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Part 18

Last of the dream trilogy.

It was the 6th day of the third week. That night, I had a dreadfully awful dream of which not a single soul besides myself knows. I never let any other person in on these night thoughts.

Ingram Delial IV was sailing about the coast of the Florida Keys in the natural realm under the guise of one Mr. Incognito.

His job for this trip were some individuals of the Florida Keys, specifically the governor and his guards.

He dropped some words of warning to the tavernkeeper in order to incite a flight of many of the citizens of the town.

The plan worked out well as many of the civilians found shelter. The only thing left to do was to attack the town itself and reap the sailors.

Taking Florida Keys

As always, our eternal crew rounded up the valuables after the hits were complete.

We sailed out of the Florida Keys, now a Spanish country, and sought haven on the black seas of the sky.

Now that that is done, let's get back to Sid Meier's Pirates!

However, some news.

I'm a senior in high school; high school starts tomorrow. In other words, no more staying up til 1 in the morning messing around in SMP for an update. I'll try to keep the daily update schedule as best I can, but the next couple of days are going to be hectic for me, so my apologies in advance if I neglect to give you your daily dosage of pirates. Furthermore, I apologize if the quality has slumped as of late with the dream updates. They were merely an experiment in plot development.