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Part 8: Battle 4: The Battle of Alterone

Battle 4: The Battle of Alterone

To start things off, we'll be heading North.

After the first turn, we're formed up like this:

You can't see it, but the Dark Dwarves started moving to flank us.

On our third turn, several members of our force are in position to start attacking the bats. The Dark Dwarves noticed that we were moving faster than them and began heading back north.

The first blood goes to Mae.

Tao then starts slow-cooking another bat.

Gillian finishes it off.

By the beginning of our fourth turn, the Rune Knights have started moving in to attack, as well.

I take the fight to them with Gillian.

Mae finishes what Gillian started.

Ken starts going after another Rune Knight.

1 Attack, 1 Speed, 4 HP.

3 Speed.

1 Attack, 1 Speed, 3 MP, and she learned Blaze Level 2.

I even let Khris get a kill for the EXP.

Gong, too.

Ken finishes off the third bat, one to go.

And Gort takes care of the last one.

Time to finish off the last of the Rune Knights.

Khris heals up Gillian as a precaution.

This is why spellcasters are awesome.

She does a total of 25 damage spread across three targets and gets a full 48 EXP even without scoring a kill.

One Knight to go.

I let Gong have him.

Tao uses the last of her MP to finish off a Sniper.

While Khris heals Ken.

Hans picks off the Dark Mage from across the river, which will thankfully prevent him from hitting my party with a Blaze 2 as they circle around for the Dark Dwarves.

As I begin my approach from the North, the remaining Sniper gets away from the river to avoid sharing the Dark Mage's fate.


1 HP, 1 MP.

1 Attack, 1 Defense, 3 Speed, 1 HP.

Mae goes on to finish the Sniper.

While I let Gillian back off to let some of the others have a turn.

1 Attack, 2 HP.

Hah, he couldn't finish that if he attacked twice.

3 Attack, 2 Defense, 3 Speed, 1 HP, 1 MP.

And now, Khris finishes the battle.

1 Attack, 1 Defense, 1 Speed, 4 MP.


Alright, back into the castle...


But since the game won't progress until you say yes...

How many secret passages does this castle have?

The waterfall is stopped, revealing a hidden door.

At the end of the hidden passage...