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Siren: Blood Curse

by Egomaniac

Part 10: Episode 5-2

Location: Harayadori
Date: August 4th
Time: 06:06:06
Playable Character: Amana
Archives Found: 22-23

I forgot to change the title from the template when picking up archive #23. It should read:
"Engraved Plank (#23) has been added to the archive"

Both of the following archives have messages in the shibito script, which can be deciphered from Archive #9 (acquired in Episode 2-2). The archive shows the 26 letters of the alphabet and the numerals in order.

Colored glass is fitted securely to the metal brooch designed in the shape of a Mana Cross. Amana always wears this around the collar of her nun's habit.

6 strange symbols are engraved on the back of the brooch.

(Translation:  Wake up )

This wooden plank found under a tombstone has 28 strange symbols carved into it.

(Translation:  The circle of Ouroboros must turn )

This page is also added to Bella's Picture Diary (archive #11). It's the drawing Sam found in the intro movie to this chapter.