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Part 24: Battle #18

Remember how I said Waral was strange? Rudo is stranger. It's inhabited almost completely by children.

The adults are mostly traveling merchants from Rindo.

Oh, and this guy...

Lyle joins our force! He's an "Assault Knight." In other words, a bow bazooka-wielding centaur.

New to the weapon shop are Chrome Lances and Guardian Staffs.

We also find a healing seed and a Holy Staff in the town's chests.

Rescue a dragon? Sounds interesting.

Well, we're done here. Time to move on.

Just outside of town, we spot a detachment of Kane's forces terrorizing the countryside.

Our new enemies are:

High Priests


This battle looks to be really small. Only 5 Artillery, a Master Mage, a Durahan, and a High Priest.

Domingo gets the first kill, blasting an Artillery from the edge of his range.

Pelle takes out the second Artillery.

Mae finishes the third.

As we make our way towards the enemy guarding the village, we're ambushed!

A total of 3 Master Mages and 3 Worms appeared.

Zylo gets right to the killing.

Domingo blasts a few of them with a Freeze 3.

Arthur picks off one of the mages.

As does Kokichi.

Guntz hurries up and finishes off the last of the ambushing mages before they can pelt him, Domingo, and Gort with another Freeze 2.

Zylo finishes off one of the worms.

Pelle eliminates the final one.

Now our main obstacle is crappy terrain.

Okay, I lied. As we set foot into the hills, we're ambushed by 5 Golems!

Domingo freezes two of them, killing one immediately.

While Zylo cleans up the wounded one.

Since everyone else is trying to catch up through the lousy terrain, Zylo takes out another golem, with help from Kokichi.

Kokichi flies ahead and takes out one of the remaining artillery.

Having caught up, Gillian takes out a Golem in one shot.

The final artillery falls to Kokichi.

Having only enough MP for one more blast, Domingo does what he does best.

Kokichi finishes the High Priest before he has a chance to heal anyone.

Zylo takes out the last Golem.

Guntz crushes the Master Mage.

Gillian kills the Durahan and ends the battle.

On to Dragonia!

While Dragonia is mostly empty of people, inside the chests we find a Shower of Cure, a Halberd and a Broad Sword.

We also find a baby dragon...

Who doesn't seem too friendly.

Karin gets annoyed at Bleu's whining and runs off...

She's taken hostage!

Bleu joins up!

After Bleu goes to our headquarters and Karin runs home, we find this guy outside:

Uh oh.

Surprisingly honorable of him to give me time to prepare rather than immediately attacking.

Which brings us to...

Voting time!

We need to vote out two members of our force.

Choose from:

Both Lyle and Bleu are unpromoted, though if they are added to the active roster, that'd be simple enough to remedy. I remember Lyle being the best archer, and while Bleu starts off weak, he becomes a real terror if you build him up.

Previously Eliminated:

Also, so you can measure his progress, here's Gillian's stats.