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Sid Meier's Pirates!

by FirstAidKite

Part 23

[Oddly enough, Bruceski has set us over the half way point quest-wise.]

Commander Bruceski deserves an extra ration of alcohol for the information he has told me! The Marquis de Montalban is still out there somewhere! Of course, there was only one place to look with any amount of certainty. His base!

To do this, however, meant that we had to locate the "Knife Head" upon some manner of eastern coast of any landmass.

No doubt in my mind we had found the rock!

No doubt, only embarrassment.

But alas, we had found it farther north of the Knife Rock!

Or not!

...But alas, we had found it farther north of the Knife Rock!

[Let's play a game of "Wander around in the only unmarked portion of the map whilst looking for landmarks.]

[Specifically north of Vera Cruz. Come on, it'll be fun, just go around looking for random objects that could or could not be referring to your map!]

Docking left us near some abandoned ruins. Whether it was on our map was unknown.

We marched west and found a geyser. Whether it was on the map was unknown.

There was another geyser through some trees. It was unknown as to whether it was upon our map or not.

There was a faded building in the distance. This map is hard to navigate with.

The building turned out to be abandoned ruins, possibly the ones from the start.

More random buildings were found.

These buildings seemed a tad too modern, however.

[Sweet, another fight. Our enemy? Random Indians. That's right, 250~ pirates against some very weak Indians. Let's see who wins first. Any bets?]

[Pretty much every attack I made resulted in the enemy running.]

[Even in the woods where extra protection is provided. Granted, that's if the person fighting is shooting you from outside. This, not so much as the numbers make any advantage, existing or not, pointless.]

[Oh, hey, he's running away. Perhaps we should stop him and ask him the way. How to get. How to get to Sesame Street. Accursed Indians know God danged everything and never give up the news.]

[Too easy. These were the last of the Indians.]

Arr! I was in the Marquis' base, I was!

And there he was, staring out upon the sea!

My cutlass at the ready, I charged!

Nonchalantly, about face he turned.

I halted in my steps as his rapier became present. I nearly ran myself through upon it!

He motioned at the lock, suddenly realizing just who it was he was dealing with. He hadn't realized it the previous times we fought.

He stared harshly with his one good eye. Or rather, he attempted to, but the skull and crossbones upon his eyepatch lured my attention away.

My locket went flying, it did! The Marquis had just signed his death warrant.




Spinning Kick!

And so the Marquis was defeated, though oddly enough he hadn't a clue as to where my family was. He instead revealed that Baron Raymondo was the one in charge of those he had enslaved. Baron!

In exchange for a bootless keelhaul or two, as well as much of his money, I allowed him to remain alive, a watchful eye kept upon him as he was tossed in with our goods, treated no better than a bag of sugar.

Captain's Log

The Marquis had a crazy name, he did. Hardly able to be pronounced. To be perfectly honest, I've forgotten every last bit of it save for his last name. What a completely mad Spaniard.

]b]The Choice[/b]

Today's choice brought to you by apples. They never fall too far from the tree.

Drills, you know them quite well, get to voting.

1. Raid a city
2. Hunt pirate treasure
3. Hunt Baron
4. Hunt a pirate