newest addition to our enemy's lineup.

6 Conchs, 3 Seabats, 2 Pegasus Knights, and the Gargoyle.

We'll be heading South in order to meet our foes.

Oh, and enemy reinforcements can appear out of nowhere.
A total of two Seabats and two Shellfish appeared after my first turn.

Domingo gets the first kill.

Gillian gets the second, flattening a conch.

Gunts kills one of the seabats.

As does Zylo.

Since we've killed everything that made it to us, Pelle leads the renewed charge Southward.

Arthur eliminates one of the Pegasus Knights.

Mae finishes the seabat that Pelle wounded.

After everyone's second turn, another two Shellfish appeared.

Gillian takes out another conch.

Gort takes care of the final seabat.

Tao finishes the last Pegasus Knight.

I didn't forget about this:

Useless item #3!

Anri roasts a shellfish.

While Kokichi kills a conch.

Another conch gets killed by Zylo.

Mae kills the Gargoyle in a single strike.

Finally, Arthur takes out the final shellfish, bringing the battle to a close.

Apparently, this game fucking hates boats.