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Part 13: Day 9: A tragic day

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Team Kirby 4 lyf

I know I'm meant to be impartial, but I'm totally Team Kirby too. He just gets such a rough deal out of everything.

Day 9: A tragic day

Kirby is serene about his macaroni.

And since the kitchen sink is knackered, the bathroom sink is the place for dishes. Isn't that weird? Can you imagine?

Fuck it, I ain't dealing with this.

It's like 4am at this point. Kirby's sleep schedule is just like real life fucked.

Here's the new mod!


The default speed is 37, if that clears anything up. 30 ended up being too fast so I knocked it down to 25, but I'll probably end up keeping it around 27.

This thing is great by the way. Time really does move too fast normally. With this mod by default motives decay relatively faster and skills take longer to learn - I set it so that skills take the same amount of time, but and Energy and Hygiene decay normally. So they'll be peeing and eating slightly more often, but sleeping less each night (relatively speaking). It's barely noticeable really.

Kirby the house is already flooded.

Chariots of Fire is pissed as hell at being dragged out to this shitty house again. At 5am, no less.

Let's take a look at how we're all doing:

Poor Lotus hasn't spoken to anyone in days

19LL is sad to have lost Rex, and vice versa. Kind of sweet, all things considered.

Psych has plants on the brain.

Hopefully Chariots will do a better job at this than Kirby.


Aww. Someone's definitely got up on the wrong side of bed today.

I thought this was funny because it's Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1 getting compared to somebody called McKay and it's just funny okay.

I really wish someone would get rid of that ice cream carton. It's gonna grow legs and walk to the trash can on its own any day now.

Bye telly.

Unperturbed by their one entertainment source vanishing in the next room, these guys are getting on quite well.

This isn't the evil carton, this is a new one. Evil carton remains. Overlord of the kitchen table.

we only just paid the last ones

Psycho Serum's gonna deck that car.

Rex is up and in a decent mood, so I send him off to do his art thingy.

Goon wedding!

Seb proceeds to have an engagement party and invite none of us.

This bread and jam pleases 19LL, despite being jammed on the wrong side. Who even does that?!

He's in a weirdly cheery mood today, perhaps because the family treasury is looking pretty nice right now.

Psych is getting ambitious, or restless, or something. We're hitting the bigtime with wants now - they're all rolling tons of 1000 pointers.

Oooh. Yes. Definitely.

oh no

Someone tell Fiona McIrish that her "new substance" was just coffee.

This is a mood boost, obviously, but also freezes the Energy bar in place for its duration. In previous games it gave a straight-up boost to Energy, but not any more, so Lotus retains her Tired moodlet.

Also ready to move on.

Finally 19LL has a go on his new toy.

he is so sweet awwww

Kirby just can't make up his mind!!


Neeeever gets old.

Psych's apple tree is already mature! His other plants, somewhat less so.

19LL learns Logic super fast because he's a genius.

He also has the time of his life learning it. What is he even looking at? It's daytime!

In the Sims 2, if you mucked with the telescope in the day, sometimes someone would burst into your house and harass you for peeking on them. God only knows why, but they did away with that for 3.

Kirby, you need to start pulling your weight. Rex has his paintings, 19LL can hack, and Meme is probably too young to work or something I don't know.

Things went great for Rex! He's doing awesome at painting these days, level 5 is halfway to the top.

He's also befriended this funny-looking teenager while he was at the school.


Oh look! Uncharred waffles!

Man that actually looks really good.


Kirby only has one thing on his mind, though.

Poor Lotus has crashed out. I don't know what happened to her Tired moodlet, mind you - maybe she grabbed a nap on her lunch break.

A friendly chat!


Rex is home, and yay! Fwiends!

Kirby worries about money, surprisingly unruffled by Meme being horrible.

She responds by being friendly. This girl is completely unfathomable.

Now, I know this seems like an odd thing to tell Meme to do. But it raises Charisma, and Charisma is super-important for friendship making. In fact it's almost not worth trying without getting started in Charisma, so I'll probably get all the others a point in it at some point too.

Pink flamingoes are a staple of the Sims series. Also only $5.

The trash has been vanquished!

As have the dishes!

Except that bowl of fetid mac and cheese, which I guess is still good.

See? Who needs a maid.

Kirby's already got a goal in mind. Level 5, then get out of there fast. Remember his lifetime wish is to reach level 5 in three different jobs.

I'm panning around the house checking on everyone and then...


Oh no.

Rest in peace, Fluffy, day 1 - day 9.

Even Kirby is upset

Of course, he ruins it by merrily marching into the bathroom to flush Fluffy down the toilet, unaware that 19LL is in the shower.

The poor guy leaps out of there and clothes himself in an instant, and proceeds to be completely and utterly mortified.

19LL seems to constantly be embarrassed about something these days. At least he hasn't peed himself in a little while.

PSerum rarely bothers changing out of his work clothes any more. Shoes are for suckas.

What happened to Jared Frio, Triangle Head?

I bought a sprinkler for the plants, and Lotus lets her neglected inner child out to play.

Looks like fun!

Rex's latest effort is... coming along nicely!

"Touch my plants and I'll beat your head in with a trowel."

Still raw about Fluffy, Kirby joins Lotus. She promptly leaves, but it's the thought that counts.

Meme comes over instead and this is super heartwarming

Socialisation is for losers.

He does change his mind all of a sudden and heads out to play catch with Lotus.


Rex totally isn't staring longingly out of the window at his only friend enjoying someone else's company.

I think you're doing that already by hanging out with Meme, to be honest.

We wrap up the day with our housemates spending time together and enjoying every second of it.

This game can sometimes be just plain lovely.

Having friends is good! It's a good thing!

They're not quite friends, but they're getting there. Maybe one day they can put aside their differences and get along.

And then I found this, and I don't know how long it's been out there, but all is right in the world.