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Part 27

Is SA screwing up for anyone else right now?

No matter. Update!

[As it turns out, the Baron was more than willing to hand over the map after some convincing. Muahahaha!

Alright, that doesn't look quite as well in text as it did in my head. However! We now have the full map to find Grandpa!]

[As it turns out, the old geezer (How is he still alive?!) is located near the Puerto Principe. Specifically, he is in a random wooden cabin somewhere north of the Powder Head.]

[One of my complaints with the game is that it maps where the ship is, but not where you are. You don't even need to know where the ship is due to the return-to-ship button!]

[I actually saved here because I had messed up the screenshots. They were all too small, so I had to load up an old file. Thank goodness for paranoia-induced multiple save files, eh?]

[Oh, right. Grandpa is here as well.]

[Favorite shot in the whole game right here, you crazy buggers. Something neat about it, despite the jaggies and complete lack of existence outside the cabin.]

And before me, upon a bed so rickety and rotten that even a rat would take offense to its offering, sat my dear, old, nigh skeletal grandfather. He was weak enough for a man his age, moreso due to the living conditions.

He didn't seem to recognize me. He always had such a forgetful mind.

At least his memory kicked in upon noticing the distinct hairstyle I had kept since I was but a boy.
["Oh, it's you. Hey."]

The old man and I hugged in celebration before venturing back to the ship. Many a tale he told of what he had done since his enslavement by the Marquis. I decided to hide from him the fact that the Marquis was working for me. Oddly enough, my Grandpap seemed quite proud of what I had done in the 20 or so years it took for me to finally rescue him.

[Well, this completes the Family portion of things. No more do we have to go out to sea to fight the Baron for map pieces leading to our lost family! Hurrah! However, this leaves us quite empty. One of the game's largest quests, along with the Marquis hunts in general, is now complete. What more is there to do from here that could possibly live up to rescuing our lost relatives?]

[Obviously, we must destroy the Spanish.]

Captain's Log

With my entire family rescued and safely rooming aboard our own Brig, and the Baron no doubt dead after what happened involving the rest of the map, there's little left to sail the sea for. Perhaps I'll live out the rest of my sailing days gathering gold.[/b][/u]

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by an advertisement for an upcoming Sid Meier game that isn't a new and improved Pirates! or a sequel to Pirates! that would fix all of the complaints people have with it.

1. Raid Santiago
2. Find Lost City
3. Find Captain Kidd
4. Find Captain Kidd's Treasure