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Part 25

Information on Aunt Josephine lay within the Baron's grasp once more.

Upon crossing ships, I found him in this position. He claimed to be fixing his shoe.

Nonetheless, he handed over the only piece he had on him, allegedly. Nonetheless, he gave me a very useful piece.

After all, we were fighting him in the very area which he handed us the piece to.

Many a deserted cabin lay in the uncharted sections of the map. They're deserted for a reason. If Aunt Josephine were in one of them, they wouldn't be marked "deserted" now, would they? Har!

A brisk walk past quite a sizable number of deserted cabins revealed a cabin in the distance that lacked the feel of the deserted cabins behind us. It presented a sort of...aura of significance. It was most definitely different from the rest, implying that the builder of the home did not build the previous ones.

To be perfectly honest, the reason all of those cabins were deserted was because I had put my boot through their door. Nobody was home. My foot was just about broken, actually.

For once, there was a lady inside. She had to have been in her 80s now.

She was not very delighted to see me, though possibly she had sight problems. The rings under her eyes were quite telling.

Then I realized that I was still only a figure in the bright light, so I stepped forward and received this crazy look only Aunt Josephine could pull off.

That old lass could run indeed! Har har, faster than many of my own crew despite her age!

Unfortunately, she had a knack for being redundant with news, not to mention her facial disfigurement only visible when she is attempting to hug someone.

Nonetheless, our map was 125% complete. The city of the Aztecs would no doubt be found in due time.

Captain's Log

Aunt Josephine is just outright creepy. I don't understand what Jasper sees in that woman. Sure, she's nice, but she is always breaking the laws of perspective.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by "I've not forgotten about this thread! I promise!"

Surely you know by now that you must pick one of the following, yes?

1. Go after the Lost City
2. Raid a Spanish city
3. Search for information on the final relative
4. Look for Kidd's treasure