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by Iris of Ether

Part 13: Adventures in Bad Exhibit Ideas, Volume #368

We're back at the entrance to the maze again. While I could go get the Tar Ixupi pot right now, I don't have a strong desire to redo the maze this moment. However, there are still more rooms to explore, so let's do those first!

The mummy room is hardly worse than 15 minutes of red, so let's suck it up and head in.

How cheery.

Turning around, there's a button by the door we just entered with another recording.

There also seems to be music coming from the right...

This looks familiar...

Windlenot, you fool.

Spaces for all 13 are visible inside.

Above the display is the story of the Ixupi retold in pictures.

You can get a rough idea of what the base shape of each vessel looks like. It doesn't really tell us much.

Let's look around the room for more stuff.

The green wall hides a passage into the back hallways. I believe this way skips the elevator.

There's also another skull dial here. We set it to the correct color.

Heading a little further in, there's a small room hidden back here.

There's a fancy tomb back here, flanked by two pillars.

Across from it is a Sphinx. If you push on the right place on the Sphinx, a hole appears in the mouth.

In the cheesiest voice ever, the Sphinx informs us that we need to put the symbols of the Aten worshipper and his queen on the columns.

So we put Aakhunaten's symbol on one column...

...and Nefertiti's on the other.

This opens up the tomb.

We've finally found the Water vessel!

* Fire: GONE. Ate Beth.
* Water: In the Pharaoh's tomb
* Wax: Statue in museum library
* Ash: In our possesion. READY FOR DEPLOYMENT.
* Lightning: unknown
* Cloth: Pedestal in Atlantis room.
* Metal: unknown
* Wood: unknown
* Crystal: SEALED.
* Sand: Puzzle room, inside human door.
* Tar: unknown
* Jade: GONE. Ate Merrick.
* Stone: GONE. Ate Windlenot.

There's one more room back here.

Well, this seems like an awesome idea.

That cloth is making scary noises, so I'm going to leave well enough alone.

That just leaves one more area we haven't explored yet: the stairway on the left as we came in.

Each square can be rotated in place. The goal is to form a continuous path from each hole on the top to each on the bottom.

Anyone care to take a try?