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Part 13: Unsafe Deposit

There were a lot of requests for fire, but unfortunately, right now we can only light the candle. Thankfully, the candle actually does do something. LoreOfSerpents has obviously been watching the godawful music videos and has suggested we burn the blank piece of paper we've been carrying around forever.

...The Allies will never crack that code.

For someone who apparently needs me to become the Warrior, Darkcloud sure does love jerking us around. Just give me the fucking bahos already!

I check the obvious place for a griffin (Pearl's house) but I don't find anything.

LoreOfSerpents clearly understands serpent behavior. Now that the bakery is serving raw snake, the cage is empty.

The snake's dish conveniently contains the code to open the cash drawer. Do pet snakes even have dishes?

That solves that mystery.

With three mine votes and only one bank vote, it looks like we're putting on our mining caps.

I accidentally ran up here trying to find the canyon in the first update, but this time I go a bit further in. There's a door ahead that I can't seem to do anything with.

Also a ... thing.

...a thing that needs gas. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the item we need to use on the gas pump will be a gas can. The match is a tempting idea, though. Especially when we watch some of these music videos.

Since it would be silly to end the update there, I guess that means the bank wins it with a single vote.

I asked for no more animals, guys! Safari Savings & Loan? Very funny. I can't even imagine what horrible creature will attack me here.

First, however, there's a lock. The answer to this is in the Move Without Thought video.

The video showed this lock with the numbers 11, 12, and 13 in order, so we start by pressing three numbers that add up to 11.

When we press the next number, the counter resets. This time we're going for 12, so we press 3 and 2 in addition to the 7 pressed here.

Then, there are only three numbers remaining, which happen to add up to 13, so we press them and the door opens.

I don't know about you, but I just want to deposit all my money right now.

There are a couple of things of note to our right as we enter. Besides the scary ass animal heads, I mean.

We're able to inspect this picture for some reason. I think the mayor keeps this around so he can feel drunk even when sober.

Then, there's some funky painting thing just to the left of that.

We're able to flip the triangles along any of their edges to create an even brighter funky painting thing.

The goal is to reassemble it on the right side there. It's not even really a puzzle, since you can just click on it near randomly for a minute or two and it's solved. It's a little like those sliding number puzzles, which always makes me think of the secret boat minigame in Final Fantasy 1. Anyone else remember that?

That really didn't take long.

Completing it causes the painting to swing open like some kind of vault, and...

Now it's our turn.

On the opposite side of the door, there's a painting of a scary ass rhino. I'm noticing a theme here.

...and another helps-me-pretend-I'm-drunk picture.

Moving on, the middle of the room lets us see a couple of pictures that were hidden from view previously.

This one's on the right side as we look back towards the door.

There are actually two on the left side.

I'm beginning to think these are important. Or that Tad eventually moved up from alcohol to acid.

From here, we're also able to read the newspaper clipping that was visible on the floor when we first came in.

Fishlensing further towards the back, we find another scary ass painting and a couple overturned chairs. Somebody must have gotten really sick of waiting.

Also, this was on the left there.

Moving one step further into the room lets us inspect the door to the vault, but we obviously don't have enough information to open it right now.

There's a familiar poster hanging up just to the left of the vault.

...and we can also get behind the desk.

", we can't drive out of town without endangering our lives... what next? It's as if we're being held prisoners in our own town. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm scared Tad. I'm just hoping you can do something."

Meanwhile, our trusty mayor is having secret meetings about keeping people in town.

"...try out satellite service and a new color TV at absolutely no charge to you. If, at the end of the six months you decide not to sign up permanently, you can return the television and satellite with no questions asked. Call 555-6000 and you can have your TV tomorrow."

...wait, if they can't make calls out of town, does that mean the satellite company is in town?

The phone's right there, so I call again and check to make sure. It still connects to the satellite company's answering machine.

Well that certainly looks familiar even though we've never seen it before.

Remember this thing from way back at the cafe? It turns out you can put it into a computer. Who knew!

That gives us a login prompt. I try entering AIVILO for both the username and password, but no luck.

The trash can underneath the desk catches my eye.

Well, this looks monumentally annoying. It's actually worse than it looks, too. See how there's a lightly-colored rectangle in the middle, and everything outside of it is shaded darker? You can't move pieces onto the darker parts, meaning the main challenge of the puzzle is trying to place spare pieces out of the way of other pieces while assembling the damn thing.

