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Part 8: Day 5: POOL

Day 5: POOL


Hi Meme!

So the bed situation is becoming untenable and is way less funny than I thought it'd be, so let's do something about it. We start with selling off the dresser that no one is ever gonna use.

And then we give Lotus a roommate. Whoever that roommate is will depend on whoever goes to bed first, I guess, since both Meme and Psycho Serum are fighting over the double bed right now. Sorry Lotus!

Kirby's hungry I guess. Autumn salad is the only thing these guys ever eat. At least they won't be getting fat.

But then he sees this happening...

...and rolls this. That's better. I'll prod him into doing that at some point. He also wants to clean the sink! Kirby's a good housemate.

Meme hits the hay, dreaming about how much she hates marriage.

You know how two girls living in close proximity sync up?

The dirty dishes are bothering the hell out of poor Kirby.

What, are you crazy, it's 4:30 in the morning what's wrong with you

well, okay.

You too?

He's got this moodlet all day again. It generally shows up every couple of days. Sims with the Lucky trait will get a +5 Lucky moodlet.

Since it's still technically nighttime, I try this out. This is what PRO HACKING looks like:

And then it boots him back to the desktop and he starts again.

He can make money by doing this somehow but he didn't have enough time this morning. Maybe next time.

Breakfast With A Psycho

This guy is being weirdly nice lately. I don't get it.

See what I mean?!

We've entered the twilight zone.

This crazy badass show is on the TV right now. Hell yeah robots and shit

After I went on about "only one carpool!!" last time, two show up today.

It's Taximan and some lady. The lady is also no one's coworker.

The worst part about these drivers is, none of them have names

hahaha what no

This is the mail lady. She delivered the mail and then booked it across the hillside, thinking about friendship.

Probably because she didn't want to be around when PSerum realised he has to pay MONEY to LIVE in a HOUSE

Rex is foul, but it doesn't bother him at all.

Some mornings you just have to scream and tear at your hair the moment you crawl out of bed.

Kirby then gets on with his favourite pastime.

Then he dashes downstairs and checks the stove because he was scared he'd left it on. Even though he's never even used it.

KirbyKhan, I hate to break it to you, but your sim is fucking weird.

19LL socialises the only way he knows how

Aww yeah!

Now that everyone's up and about, we can start the day properly. First Kirby asks Rex to group up.

Cool as a cucumber, Rex.

Rex is like that kid at school who hung around with all the cool kids and tried so hard to sound cool all the time but just ended up sounding lame.

He launches into a drawn-out story about nachos. Kirby's too much of a pushover to even show his boredom.

Meme's not doing so good, we should probably bring her along too.

This pops up for PSerum, these opportunities are easy and quick since the books are always super short. They show up in every career and I think always in the entry level, they're a decent way to speed up promotion to level 2. And Psych could use a relationship boost with his boss. He wants her to die right now, after all.

Kirby invites 19LL to join up with the group...

...and Rex invites Meme.

I swear to god, she was looking the other way when he started talking and then sloooowly turned her head to face him without ever changing her expression, it was fucking creepy.

Now we have a little sea of bobbing blue blobs. They're called Plumbobs by the way, the main big green one is kind of iconic by now I guess.

Kirby just wants everyone to be happy.

Now let's go and - what the hell is this shit

This is something added in a patch I guess. For some reason now I can see every single sim in town, and I certainly can't find a way to turn it off. Map mode is hideously cluttered. Yay!

Still, it's kind of handy.

"WriteNovelPush" means that the Story Progression mod is pushing him into writing, because it's what his traits suggest he should be doing.

Foochs is slacking off!

Well, let's go to Le Petit Shark Pool Center. I don't like the sound of that, but pools are neat.

Meme is SO STOKED to be invited!

She even gets dressed! Look at her fistpumping

It's weird to see her in clothes, huh?

They all hop into a taxi.

Rex is in the trunk.

I follow the taxi along, and look who we pass, lurking under a streetlamp! "Writing a novel", my ass.

Here's the pool. Pretty nice. Behind the camera are bathrooms. That's the hospital straight ahead, obviously.


The other three stand around in a huddle like they've never seen a pool before and don't quite know what to do.

19LL is having a fucking blast though.

this pool does not meet Meme's expectations

Kirby is straight in there.

19LL is next to bite the bullet.

I love their little thought bubbles. "POOL!" "POOL!! "

Meme imagines she's a butterfly and leaps for it. Ladders are for suckas!

And Kirby's opportunity finally pops. He earns $300 for his trouble! That's more than Lotus or Psych earn for a day's work.

This guy is our only poolgoing companion, but he's just passing through. Didn't his momma ever tell him not to run beside a pool?

I dunno how you write a novel under a streetlamp, but Seb did it. Better than Game of Thorns, and only 94 pages long

Meme splashes Kirby in the face like it's funny or something.

Then she throws a hissy fit and leaves.

Meme, I think the unresolved issues are yours.

I send her off to the grocery store, mainly so she can pick up some stuff for Psycho Serum's garden.

There are two whole girls here, and 19LL is paying no attention.

We're well in the money now thanks to Kirby and our two worker bees, so I leave a little surprise for the gang when they return home.

Lotus gets back and daydreams about a promotion. Maybe soon, dear.

Here's the shop layout...

...and here's what we buy.

A thing about this game is that you always get crowds of people standing around in front of the rabbit holes.

Meme promptly chows down on one of the tomatoes

Back to the pool group and...



That was actually a narrow escape. Have a nice song to calm your nerves.

Meme's starting a fight again.

It's okay, this sideways-cap asshole is called Xander, argue all you like.

Psych's partner calls him for a chat.

Doesn't he look professional

All right Foochs!

Rex won't shower at home, but he sure will at the pool.

If you're wondering, no, the pool water did not wash off any of his filth.

This angry-looking chick has laid out a picnic, so the boys come and help themselves uninvited. Rude!

Lotus tried to cook again


Meme what the hell, I bought that guitar for you!

They won't even sit at the same table. That's weirdly depressing.

Food was good though. Stolen food.

19LL's the only one who's not fatigued, so he hops back in for another go.

You can see the jealousy in Kirby's eyes

So he just chills. Check out those abs!

After his near-death experience, no wonder Rex is hungry. More stolen picnic food, by the way.

Midnight! I nip back to the house and...

...carry on, I guess.

19LL's in the pool with TWO WHOLE GIRLS and doesn't even appear to have noticed. Get it together, boy.

Kirby relocates to a second identical lounger.

Rex wants to go home now