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Part 33

[What's all this talk of retirement, eh? Who said I was trying to end the thread? Ha ha!]

[Along the way towards the next Lost City, I stopped to pick up Jean Lafitte's treasure.]

[Hooray for the French and their surprising amounts of cash!]

[Back to the subject at hand, here is our map as of current. Thankfully, I got a map with an actual town on it. Woo.]

[All of those cities captured thus far? They're extremely wealthy now. In fact, many of the nearby settlements have been captured. There aren't any Spanish ports in the area anyway, so no matter.]

[It bothers me that the towers look nothing like the pyramid we see in all of the cutscenes. Speaking of which...

easy 50,000.]

[Wouldn't you know it? We've only got 1 lost city left and some ranks (which I'll handle later). Well, I guess this means we only have one good choice.]

Captain's Log

My mind has been foggy of late. My own hand aches when wielding my trusted rapier of so many years. It could fancy a sharpening.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by lost cities of the Blankens: guaranteed to not actually exist and put anyone on a wild goose chase for money.

1. Lost City
2. Set an open course for the virgin seas
3. Lost City
4. Return to "the place" you'll return to someday