The signature seems like a good place to start, since it's distinct.

Then I worked on the edges like I would for a jigsaw puzzle. Everything after that was simple to figure out, but difficult to place because there was so little room to juggle the remaining scraps.

The answering machine messages were unusually reasonable, so they had to make up their asshole quota for the bank somehow.

The vanity article on the back wall is sticking out a good foot and a half.

That's because it's the world's most obvious hidden safe. The combination isn't exactly a huge secret, either. Paw prints match up to animals on the weird pictures hung all around the bank, and the number of animals in each picture indicates the number we have to enter. so.

This must be the world's least secure bank.

First, we pick up the mayor's stone token thingy. That should get us into the locked room at the library.

Burt seems to have also noticed how insecure this bank is. Despite that, he is happily storing items of apparent utmost importance in the "safe" deposit box.

This is the book he mentioned in his note.

There are 8 pages of this gibberish code, with a different animal on each pair. Shadowed Bacon correctly noted that the strange thing in Burt's trailer was a decoder for exactly this kind of thing, so let's use that.

It gives us a safe combination: L4-R2-L5. The page number matches the number we saw on the vault, so this is the correct combination.


There's a suspicious lack of money inside, but in its stead, there are three banks of safe deposit boxes. We can only inspect the bank that happens to contain Burt's box. His key works on box 32B, but unsurprisingly, it does not yet open.

...let's fix that.

Back in the library, we can place the remaining two stones. As soon as we do...

It shows us this strange combination lock. Luckily, the priest must keep forgetting the combination, because someone stuffed a reminder in his donation box.

I'd like to point out that ten cents is the biggest middle finger to blackmail I have ever seen. Tad puts the 'DIC' in FDIC.

Erm, back on topic. We enter in the combination as written on this note...

...and the door swings open.

Apparently Nora's death wasn't enough to keep the upstanding Cyclone leadership from getting regularly sauced in the councilroom. Classy.

There's a suspicious desk on our left as we enter.

In case we're curious about the town finances, I guess. Maybe we should be with how much everyone here seems to care about money.

Maybe it's trying to tell us that George was the treasurer? I don't know.

What we're looking for is this key on the ground in the back left corner.

We've got what we came for but let's finish exploring first.

Hey, didn't the other side of this wall have a peephole on it?

That is legitimately the creepiest fucking thing in this game.

...and if you look at the picture again, the eye is gone.

I'm getting the fuck out of here.

...but not before stopping to admire the nice empty bottle collection in the trash.

Back at the bank, we're now able to open up the safe deposit box.

I'm pretty sure nobody would make the mistake of trusting Burt.

Once we pick up the video tape the note was taped onto, the note and ink both immediately change color.

We can also take a bottle of ceremonial sand. Uh... this game's gonna get weird, isn't it?

Remember this thing? The first puzzle of the game was figuring out that this strange box plays videos if you put a tape in it. We just picked up a tape, so let's do this.

Despite having done all of that, we're still not done yet. You may have seen this thing in one of the bank screenshots earlier.

You can take a closer look at it from behind the desk, and it's obviously the bahos "puzzle" for the bearclaw symbol. I guess, "the bahos is elsewhere," was really, "the bahos is across the room."

Since it is a piggy demon spirit animal bank, we just need to break it to get at the bahos. I think it was made of reinforced concrete, because after using the hammer to break it, our hammer is gone.

 we're finally done.


"Check under the windowsill."
We're missing truth key 1 of 2. solved this update
Who is Darkcloud?
Does the candle even do anything? solved by LoreOfSerpents
We have some kind of triangle code thing.
Find something to use on the gas pump.
Relatedly, get gas for the mine.
Find three chess pieces.
What do the directions in the church music and Spell It Out mean?
We need to find a stone symbol of a bearclaw.
We need to find a stone symbol of a ... snake ... thing. It wasn't in Phil's store? It was in Phil's store. (solved by LoreOfSerpents)
We can't get anything from the soda machine.
The goddamn bees.
"Look for the Bahos under the griffin."
We need to figure out how to log onto the computer.


Pretty soon we'll just be able to flip a quarter.

Location list:
Barber Shop
Max's Cave
Mine Entrance (needs gas)
Savings & Loan