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Part 37: Day 27: The Wrath of KirbyKhan

Day 27: The Wrath of KirbyKhan

We're back! Meme and Kirby are still adorably celebrating Meme's engagement.

Poor Psycho Serum is Not Happy. It's the return of Tiny Grumpy Serum!


Oh, this dirt thing again.

You got the dirt from our carpet. You're gonna die of, like, dysentery.

Aw he's so eager to impress her. This isn't a healthy friendship.

Such a goon.

Oh. Um.

I... guess she was impressed?

Well, shit.

He is just jubilant.

This poor fucker is on the other side of the house - in the same goddamn room, even! And he has utterly no clue about what just happened.

No, not the dog - 19LettersLong.

Oh Christ that's a wedding cake

In lighter news, Waffleman adopted a cat!

Meme has no fucking soul.

So there we go. I don't know why it says she's cheated twice though.

The Reputation system is from an EP that I don't have so I think it's only in this game in its very basest form.

Yeah I can see this place going A-bomb too.

Oh shit this is a thing?

Aww cat

Lotus steps in to help out.

Kirby is feeling fuckin' great. I'd be delighted for him if not for, you know.

This dog sure spends a lot of time thinking about Rex.


"My mouth sure tastes funny. Wonder why that is."

laser pointer

Awoken by his stomach, not the dog, Rex rises at ridiculous-o'clock.

Ice cream for breakfast!

Bad dog.

Rex wonders, when will it be his time to shine?

Face it Rex,

you can't have pets and a girlfriend.

And that is definitely your dog.

Good dog!

Deciding to be a good housemate, Rex does some laundry.

And suddenly realises that for some reason he's quite worried about 19LL.

Kirby thinks he's getting married.

Iron Man has places to be, I guess.

Kirby takes breakfast duty

and these guys are weirdly in sync.

Moon's a writer

Whoa! I'll take three!

Kirby's carpool arrives before he can finish cooking so he just slugs down some juice and leaves.

That's juice, guys, not... "juice".


Meme takes over.

Oh Kirby.

Oh Hbomb.

Serum starts the day off right.

Haha Bobbin hooks up with Serum's ancient boss lady

Um. I won't.

It sure is an odd day for relationships.

Foochs is copying us

No one has time to finish breakfast. Lazy fuckers got up too late.

ahaha yesss

This guy is still stoked as hell about impending matrimony...

Meme still can't cook.

Oh yeah I bought this thing

I guess he feels he should make the house tidy for the wedding.

That's aiming a bit high. Have you seen your friends?

Gotta do something.

Poor dog.

Had to sell one of Meme's treasures to fund the wedding. Worth it.

Fucking dresser!

You'll have to wait until the wedding to see what Meme looks like! It's unlucky otherwise!

Gnomes again. We're not doing this today. We have plans.

Meme wants to be a writer. Honestly I dread to think.

Blurry levitating trees, cool


Rex is a fucking painting god now.

Finding Ozma completed an opportunity that 19LL has had for days, so he shoots off to finish it.

Triangle gets a pet! Tiger is presumably a cat, but who knows.

Hooray! She's been hankering for that for ages.

It's 3PM but if they don't start predrinking now, they'll never get anywhere.

At last!

Take note of Lotus booking it into the house; she heard the cry of a wild wine bottle.

Ignore the mess...


"You're not gonna have it in a church, are you?"

"Frankly I don't know why you're getting married in the first place."

"Neither do I."

This day just seems tinged with tragedy.

Meme's making good headway on getting utterly blitzed.

Hen night!

Jenner does good.

Lotus is stoked to be invited.

Meme doesn't actually know any other women, so her options were sort of limited.

We sure do.

Let's go here.

Jenner's promotion put unfixable cracks in her relationship with a hopeless musician.

Yaaay they got back together!

Irresponsibly, the girls take the Mememobile.

This is the place! It even has balloons.

Ohhh yeahhh this is where the party be at.

Meme wastes no time.

Lotus also wastes no time.

Oh Lotus.

As it turns out, there can only be one group at a time. Shattering 19LL's dreams of a great group outing, the boys head out together but ungrouped.

Raldan is still an asshole.

Off they go.

At least 19LL looks excited.

The girls' party is still in full swing.

There's a buffet, but we have to pay for it. Lotus does the honours.

Salad, turkey and cookies. Perfect.

This is where the boys end up.

Nice. But dead as the grave. Are we sure it's open?

That's what I'm talking about! We can still make this fun!

Kirby you have a problem.

This image is very sad.

The problem with coming out after work is, most people are shattered.


Far from being dead, the girls' location has attracted even more people.

With a few drinks in her, Lotus even socialises!

Mmmm. Sweet turkey.

This is fun, they're having fun.

Lots of promotions today.

Yeah! Fun!

Kirby is exhausted, but instead of whining about it he pops a cappuccino.

Serum is drowning the horror of having to hang out with these suckas.


Slow down there Kirbs.

I dunno what happened here but this is McOgre's stepson and he sure did age up fast. I need to check my settings!

At least put some shoes on...

Good company, good conversation.

While the party rages, Meme gets her first job! I imagine she just slurred "surrre" down the phone and will deal with it in the morning.

This update is 50% images of Kirby drinking.

The girls' party has degenerated somewhat.

nuke the whales?



Looks like it was a good night out for the boys too!

Bye Rex.