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Sid Meier's Pirates!

by FirstAidKite

Part 31

[Targets locked. We're taking the Gulf of Mexico (or the only parts that exist) for glorious Holland!]

[Specifically, we have to deal with Campeche, Vera Cruz, and Villa Hermosa.]

[A few of you wanted to see this screen. You may notice that I was accidentally promoted by the enemy a few times due to attacks on the pirates. Oh well.]

[And so we find ourselves at Campeche with an easy battle at hand! How will it turn out?]

[Very, very well.]

[Small money, big prize? Perhaps. Nonetheless, a Dutch burgher has been installed.]

["Thanks for the new job, but this used to be Spanish territory!"

Whiny little tapscallion.]

[Then again, I'd be a bit whiny as well if I couldn't afford a decent flag. Speaking of which, the sail emblem contest is still up for grabs. Due date is Wednesday.]

[Slightly harder! Will we win?]

[Would I let any other outcome happen on such an important journey? No. Quiet in the back, no comments from the peanut gallery of past failures, please.]

More gold! And another Spanish port for the Dutch.]

[This fight ended up being the toughest. I actually had to do it multiple times.]

[Granted, that was multiple times in a row. I kept winning, but not with enough troops to actually install a new governor.]

[Nonetheless, the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico has been taken in the name of the Dutch! History would be proud!]

Captain's Log

My age has been hitting me lately. I've been feeling less and less capable. Should I think about retirement or keep going? Oh, what silly thoughts! I'm a pirate, the pirate king even! I can't retire just yet!

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by Mario Gulf: the only game that simulates accurately what it would be like to be a plumber in Mexico.

1. Further Spanish conquest
2. Search out remaining lost cities
3. Come sail away, come sail away
4. Search out buried treasure