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Part 4: Searing Eye Pain

Since we missed it yesterday, popular vote still points to the Sheriff's Department. We've got crimes to report!

Before we enter, though, there's one point of interest just across the street disheveled dirt road.

It's hard to read, but it says, "Closed temporarily until the return of the mayor's wife, Mrs. Matthews, editor and chief."

If I ever own a business, I'm going to put up a sign on Halloween that reads, "Closed because everyone that works here is dead."

Okay, now we'll check in with the sheriff.

If the color scheme doesn't make criminals' eyes bleed, they've got the TV right across the way to show them nonstop Trip Cyclone videos. Unfortunately, there are neither sheriff nor criminals to be found.

Before we venture in further, there are a few points of interest in the corner.

Could that be the same guy as the corpse in the photo we found at the cafe?

To the right of that there's a filing cabinet. If these drawers are all empty, I'm going to be pissed.


Yay, we found something!

...Oh. It's an accident report.

Nothing and more nothing. Well, at least we found one thing. Sorta.

Just in case we were thinking of trying to radio for help. Don't worry, though. We weren't.

Now let's turn our attention towards the desk.

Looks like the disappearances started quite awhile ago, actually.

Poor old dude.

Oh, look. More drawers that nobody seems to keep anything in.

Of course, the top drawer is locked.

Time for our favorite Shivers 2 pastime: listening to people be utter dicks to each other.

"...proof that he did it to my car, and if you subpoenaed his records, I'm sure you'll find he's done it to others. I know this is a clique-y little town, but if you don't do something about this man, I'll have to go to outside authorities. I'm surprised you've kept your badge this long, officer Washington!"

Pleasant as always.

"...on the other side, too. Dynamite... that's what it looks like. Dynamite. If the state doesn't get in here and clean the road, we'll starve. You're the law in this town, you had better do something and get this solved!"

Surprisingly, that's it for the "people being dicks" section of our update.

Yup, it's a phone.


Gum. (Ew.)

Looks like they sent a thug out with another clue-by-four.

The door to the jail is (surprise, surprise) a puzzle lock. We'll come back.

There's one other room to explore...

...through these tacky saloon doors.

The first thing we notice in this room is the obvious bahos puzzle - this one for the cross symbol. We'll finish exploring the rest of the building before taking a crack at that.

There's a conspicuous cow skull in the corner to our left.

We'll be taking that.

In the other...

The key opens the locked desk drawer, which is thankfully not empty.

"...I can't even enter someone's house and check to see if things are safe without running into a locked door! Those two old fools, Ivan and Keith, had these combination locks put on their door. I figured out how to get past those. But some are using keys - that's not the way for a lawman to run a town. And the rumors - I must squelch the rumors! I especially don't like the rumor about someone walking around town wearing a kachina mask.

Burt painted that petroglyph on the wall of the jail cell, and now there's a rumor that the petroglyphs in Devil's Mouth Canyon are possessed. I don't trust Burt! Why doesn't he just watch T.V. like the rest of them? The next thing you know, I'll have no control at all! I let things get out of hand before, and look what happened.

Someone died - not just anyone, She died. I managed to hush the rumors then, but if I had been in control in the first place, she never would have married Max.

What will they do then? When men run out of money, they get desperate. There have been some desperate things happening here in Cyclone lately.

Control. I must regain control."

The good sheriff and his puzzle solution have one thing in common: they're both about as subtle as a brick.

Rotating the inner wheel one more position clockwise (as seen on page 9 above) opens the door.

The first thing we notice is this conspicuously empty table in the corner. This game sure does love showing off empty drawers and tables and shit. It's like, "look at all the places we could have put something but didn't!"

This must be Burt's home away from home.

I'm beginning to think nobody that worked on this game has ever actually been to Arizona.

There's a bucket of some kind in the corner that looks like it probably has something useful.

Please tell me that's paint.

I don't think I want to be in here any longer.

Instead, let's go play a game with our favorite Power Rangers villain.

The machine deals a bunch of cards which you place on the table. Then, it places them face down and shuffles them around. Finally, you have to correctly identify all of the cards one by one. I mess this up once before remembering that I'm screenshotting everything.

Here's what the layout looks like the second time.

Then, it shuffles a few cards around and starts asking me to identify them. I sift through my screenshots and answer easily.

Take that.

It's that time again.

On our way out, we take a moment to admire the sheriff's decorative prowess.


Can't get anything from the vending machine.
Which windowsill do we need to look under?
We might be able to find quarters at Phil's store.
The literal key to "the truth" is under Burt's trailer.
Who is Darkcloud?
Find something to use on the candle.
"Offer her a flower"


Where to next, boss?

Location list:
Barber Shop
Burt's Trailer
Community Church
Gusty's Gas Station
Max's Cave
Mine Entrance
Pearl's House
Phil's Market
Savings & Loan
Sheriff's Department