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Shining Force

by Random Hajile

Part 29: Battles #22 and #23

As usual, the moment we set foot outside of town, we find an enemy force in waiting for us.

Four new enemy types this battle:


Torch Eyes



In total, we've got to get past 4 Durahans, 2 Torch Eyes, 2 Wyverns, 2 Jets, 2 Belails, and a Minotaur. Oh, and there isn't a single square of decent terrain anywhere near where we're going.

After being hit by a Bolt 1 (along with Domingo, Kokichi, and Tao), Guntz scores the first kill, taking out a Belail.

Thankfully, Khris knows Aura 1, so she can repair most of the damage caused.

This ought to help a bit.

Zylo kills the second Belail.

Guntz takes out a Durahan.

Domingo finishes what he started, killing off a Jet and a Durahan.

I never did mention what Blaze 4 does yet...

That's what Blaze 4 does.

Anri softens up a Wyvern and kills a Durahan.

Let's see what the Sword of Light looks like, shall we?

It's a lightsaber!

Minotaurs hit hard.

Guntz takes out the first of the Torch Eyes.

While Anri finishes off the Minotaur.

Gillian gets rid of the last Torch Eye, ending the battle.

Nova has a real knack for stating the obvious.

In chests just inside the tower, we find a Devil Lance and a Turbo Pepper. We use the Turbo Pepper on Musashi, increasing his range by 2.

As we proceed further...

Darksol's inside! We'd best hurry!

Another 3 new enemy types this battle:

Steel Claws

Ice Worms

Demon Master

All in all, we've got to take care of 5 Ice Worms, 4 Steel Claws, 3 Jets, 3 Torch Eyes, 2 Wyverns, and the Demon Master.

I didn't mention it before, but Anri learned Freeze 4 near the end of the previous battle.

She uses it to score the first kill.

Gillian gets rid of the Ice Worm that's blocking the stairs up.

Arthur finishes one of the jets off.

Lyle picks on a Torch Eye that can't reach him.

Yoink! Kokichi grabs the best spear in the game from under the enemy's nose. The only question now is who to give it to.

Zylo can just barely kill Ice Worms in one hit.

Musashi, however, can very easily deal with Steel Claws.

The really annoying thing about Torch Eyes is that they ignore defense. Everything else is hitting Musashi for 1.

Bleu deals with a Torch Eye that the main group can't get at yet.

As it's been mentioned before, the Sword of Light can cast Bolt 2 when used as an item. This is exceedingly awesome.

Guntz, Bleu, and Gillian all mop up after the Sword of Light's Bolt 2 blast.

Domingo finishes off the last Steel Claw.

Guntz and Bleu get rid of the Wyverns. It's down to just the Demon Master now.

Showing off the power of the Valkyrie, Kokichi kills the Demon Master in a single strike.

Unfortunately, he has time to shout a warning to Darksol before death.

Oh, joy. It's a furry.

And an inappropriately cheerful priest.

Nah, not for another couple of updates.

And just in time! He was about to bore us to death with his villain's exposition.

He was a Hero, just for one day.

Well, we're ending this update on a rather down note, aren't we?

Of course, it's voting time again. This will be our final vote.

I need you to choose 3 people to eliminate, two for Alef and Torasu, and one in advance for Hanzou's upcoming arrival.

Choose from:

Previously Eliminated:

Also, choose who you want to weild the Valkyrie. Either Arthur, Guntz, or Kokichi can use it, and it's the best spear in the game.