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by eating only apples

Part 17: Day 12: Moodkillers

Day 12: Moodkillers

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here be ghoooosts

So it's Kirby's day off! We'll have to let him do something fun. Also, you can see he's doing great at his job! He's better at this point than either Psych or Lotus.

i'm sorry officer please there's no need for this

Kitchen's looking good. Apart from the floor coffee and The Overlord.

Rex's day starts poorly.

Hey! That's Kirby's gym lady! Buddha!

Now that Rex is good at painting, he can do this. I tell him to paint an Insane picture of PSerum's garden, just because.

Bob's working with Foochs now.

Sometimes the internet stranger actually is a cute girl in her underwear!

Rex is bringin' in the cash. This won't take long.

Portals is our first chef.

Six of Spades joins Bobbin and Foochs at the city hall.

Yeah, I wouldn't fuck with him this morning either.

Kirby that's not how you hold a frying pan

Thought I'd show you guys the game options. I've actually bumped the Toddler life stage down a bit, and pulled Young Adult up a bit, because toddlers are dull and grownups are cool. Obviously, these guys will be alive for quite a while.

Ages are randomly assigned when you create a family; sometimes you'll get a sim with 55 days left as a young adult, sometimes it'll be 45. We actually got one of those. 19LettersLong is a full eleven days older than Psycho Serum. The others are scattered in between the two of them, but I think 19LL is still several days older than the next oldest in the household, Meme.


Kirby's tired or something, he keeps pulling this face.

These people are just obsessed with mythical beings.

19LL shambles downstairs to ruin the mood.

Let's go out.

I'm still working on PSerum and the whole "wants boss to die" thing, but this'll help.

Meme gets Rex in on this outing thing. Kirby asks 19LL along too.

the kitchen really isn't that bad you guys

The beach! Let's go to the beach!


Hi Portals!

holy crap that sure is a house.

They've got money to burn, as well.

The beach is really pretty.

McOgre's boyfriend is here, with his mom. The baby grew up into a child a couple of days ago so he's at school. I guess McOgre is taking care of Rocketlex and Meis.

Well, we're at the beach.

Now what?

Kirby shows off to no one in particular.

19LL does this face again.

Meme has that opportunity to do a charming introduction, so I get her to introduce herself to McOgre's boyfriend's mom. Old ladies are cool, right?

Jack O'Neill here has a problem with Leighton, and I can't quite work out why.

I'm sure there's a Sonic and chaos emeralds joke to be made here but it's just not coming to me.

See, she can be charming when she wants to be.

Rex tries to cheer 19LL up with a compliment.

And Kirby sneaks away to check out the bar.

Go easy, Kirbster.

Dude, what the fuck is your problem?

He's literally just sitting there!

Look at his face

19LL probably should have showered before coming outside. Even so, he's brightened up a bit. Rex is a good friend.

Kirby drinks alone.

seriously man this is getting really weird.



Okay guys, don't fuck it up this time. You can do it.

Rex turns to alcohol too.

This asshole has a problem with Leighton too! And it's really distracting because all I can hear is him screaming and yelling every thirty seconds. I honestly don't understand.

PSerum did good.

well. um. I kind of feel like we're intruding, here.

Rex tramps on over to ruin the mood. Kirby cops a feel.

19LL plays chess alone.

For god's sake Rex, not you too!

I thought he was going to join the game, but instead he just stood around and watched 19LL play against himself.

It's the most fun he's ever had.

What's going on here?


oh yuck

Kirby this is not how you flirt

you fucking goon.

I do love how this game's definition of "daredevil" mostly involves eating dirt. That's not daring, that's being the slow kid eating glue at the back of the classroom.

She's not put off, astoundingly.

There's a lighthouse here! But it's inaccessible. It just looks nice.

This is still going on. I think we should assume Rex is drunk.

Yeah. Definitely drunk.

This asshole has stopped screaming about Leighton and is now screaming about Leighton's mom.

PSerum, having got out of work late, has just been hanging around outside cackling evilly.

And then he just whips out a book to read.

Well, as long as he's having fun and not causing trouble...

Go cause trouble.

Hi Supersonic Buddha!

d'awww look at that face


Even Rex looks bored at this point.

holy crap this place is a mansion!

It's also very open-plan, so swiping things without being seen might be difficult.

Psych has a go anyway.

Is it the alarm clock? The dresser?!

Oh. Well, we could use another mirror.

This time he goes for a chair.

wait what

what happened

Whatever it was, it was enough to bump them down from Best Friends.

I can't leave them alone for two minutes.

They're both super upset, and Kirby is also humiliated, which means whatever happened, it was Meme's doing. She probably criticised his family again.

I wouldn't normally do this, but I felt so bad for them both that I made her apologise.

That's better.

And then, looking genuinely concerned, she had a go at cheering him up.

That's better.

She's still out of the group, and doesn't wanna hang around, so I send her off to talk to this Stiles guy.

Six of Spades is home!

Psych's still at it. Have a guess at what he took.

Six seriously spent the whole time thinking about babies. Weirdo.

Kirby hits the bottle again.

She found Stiles here.

At the stadium!

Sims can go see games and concerts here at certain times of the week.

Rex isn't even watching any more.

I'm worried about Kirby, you guys.

Oh man

He stumbles over and joins the chess game. 19LL doesn't look happy about it, though whether that's because Kirby's probably stinking drunk or because it involves other people, I don't know.

fuuuuuck teddies, for real

The ladies are hitting the sack at this point.

PSerum's on his way home too.

And Rex... is crying.

Never change, you guys.

I'm deeming this beach outing, overall, a success.