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Original Thread: Shivers - Like Scratches, but with more 90's



Video: Title Screen

Autumn has arrived! It's a time of costumes, pumpkin pie, and getting the pants scared off you in a hastily-constructed haunted house. This means it's also a perfect time to blow the dust off the CD case and crack open Shivers!


Shivers is a Sierra horror game, released in the US in late 1995. It followed very shortly after Phantasmagoria's release, though it sticks more closely to the game style of Trilobyte's 7th Guest. Unlike both of those games, which have received modern rereleases, Shivers seems to have languished away into practically abandonware territory. This is a shame that needs to be fixed.

To be fair, much of the acting is cheesy as hell. The puzzles themselves seem to stick to being either fairly easy or bullshit hard with little middle ground. And the nonlinearity can mean a lot of backtracking if you're not careful. On the other hand, there's no pixel hunting, and even the hard puzzles are all fair. And, there is something about the feel of the abandoned museum setting that's been hard to recreate in future games. I'll always have a fond spot for Shivers.


The format for this LP will be a hybrid: screenshots with videos and sound interspersed as appropriate. This game involves a lot of backtracking to hunt for semi-randomly placed items, so I feel this shows off the most content without dragging on.

One last note. There is a rather good series of videos on YouTube that shows the entire game with minimal backtracking and maximum efficiency. While awesome for a walkthrough, I've decided the Shivers experience will be more 'authentic' if I play through without a walkthrough. While I'll be editing out most of the backtracking caused by a decade of rustiness, I will not edit out the fuckups. Enjoy!

I aim to update daily. This LP is complete!

It's Puzzle Time!

I will try to end updates on puzzles. Participation is encouraged! Play along at home and see if you can solve them, too.

Table of Contents

Supplemental Updates

Bonus Materials

Retro Junk has a video of a magnificently B-movie-esque commercial for the game. I have a hard time believing this wasn't made in the 80's.

Professor Windlenot's Museum e-Annex:
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