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Siren: Blood Curse

by Egomaniac

Part 19: Episode 10-1

Location: Tabori / Ito House
Date: August 4th
Time: 00:23:03
Playable Character: Bella Monroe
Archives Found: 38-41

The Bermuda 3 was a musical trio comprised of afro-sporting triplets and wildly popular in the 1970s. The eldest brother, Red, together with the middle brother, Green, performed vocals while the youngest brother, Yellow, backed them up on tambourine.

The three received a lot of attention with their unique brand of soul-infused music and fashion, still rare at the time. Although they weren't the usual pop idol group, their third single "Bermuda Love Triangle" became a smash hit and propelled straight to the top of the charts, eventually going platinum.

Unfortunately, while at the height of their popularity, tragedy struck the siblings. First, it was reported that Red had vanished without a trace. A few days later, Green disappeared in the middle of recording for a televised music program. The string of bizarre events made all the headlines. There was some speculation that an obsessed fan of the group had misinterpreted the lyrics to their latest song and was on a mission to make them "forever slip away" one-by-one.

At a later event, the third member, Yellow, was found lying unconscious back stage but luckily recovered from his injuries. His career, however, was soon over as the group's management company decided they couldn't support a solo tambourine artist.

Click to listen to Bermuda Love Triangle.

The spool knitter was a popular crafting tool among young girls in the 1960s and 70s. A spool of yarn is set onto a spindle and the yarn is threaded around several small rods on the device to help make knitting easier.
This handy tool succeeded in introducing many young girls to the joy of knitting, but the final products usually didn't serve any practical purpose.

This set of bug collecting implements is designed for children to use. It comes complete with a standard magnifying glass, mounting pins, syringe, insecticide, and embalming fluid, but kits like this one manufactured in Misumi County also include a special molasses to use as bait.

Bug catching was a fixture in the summer vacations of many young Japanese children in the 1960s and 70s. The danger involved with handling syringes and toxic fluids was part of the appeal.

However, as the embalming fluid was pretty much useless, many children were forced by their parents to throw away their hard-earned collections as the bugs began to decompose.

Order: Coleoptera
Family: Scarabaeidae
Subfamily: Dynastinae

This rare rhinoceros beetle is only found to inhabit the areas in and around Hanuda Village. The triangle pattern on its back is one of its most prominent features. Beyond that, there isn't much that stands out about this insect besides the fact that it's incredibly weak.
It can't hold its own against crickets, let alone the more powerful drone beetles that also inhabit the area. It has even been known to abandon precious food to insects as timid as stink beetles.
The only thing it has going for it is its incredible grip. One final note of interest is that the Hanuda Beetle is known to have an insatiable sweet tooth.

In Archive 40, the bug-catching kit, the name handwritten onto the box says
Hiroshi Ito - Class 3-3

Also, according to Famitsu, the Bermuda 3 have the younger brother only using a tamborine because the developers could only afford two singers and needed to work a third one in somehow for the triangle theme to make sense.