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Part 7: Puns & Roses

First, I try using the crowbar on the stuck drawer, but it doesn't do anything. That's... actually pretty lame.

However, as LoreOfSerpents correctly noted, we actually do have the info to solve this. The license plate of the car in Know Your Enemy says 230 on it.

So we set turn this on and set it to 230...

Then push this thing to the right.

That lets us get underneath Richard's car.

You actually can't do any of this if you haven't watched the video. Trying to turn the pressure pump on just makes the same horrible screech as the switch that eventually raises the car. Watching the video magically makes the whole thing work.

Richard's car is hiding a book for some reason. First the oven, now this.

Theresa Bellairs' dad is a major lowlife. He makes her slave all the time at the church and never even gives her a dime, so she steals from the church donation box.

Richard helped her make a copy of the key to the donation box, and now I'm hiding it in my notebook (the key, I mean, not the box). You'd think Richard could find his own hiding spot since he has the whole garage to himself. Phil Dunlop, who owns the place, hardly ever comes to the station.

Phil's son, Jason, who ran the shop before he disappeared, was really into chess. Now that Richard is working here, he thinks he can play, but he cheats! I had Olivia draw me a chessboard so I could copy down the placement of the pieces when we paused the game. Sure enough, the next day he had moved the pieces. Wendy says I should just let him win. NO WAY!

This town is getting stranger by the minute. The only thing dependable is chess and music and Wendy.

Why would you need to ask someone to draw you a chessboard? It's a fucking grid. Who the hell can't draw a grid?

Anyway, there's a key.

It's pretty obvious what this goes to, but we'll get to that later. For now...

There's only one vote, and it's for the cemetery. Even if I carry over votes that haven't been updated, the cemetery still wins, so off we go.

I think it's a law that you have to include a cemetery in any horror game you make. If you break the law, you get deported.

Most of the gravestones can't be interacted with. The really obvious one in the foreground is an exception.

I'm so accustomed to tombstones containing developer jokes that I was actually surprised this one didn't.

Was there something I had to do with this?

Oh yeah, I remember now.

Somehow, inserting the rose makes the statue's toes more limber. I really think this game could have benefitted from more Windlenot and less Darkcloud.

Normally, I like to let you guys figure these things out, but I'm not going to insult you by pretending you don't know exactly what to do here.

We press the toes in the straightforward order indicated by the video.

...and a compartment opens. Yay, stuff!

I don't know about you, but I'm always deeply satisfied when I find the solution to a puzzle before I've even found the puzzle itself.

We also take this stick thing, which seems related to the scrap of paper.

Now for a leisurely stroll around some more graves. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this.

That is exactly the kind of thing a mother would do if watching you play. Also, she's right: that was scarier than Darkcloud, but that isn't saying much.

That's it for the readable gravestones. Seriously.

The door on the left doesn't open, so up we go.

Norah was supposedly 30 when she died. I have my own theories, but we'll come back to that later.

This is one of those puzzles like the painting puzzle in Shivers. We can both rotate and swap pieces. The picture on this one looks a lot more annoying/complicated, though, so I'm going to leave it be for now.

Unfortunately, that means we're done with the cemetery.

Puzzles: None this update.

Can't get anything from the vending machine.
"Check under the windowsill"
We might be able to find quarters at Phil's store.
The literal key to "the truth" is under Burt's trailer.
Who is Darkcloud?
Find something to use on the candle.
"Offer her a flower" completed this update
We have some kind of triangle code thing.
Find something to use on the gas pump.
Find four chess pieces.
Figure out what to do with the pressure gauge at the gas station. solved by LoreOfSerpents
There's an unsolved picture puzzle in the cemetary.


Ten locations and nine bahos left. Those are good odds.

Location list:
Barber Shop
Burt's Trailer
Community Church
Max's Cave
Mine Entrance
Phil's Market
Savings & Loan