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Part 40: Day 30: Whoops

Day 30: Whoops

Where the hell are we?

Oh right, yeah.

Aren't you glad to be back?

"Pink lady will food"

She's fooding alright. 2am. I'm not sure if Kirby's longing stare is at her or the waffles.

You decide.

Back down the road - What are you so smug about?

Oh. Yeah like we need more mirrors.

Oh. Neat.

Returning it, haha yeah r-

3AM. Kids today...

Oh my god

That's just unsanitary.

19LL is up for some reason and bumbles outside to meet the Good Dog.

But he gets distracted by his wedding ring.

The Not-So-Good Dog loves Rex, aww.



Poor Rex has only been in bed an hour or two. Bad dog.

Kirby rises too, but his excuse is work.

It's normal to start your day by bursting into uncontrollable tears, right?

Bobbin's a better human being than this lot, for sure.

Rex is mad as hell at Dog

Scanning around I noticed this mess on the balcony! Rex's room is the only one that has a door to it...

Paper Lion is FABULOUS

Serum's up too. I guess for work.

Good job Rex.

This is a great reward. It just means the sim keeps their friends even if they don't bother talking to them for weeks, which let's face it is a solid description of Meme.

Less pee is always good.

Kirby pulls a sicky because he's clearly too depressed to work.

He is the sickest.

19LL keeps kinda wobbling around giggling about weddings.

This is the best conversation Kirby's had in weeks

Icedude you bitch.

Meme averts her gaze from the two fuckups she's chosen to get involved with.

I always forget that Cycl0n3 Sw0rd isn't a goon.

19LL isn't having any of Kirby's politic$$$ chat.

Well, they were never gonna be best buds.

Trash talking won't get us anywhere.

Keep trying, boys.

Yes yes I know this is the first time Lotus has appeared, but in my defence she was asleep.

Rex promptly bores her to death with artchat anyway.

Uh oh, we have a pathing problem!

Sorry guys. We're gonna have to get rid of the dog.


T͏̤̭̯̘̝̫ḩ͈̯̥̞͎̱̫i̶̝̲̦̖̣ͅs̼̦̖͖̘ ͏̛̖̼̝͙̠͙͚l̠͎̲̗̯͙͉͈ǫ͓̳̭̙̹̺͞t̰͚͇̜̫̝͍̥̮ ̫̙̬͕̰͚͙́ͅi̢̗͚̲̼̪̖͉̬͜͜ṣ̝͓̣͍̤͝͡ ̨̣̫̥͈̥͈͙̜͡b̦̗̫͙̤̞͔͘͢e̲̮̟̜a̲͖͔̣͘u̢̹̦̕͡ţ҉̙̪̳͕í͖̮̥͈̲̮͖͎f̠̺̲̭̙̕ứ͍͈̯̝̣͞l͏̴̡̘̜̘̝͙̬̱̯

Fucking pets.

Gossip doesn't go down well in these here parts.

But then...

Kirby is just so fucking happy that someone knows what he's into.

He attempts to return the favour with computerchat. 19LL looks sympathetic.

And then he leaves to avoid more of that awkwardness.

Meme emerges with this moodlet, she's got a teddy in her pocket

Oh I'm sure this is innocent.

Oh. Right.


Oh no. But no one's around! How can anyone possibly...


Flags are not sexy.

And then they disperse like teenagers afraid a mum is gonna walk in.

Good to know you still remember.

Good dog!!

I remembered at this point that Rex was at home. He's done the right thing.

Totally innocent, nothing going on here!

This is awkward as balls.

"That art's nice."

I left the bathroom walls down so you can get an idea of how brazen these fuckers are being now.

Guy clogged the toilet too, gross.

This is just getting silly.

Lotus arrives home from work, but if she suspects something's happening in the kitchen, she doesn't show it.


Her head SNAPPED around towards him and I figured she'd be worried, but uh...

Well, he's gonna puke, but not because of adultery. He ate some bad waffles.

Somehow they've got away with it. Again.


Oh dear.

Remember that Rex and 19LL are pretty friendly?


Now this pair, they've got their priorities straight.

Oh, you wouldn't.


"I'm tired. Can we just cuddle?"


Downstairs it's just business as usual.

In previous games if adulterous woohoo happened, as long as the spouse was on the lot they'd know about it.

Apparently that doesn't happen any more!

This might get weird come bedtime.

No shame.

19LL slips outside and quietly pours himself a drink.


Back inside, Rex joins his drunken friend amidst the waffle funk.

"Hey uh, bad things seem to happen when you're in the bathroom, ha ha ha."

"And the bedroom too. Probably stay out of bedrooms for a while. Ha ha."

"Whatever mate."

you're beyond help.

thanks for trying.

They grow up so fast!!

Stern Noir Detective watches, stern and disapproving.

"Books are cool! Books are made out of trees!"

"And you know how I feel about trees..."