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Original Thread: Let's Live Vicariously through The Sims 3!



Hi! Let's play some Sims 3!

What's this then?

Everyone knows the Sims. Create little virtual people, clothe them, build their house, then either obsessively micromanage every aspect of their lives or let them do their own thing, inevitably ending in misery and disaster. I'm going to be leaning towards the latter. Sims are actually pretty good at taking care of themselves, and with the mods I have installed their interactions may end up being more interesting than in the vanilla game.

The Sims 3 was released in 2009, a followup to the massively popular Sims 2, and in many ways it's an improvement. The biggest change is seamless neighbourhoods. In Sims 1 and 2, your sims were trapped in their houses. Going anywhere involved long-ass loading times and generally wasn't worth the effort. Now, there's none of that. The whole neighbourhood is open to you.

I'm playing with just one expansion pack: World Adventures, the very first. This means we can go on holiday, hooray! I've also got a shedload of custom content - a bunch of hairs and clothes, but also some mods that change gameplay.

Previous Sims 3 LPs include HappilyDeranged's Tent City, and 5er's Saga of Chester. Also, 5er's old Sims 2 LPs can be found here. They're very good. Sadly those are the only ones with intact images

What mods are you using?

I've stocked up on a bunch of Twallan's mods. This will make the game significantly different to vanilla; most, if not all, other Sims LPs have played a fairly vanilla game. I'll be showing off the effects of these mods as we go. My mods include:

The Story Progression. EA's default story progression sucks. With this mod, sims that I am not currently controlling will be able to live happy little lives under their own steam. They'll get jobs, get married, have kids, make friends and enemies. Little pop-ups will keep us informed about what they're all doing, if we so desire. This is by far the most important mod in my arsenal. I could go without the others, but not this one.

The Woohooer. Sims generally are very shy. They don't like autonomously flirting, kissing, or sexing. With this mod, they're a little more open to it. It also lowers the friendship requirements needed to start a romantic relationship. One-night stands are now possible! I'm not sure how much this will come into play here, but it'll be interesting to see.

The Master Controller. This gives me complete control over the town and its inhabitants. I can add sims to families and households, make sims pregnant, hand out money, rename sims, re-clothe sims, re-create sims. I can also get demographic lists if I want. It's useful. The handiest thing is the ability to retain dreams and wishes. All sims develop wants - things that they want to happen, from "go swimming" to "get a job" to "have a baby". Usually when you switch families, you lose all their wants. This mod allows me to flick between households and keep all their wants intact.

The Careers Mod. Simple enough: allows custom careers. At the moment I'm using a Lawyer career and an Education career (the latter was added for real in the second expansion, Ambitions).

The Written Word. I like this one. Lets you buy the books your sims write in shops.

If you have any suggestions for mods I should be using, throw them on the table!

Who are you anyway?

I'm Apples. I'm a pretty big Sims fan with way too much time on my hands. I whiled away my youth on the original game more than a decade ago, and somehow I'm still playing these games today. It's getting a little stale for me lately though. I figure this will spice things up a bit.

Let's get on with it then. How's this going to work?

I am going to make six sims and place them in a house together. The house is all ready and waiting for them. All I need... is you.

Signups are CLOSED! Please provide me with the following information:

- A photograph. Or two. Or three. This is important! No photo means no sim. Sorry.
- A quick description of your personality. What are you like? How would your friends describe you? What are your likes and dislikes? The more, the better! The Sims 3 allows for five traits for each sim, doing away with the simpler Neat/Slob, Nice/Mean, Shy/Outgoing bars of the previous games. If you know the game and want to list the traits you want, go right ahead, but I think it's more fun if I work it out myself.
- What's your favourite colour? Favourite food? Favourite music? What's your dream career? I also need to pick your lifetime aspiration, which ranges from reaching the top level of a job, to making 20 friends, to having 10 romantic partners at a time (don't pick this one). Again, if you know the game, suggest one. If not, I'll work it out.
- What kind of clothes would you like to wear?

That's it. Post as little or as much as you like, I can work with it.

Participants will be randomly selected if there's more than six signups! I'm hoping to have at least two ladies in the house so it may be slightly less than random if we don't get many signing up. The rest of you, never fear. I will try and throw you into the neighbourhood anyway, and maybe we can go and visit you sometimes. I'm sure you'll be more interesting than the default inhabitants. You'll live out your lives merrily thanks to the Story Progression mod; I'll keep you updated with how you're doing. There's also a bunch of my own creations running around... let's see how many of them we can find.

I'm going to leave signups open overnight (I'm in England) and see how it goes.

All participants have been selected, thanks guys!

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Good lord you people are amazing:

a 5 year old meme


a 5 year old meme



a 5 year old meme

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Post Processing

a 5 year old meme loves prancing around in her undies

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Instant Grat makes a start on his Hbomb x Pork Lift fanfiction


best post in the thread courtesy of Post Processing posted:

I think I found your screenshots underneath my fridge. They got kinda crumpled though.


Tiny Grumpy PSerum by Thanqol


Danny Glands


Battle Gnomes:

Mr Moon posted:

Lieutenant Frumpkin shivered in the foxhole. The rain was coming down in thin streams, turning the mud around his feet into a sucking mire which had already claimed one of his boots. Thunder grumbled in the sky, breaking the monotony of firework blasts.

Wearily, Frumpkin reviewed his troops. Sergeant Lumwinkle was wounded, likely dead by the end of the night. He'd been too busy chewing out the squad to notice the catherine wheel before it was too late. Private Fwoddle had cooked a sparkler too long and was still quietly sobbing at the pain in his ruined hand. Topsy was staring blankly at the ceiling - Frumpkin knew he would never get over Turvy's death. Hell, Frumpkin didn't think he would either. Hell of a way to go. Nobody deserves that. Frumpkin could still remember the expression on Turvy's face when he had stepped on the hidden detonator. Chinese Crackers. There oughtta be a law. But there wasn't, and there wouldn't be, not until this war was over.

He stared morosely at the dark sky outside the hole, fighting against sleep.

A noise made him start awake. Something was snuffling at the entrance to their hiding place. Shit shit shit. He scrambled toward the the pack of fireworks. Useless, soaked through. He cursed himself for not requesting more mackintoshes from HQ. "ON YOUR FEET LADS!" he yelled, groping for any kind of weapon in the dark. "We got company!"

His questing fingers closed around the hilt of his little plastic fishing rod, but it was too late, far too late.

The foxes had returned.

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