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by Iris of Ether

Part 7: Gonna Have Nightmares for Weeks

I found it easiest to solve this by concentrating on the middle octogon first. There are only a few possibilities that go there, and maybe half of them yield contraditions very quickly.

And, done!

Putting the final piece in activates the device.

We get a demon rooster talisman with a scalloped edge. As we don't know where it belongs yet, we'll keep it here for safekeeping.

So. What else is in this room?

This doorway looks promising. Kind of dark, though.

Pressing that button tells us more about the exhibit.

...Not that I had a strong desire to hear it.

Why am I still in here?

I think I hate this exhibit.

I'm pretty sure he's wrong!

...This is a puzzle, isn't it?

...I'm about to do a snuff puzzle, aren't I?

I mean, the whole place already sets you on edge. This just gives it that 'special' something.

Seriously, if you're not already, go listen to the "music" for this place.

So, the puzzle is that you need to express the height of the drop in inches. As this is a 10' drop, you input 120...

...pull the lever...

...and be glad you, the reader, couldn't hear the sickening crunch.

We've found another talisman, but at what cost?

It's a crocodile head with a square tab on the front. As it turns out, we actually do have a pot that matches it!

Let's leave the bull talisman here briefly...

...backtrack back to Windlenot's workshop...

...and reunite the crocodile talisman with the crystal pot!

* Fire: unknown
* Water: unknown
* Wax: Statue in museum library
* Ash: unknown
* Lightning: unknown
* Cloth: unknown
* Metal: unknown
* Wood: unknown
* Crystal: Cabinet in Windlenot's workshop. READY FOR DEPLOYMENT.
* Sand: unknown
* Tar: unknown
* Jade: GONE. Ate Merrick.
* Stone: GONE. Ate Windlenot.

I've not really found any good crystal hiding places yet, though, so we're leaving it here for now. Also, I want to retrieve my bull talisman, because fuck if I'm going in that exhibit again.

So, a quick hike back to retrieve it...

...and we're back where we were. Great, an exit. Let's get the hell out of this place.

It's a...board game room?

I guess that' improvement over Man's Inhumanity?

Hitting the button on the right fills us in on this place.

...Of course it's Windlenot's favorite exhibit.

This game is basically Mastermind. Wikipedia said the inspiring game 'may date back a century or more', so maybe Windlenot is right? (Note: Usually not a gamble I'd take.)

Hitting that button accepted our solve...

...and popped open a little door?


The room continues past the picture of the rocking chair 'room'.

Oh what the fuck.

Oh fuck no.

Before we even think of going all Amigara Fault on this thing, there's a puzzle to solve....

...the Pinball Puzzle.

Everyone who's played this game can join me in smashing their keyboard into their screen in unison.

And to anyone who wasn't familiar with "Amigara Fault" before now, ~you're welcome~.

For those of you who are crazy enough to try this at home, each flipper above will launch a ball to a fixed second location. If it's empty, it stays in the new spot. If it's already filled, then it drops off the bottom and resets back to the immediate prior move.

Here is the logic for the flippers, per spot:


From   1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9
T0    4 2   5 1   6 2   7 5   8 2   5 3   8 4   9 7   8 6
The goal is to get all the balls matched up with the appropriate background color. Have "fun"!