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Part 9: Day 6: In which nothing happens

Day 6: In which nothing happens



It's late, so everyone's pretty worn out, but they're having too much fun to leave yet.

Rex gets a phonecall!

oh go to hell.

I hate this opportunity. You have to have a decent painting skill level to even attempt a $750 painting, and then you have to pay to go on vacation to complete it.

So Rex tells 'em where to stick their $750 painting and hangs up.

Sims: dumb as rocks.

He's fatigued now, and everyone's getting to the edge of exhaustion, so I send 'em home and disband the group.

19LL is a patronising dick again.

Rex, of course, is just happy to have been involved.

wait, what?

Oh for crying out loud.

ya don't say

Since it was like 2AM when the pool trio got home, it's only a few hours before people start to arise.

Now on top of the grossed-out reaction from all the shit lying around, everyone coming downstairs gets mad about the broken TV, too.

you. are. shitting. me.

Go to hell, Psycho Serum.

Broken items count: 3. Toilet, TV, shower.

I tell the worker bees to work hard for today, it might help them with that elusive promotion.

Meme, at least, is contributing... a little.

Kirby gets to work fixing the shower, but he's too hungry so he gives up after like ten minutes.

I dunno what the hell this is but we're probably gonna sell it when he finishes it since after that opportunity he completed, this one's worth more money than usual.

There's too much broken stuff around, I can't stand it. Come, magic repair man.

oh this isn't good

Poor 19LL is utterly mortified. Our first pants-pisser, everyone!

It's dropped his hygiene down to rock bottom, as you might expect.

Kirby's adventurin'.

While 19LL limps away to clean himself up, Rex kindly takes over the cooking... and burns it like a dumbass.

Doesn't seem to care about standing in a piss-puddle either.

PSerum arrives home.

Furious and miserable.

But there's a light in the darkness!

He's getting on really well with Aziraphale

Lotus is in an equally terrible mood. Work Hard is bad, guys. It's bad.

The house is at its lowest ebb. 19LL is miserable. Lotus and Psych are stressed to shit and in desperate need of entertainment. Kirby's filthy and depressed about all the mess, and Meme is hiding out somewhere where she doesn't have to deal with any of it.

Rex and Fluffy are doing just fine though!

Lotus attempts to clean out the fridge, but apathy takes over and she just dumps it all on the floor.

This intense-looking gentleman is the repairman, come to save the day. Some appropriate music.

In a vain attempt to cheer everyone up, I buy some new stuff with our funds. A BBQ...

...and 19LL's coveted telescope.

The instant I put the thing down, he rolls this.

Meme are you being nasty again

oh. Oh!

And off they go. The fine traditional game of Underwear Tag.

Kirby is STOKED. He thinks he's in there.

I transfer all the fruit and veg that Meme bought into Psych's inventory.

Then tell him to plant them.

It's as simple as telling him where to put the seeds. He'll do all the work.

Another money-earning want for Kirby, he won't need a job at this rate. He won't be working 'til Monday anyway, I'll put him in the Military career at first but just like real life, most sims don't have to work on weekends.

Phelps Badge Twelve Forty Seven is already at Traffic.

Feel the earth between your toes~

No matter how much shit the repair guy has to fix, he only ever charges $50. That's pretty great value if you have a bunch of stuff and no Handy sim.

These two shoot the shit outside for a while.

And these two shoot the shit inside for a while.

Despite her behaviour yesterday, he's keen to hang out with her again. Are we seeing sparks fly?

Lotus cares not for socialisation.

And Pserum is in bed, dreaming of being a baby, watched over by Stern Noir Detective.

19LL tells the MOST HILARIOUS JOKE about a pond.

Okay it's actually sort of adorable

Holy shit! Our first house friends!

Oh Meme, why you gotta go and blow it.

I seriously get sad when people are mean to Kirby. He doesn't deserve it.

Rex is often seen thinking about other people, thanks to his Easily Impressed trait. He rarely thinks about himself. 19LL is mad at his phone.

Doesn't really work if they can't see you, buddy.

Despite not being tired, Rex is off to bed early tonight. Kirby risks the burnt mac and cheese.

He also got this though, so I'm guessing Meme said something sweet to him at some point.

When midnight strikes, these two are the only ones still up. Can they patch up their differences?