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Part 21: Day 16: Bizarro Sims

Day 16: Bizarro Sims

The party's over.

It kind of just dragged to an end, and no one really knows what to do with themselves now.

This thing is still on (but I wish it wasn't). No one's dancing.

Dunno what he's so mad about.

He's in a pretty good mood, all told.

Post-party depression

There's a bit of a traffic jam in the bathroom. Meme wants to pee, but Kirby's in the room; Kirby can't leave because Meme's blocking the door.

We've all been there.

19LL narrowly avoids peeing himself for a third time. Attaboy.

PSerum retreats to the hall and screams at the sky.

At least Rex knows just how to make Meme happy

uh oh


When he realises that yes, Kirby is sleeping and won't be scared right now, PSerum just kinda stands there and stares at him for a bit.

Rex is still super hyped about the party! He's so easily entertained.

yeah, get out of here.

I love Psycho Serum.


That went well.

Meme ate gross sandwiches, with predictable results.

but she was just here

The kitchen isn't looking so bad, right?


Lotus is doing great at her job, she'll be getting promoted soon unless she really screws up.

19LL dreams of a decent meal

Kirby eats with his housemates.


He really wanted to wash the dishes I guess!

Lotus is kinda grumpy this morning and avoids eye contact with everyone, including me.

Mostly she's just hungry and grossed out though. She'll feel better once she leaves for work.

Kirby's doing okay at work so far, but he could do with a bit more athletic skill to really be the best.

Rex skips the whole "breakfast" thing and gets right on with his art.

All his wants revolve around painting right now!

Oh I think this was because Kirby read a book? Anyway things are going good over at the military base.

Goon love is NOT the best love.

Goon love IS the best love!

Lotus is... socialising?!

Who are you and what have you done with Lotus

PSerum is pissed as hell about having to go to work. Again.


REEEEX we have two toilets

This pops again, easy money.

Meme puts up with Rex's artchat.

the egg goes in the bowl, doofus

Chariots is slightly less annoyed than usual! I think he's starting to like us!

Rex strikes up a conversation immediately.

Really?! Coulda fooled me.

19LL faces the Inverted Oven.


To Rex's credit, he just... carries on.

He's all embarrassed, but Chariots doesn't seem bothered. Maybe he does that all the time. The things he's seen...

Get outta here, go make yourself useful.

Every skill has its own journal. Meme's pretty good at making pancakes and knows a whole lot of pet food recipes.

The challenges are pretty fun too, there's four or five for each skill and when completed make life a whole lot easier.

This was supposed to be carbonara...

Well, it'll do. Go enter your burnt monstrosity in that cooking competition!

PSerum's doing this thing straight from work because I realised it was going to expire at midnight.

Ah yes, Slowbeef, the ninth planet in our solar system. My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Slowbeefs.

This happens every so often when you Search the Galaxy with the telescope. Not just planets either - stars, asteroids, cool shit like that.

That was boring apparently so he moves on to chess.

what is happening?!

She asked him to play catch with her. He said no.

Fuck that guy.

PSerum's friends with Cornelia now! Maybe he doesn't want her dead after all.

Second place?! Sims sure as hell aren't picky about their food.

oh for crying out loud

This is the business office. Pretty shiny.

All that gnome-catching has made him even angrier.

But hey, he's right near the spa!

And we have money to burn. Go get relaxed, PSerum.

He's super excited, he books it over there all eager.

It's just another rabbithole, we can't actually watch him getting massaged, so here's a sign. I guess it's for the science facility?

That's better.

Hey whoa this is actually pretty cool. I think I know who would like this.

Our resident alcoholic. Merry Christmas Kirby!

Meme's at the bistro, hanging out with all these non-goons.

What's on the menu?

...not a clue.

She wants to learn to cook, but she's too lazy to actually do any cooking, so... go on then. My treat.

The requisite Pork Lift update. He's getting smarter!

Back at the house, these guys are broing out. Bless 'em.

And Kirby is...

...Kirby is Kirby.


PSerum's all done!

And gets a giant mood boost out of the bargain! It'll be neutralised by the filth at home, and doesn't last very long, but for now he is on top of the damn world.

Rex can now tell 19LL an inside joke.

There it is.

Meme's all right, and her cooking skill has shot up. She can make a few new recipes now.

I want Rex to get a charisma point because there's a couple of challenges related to telling jokes, but obviously the bathroom was immediately required and he got kicked out, and then he just went to bed so whatever.

Chill. As. Fuck.

Oh god, another addition to the floorbaby gang.

Kirby's hiding outside, having a little breakdown.

And 19LL defeats the Inverted Oven.